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Host Liverpool Dominates British Championships
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2008 Olympian Hannah Whelan successfully defended her all-around crown at the 2011 British Women's Championships, held on podium this weekend at Liverpool's Echo Arena.

Whelan scored 56.350 to take the title by more than 3 points. Heathrow's Danusia Francis was second (53.150) over Liverpool's Jenni Pinches (52.850).

Liverpool's Hannah Whelan won back-to-back British titles

"I'm really pleased with today's performance," Whelan said following her all-around victory. "There are still a few harder skills I'm working on, but they weren't quite ready for today's competition. The atmosphere was really great in the arena and everybody was cheering each other on."

The City of Liverpool club dominated the competition, winning six titles overall in front of a home crowd.

"To be crowned British champion again is a huge honor for me, especially in Liverpool with such great support," Whelan said.

The elegant Francis said she was disappointed with her mistake on balance beam but pleased with her performance on floor exercise.

"I was slightly annoyed more than anything when I fell on beam, but I tried to shake it all off and get back from there so I'm really pleased," she said. "I've got a new floor routine which has quite a lot in it so I found it quite hard, stamina wise, but was happy to finish with the music!"

Pinches, who fell off uneven bars and balance beam, said she was happy to win the all-around bronze.

"The last two British championships haven't gone great for me due to injury and a bit of disaster on vault, so I'm pleased with today for various reasons. The podiums felt strange; it didn't feel like the British [championships] but in a good way!"

Liverpool superstar Beth Tweddle erred on uneven bars on day one, but rebounded in finals to take golds on both bars and floor exercise. The three-time world champion showed yet another new routine on uneven bars (toe-on full to toe-on Tkatchev; toe-on Tkatchev-half to Yezhova; Maloney-half; Markelov-Gienger; full-out).

The 26-year-old Tweddle further impressed on floor exercise, earning an outstanding 15.250 (6.1 Difficulty) with controlled landings on her tumbling (1 1/2 to Arabian double front to sissone; piked Arabian double front; 2 1/2 twist to layout front full).

Commonwealth Games champion Imogen Cairns won vault with a stuck Yurchenko 1 1/2 and an Ivancheva (Yurchenko-half on, tucked handspring front off).

After her fall in the all-around, Francis showed what she was capable of on balance beam, winning the title with 14.900. Whelan was close behind, taking the silver with 14.700.

Liverpool's Rebecca Tunney won the junior all-around title plus golds on uneven bars and floor exercise.

"I wasn't expecting the win at all so I'm really pleased," Tunney said. "I've competed on podiums before and always find it such great experience and it was great having the support of my club here in its hometown. All the younger gymnasts from my club were able to watch and were cheering me on it was great."

The competition also included apparatus finals in the Espoirs (Hopes) division. Rhyannon Jones (Park Wrekin), who won the all-around at the separate Espoirs championships in June, won the silver on balance beam. All-around silver medalist Amy Tinkler (South Durham) won vault and Chantelle Halford (East London) won uneven bars. Imogen Chan (The Academy), eighth all-around last month, won titles on balance beam and floor exercise.

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2011 British Women's Championships
July 8-10, Liverpool

