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Guest Tsukahara Leads Australian Championships
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Three-time Japanese Olympian Naoya Tsukahara took the lead on day one of the Australian men's championships, held Saturday in Perth. Pictured: Tsukahara helped Japan win the team gold medal at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Japanese guest Naoya Tsukahara took the lead on day one of the Australian men's championships, held Saturday in Perth.

Still seeking Australian citizenship, the 34-year-old Tsukahara outscored the domestic field by nearly 2 points. Tsukahara, though ineligible for Australia's national all-around title, nevertheless helped Queensland win the team title in Perth.

The son of legendary gymnast Mitsuo Tsukahara, Naoya won world all-around medals in 1997 (bronze) and 1999 (silver). He represented Japan at three consecutive Olympic Games, capped off by a team gold at the 2004 Olympics. He last represented Japan in world competition in 2006, winning a team bronze medal. He unofficially won the Australian championships in both 2009 and 2010, though was ineligible for awards.

Tsukahara scored 86.850, 1.2 points higher than his result at the Japanese championships in April, where he placed 33rd. Two-time defending titlist Samuel Offord of South Australia was second (85.050) over Victoria's Luke Wadsworth (83.550).

World pommel horse medalist Prashanth Sellathurai earned the highest score of the competition, 16.100, on his specialty. He also earned 15.650 on still rings (6.7 Difficulty score).

Competition continues Sunday with the women's apparatus finals. The senior men's competition concludes Monday.

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2011 Australian Championships
July 16, Perth

Senior Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Naoya Tsukahara4.613.9004.613.8006.015.1506.215.0506.014.9005.414.05086.850
2.Samuel Offord6.014.2504.912.3006.315.1006.215.1005.614.2505.814.05085.050
3.Luke Wadsworth5.713.3005.313.0005.314.2006.215.8005.713.6505.113.60083.550
4.Luke Wiwatowski6.015.1004.912.3505.614.2506.215.4505.813.5506.112.45083.150
5.Sean O'Hara5.813.8004.812.3504.712.5006.614.3505.113.2505.213.20079.450
6.Samuel Simpson5.714.8005.112.2504.512.9006.214.7004.211.4005.213.20079.250
7.Michael Mercieca5.212.7005.311.8505.113.5005.414.6505.613.1505.513.30079.150
8.Mitchell Morgans4.712.9004.512.5504.412.4005.414.7005.513.5504.311.25077.350
9.Jayden Bull5.413.2003.910.5505.413.9005.813.8505.111.7006.314.00077.200
10.Dion Pocklington4.712.0504.112.5504.112.8006.614.8504.112.4003.910.25074.900
10.Jimmy Macarios4.412.5003.811.6004.712.4005.414.6004.311.6004.912.20074.900
12.Phillip Kismartoni5.413.0003.810.7503.611.0005.813.5503.711.6003.811.70071.600
13.Martin Kurz4.912.6003.29.3502.711.5004.613.4504.411.5002.411.20069.600
14.Felipe Hernandez4.612.4503.25.3004.412.9505.414.7333.811.9503.111.15068.533
15.Kevin James4.310.5005.212.9506.214.4004.212.9003.310.10060.850
16.Philippe Rizzo4.313.4005.414.8005.514.5504.313.65056.400
17.Tomoki Ohashi4.512.0504.312.2004.613.7504.313.55051.550
18.Prashanth Sellathurai6.616.1006.715.6505.414.35046.100
19.Joshua Jefferis3.610.6005.514.2505.313.90038.750
20.Vincent Lam4.612.2505.813.8005.212.50038.550
21.Matthew Goonatillake5.312.0005.212.2004.610.30034.500
22.Mitchell Nylander5.813.8004.212.20026.000
23.Evgeny Bespalov4.710.7005.612.30023.000
24.Elliott Cook6.214.10014.100
25.Christopher Martin5.913.45013.450
26.Bradley Spicer5.112.70012.700
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