Senior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Hannah WhelanCity of Liverpool13.90013.10014.75014.60056.350
2.Danusia FrancisHeathrow Gym Club13.95013.40012.75013.05053.150
3.Jennifer PinchesCity of Liverpool13.85012.35012.65014.00052.850
4.Jocelyn HuntHorsham Gymnastics13.50012.30012.30013.05051.150
5.Charlotte LindsleyHeathrow Gym Club13.20012.00012.90012.85050.950
6.Elizabeth BeddoeCardiff Central13.30012.05012.95012.40050.700
7.Niamh RippinNotts Gymnastics13.80011.35012.05013.10050.300
8.Kelly SimmDynamo13.25011.75011.70012.55049.250
9.Laura MitchellHeathrow Gym Club12.60011.65012.80012.15049.200
10.Laura EdwardsDynamo13.50011.40011.20013.00049.100
11.Amy MiddletonHorsham Gymnastics13.25011.80012.00011.30048.350
12.Jenna WaltersMayfield Gym Club12.95011.55012.40011.20048.100
13.Lara WilsonCity of Newcastle13.30011.65010.55012.45047.950
13.Grace ImesonCity of Newcastle12.70011.05011.40012.80047.950
15.Amy ReganCity of Glasgow13.15010.80010.30013.05047.300
16.Natasha NolanDynamo12.9009.75012.75011.75047.150
17.Kirsty CampbellDGC2k12.8009.90011.85012.15046.700
18.Rebecca HallCity of Leeds Gym Club13.20010.85011.25011.25046.550
19.Charlotte WoolfendenEuropa Gymnastic Club12.30010.55011.15011.90045.900
20.Sophie FitzgeraldCarousel12.55010.55010.65011.25045.000
21.Claire StockHuntingdon OGC12.00010.25011.80010.90044.950
22.Danielle McnaneyHinckley Gymnastics13.6008.55010.25011.45043.850
23.Sophie BrundishEuropa Gymnastic Club12.6007.70011.65011.70043.650
24.Imogen CairnsThe Academy14.2500.00013.75011.55039.550
25.Danielle WishartRushmoor Gymnastics13.5500.00010.15012.45036.150
26.Beth Tweddle MBECity of Liverpool0.00014.1500.00014.95029.100

Junior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Rebecca TunneyCity of Liverpool13.90014.30013.10013.55054.850
2.Gabrielle JuppSapphire14.00012.15014.50013.50054.150
3.Abi CaigCity of Liverpool14.00012.00014.00013.70053.700
4.Charlie FellowsSandbach Gymnastics13.30013.15012.75013.15052.350
5.Raer TheakerCardiff Central13.55013.05013.00012.50052.100
6.Loriah JamesHeathrow Gym Club13.85011.90012.45013.05051.250
7.Billie MackenzieNotts Gymnastics12.95011.85013.50012.55050.850
8.Claudia FragapaneBristol Hawks Gym Club13.40011.55012.20012.70049.850
9.Danielle HubbardSapphire13.50010.65012.85012.10049.100
10.Kiera BrennanBarry YMCA Gym Club13.05011.75012.35011.90049.050
11.Georgina HockenhullPark Wrekin12.60011.50012.25012.45048.800
12.Angel RomaeoCardiff Central12.80011.45011.45012.90048.600
13.Sophie BraceEast London Gym Club12.70012.45012.05011.20048.400
14.Niamh RyanSapphire13.3009.75012.75012.35048.150
--.Sarah Strawbridge*Park Wrekin12.60011.30012.25011.85048.000
15.Chenay ElsonNotts Gymnastics13.00011.20011.80011.80047.800
16.Sophie JamesonCity of Liverpool12.45011.70011.25012.35047.750
17.Megan BonnarNotts Gymnastics13.00011.05011.30012.00047.350
18.Beth DonaldsonSouth Durham12.95010.70011.20011.60046.450
19.Hollie MooreThe Academy11.25011.85010.60012.15045.850
20.Carly SmithCity of Glasgow12.55010.15010.25012.65045.600
21.Lora LongDynamo12.45010.20011.75011.00045.400
22.Caitlin KickhamUckfield Gymnastic12.05011.15010.85011.00045.050
23.Eilidh CraigLasswade Gym Club12.55010.45011.25010.50044.750
24.Megan ConveryCity of Newcastle13.3509.7009.30012.25044.600
24.Stevie HarrowPipers Vale Gym Club13.15010.35010.35010.75044.600
26.Tayla ChilverEuropa Gymnastic Club12.4509.65010.90011.55044.550
27.Nicole PavierNotts Gymnastics12.6509.85011.55010.30044.350
--.Hansol Kim*Garstang School of Gymnastics12.7508.25010.95011.95043.900
28.Cara KennedyCity of Glasgow12.80010.2009.70011.05043.750
29.Beth NortheastBristol School of Gymnastics13.0007.30011.40010.95042.650
30.Poppy WynnThe Academy11.90010.8509.10010.35042.200
31.Alana WhippEast London Gym Club11.9009.2008.4009.45038.950
32.Ruby HarroldThe Academy13.20013.8009.0000.00036.000

Senior Vault FinalDNDScoreAverage
1.Imogen CairnsThe Academy5.3014.4000.013.925
2.Danielle McnaneyHinckley Gymnastics Club5.2013.6000.013.525
3.Niamh RippinNotts Gymnastics Academy5.0013.7500.013.475
4.Kelly SimmDynamo5.0013.3500.013.250
5.Jennifer PinchesCity of Liverpool5.0013.6500.013.225
6.Danielle WishartRushmoor Gymnastics5.0013.9000.012.850

Senior Uneven Bars FinalDNDScore
1.Beth Tweddle MBECity of Liverpool6.500.015.200
2.Hannah WhelanCity of Liverpool5.500.013.900
3.Jennifer PinchesCity of Liverpool5.400.013.500
4.Danusia FrancisHeathrow Gym Club5.700.013.000
5.Elizabeth BeddoeCardiff Central4.100.012.600
6.Jocelyn HuntHorsham Gymnastics Club4.700.012.400
7.Charlotte LindsleyHeathrow Gym Club5.000.012.350
8.Amy MiddletonHorsham Gymnastics Club4.000.09.000

Senior Balance Beam FinalDNDScore
1.Danusia FrancisHeathrow Gym Club5.700.014.700
2.Hannah WhelanCity of Liverpool5.800.014.500
3.Imogen CairnsThe Academy4.900.013.450
4.Elizabeth BeddoeCardiff Central5.000.013.150
5.Jennifer PinchesCity of Liverpool5.300.012.600
6.Charlotte LindsleyHeathrow Gym Club4.400.011.850
7.Laura MitchellHeathrow Gym Club4.700.011.750
8.Natasha NolanDynamo4.500.011.200

Senior Floor Exercise FinalDNDScore
1.Beth Tweddle MBECity of Liverpool6.100.015.250
2.Niamh RippinNotts Gymnastics Academy5.800.014.250
3.Jennifer PinchesCity of Liverpool5.700.014.150
4.Hannah WhelanCity of Liverpool5.800.114.150
5.Danusia FrancisHeathrow Gym Club5.200.013.700
6.Jocelyn HuntHorsham Gymnastics Club5.200.013.700
7.Charlotte LindsleyHeathrow Gym Club5.200.013.600
8.Laura EdwardsDynamo5.200.313.050

Junior Vault FinalDNDScoreAverage
1.Raer TheakerCardiff Central5.0013.7000.013.450
2.Gabrielle JuppSapphire5.0013.6000.013.450
3.Claudia FragapaneBristol Hawks Gym Club5.0013.6000.013.300
4.Megan ConveryCity of Newcastle4.4013.1000.013.150
5.Tayla ChilverEuropa Gymnastic Club4.0012.3500.012.450
6.Eilidh CraigLasswade Gym Club4.2012.7500.06.375

Junior Uneven Bars FinalDNDScore
1.Rebecca TunneyCity of Liverpool5.800.013.450
2.Ruby HarroldThe Academy5.600.013.250
3.Raer TheakerCardiff Central4.800.012.700
4.Gabrielle JuppSapphire4.900.011.950
5.Loriah JamesHeathrow Gym Club4.100.011.550
6.Abi CaigCity of Liverpool4.100.011.350
7.Sophie BraceEast London Gym Club4.800.011.200
8.Charlie FellowsSandbach Gymnastics Club4.500.011.150

Junior Balance Beam FinalDNDScore
1.Gabrielle JuppSapphire5.600.014.100
2.Billie MackenzieNotts Gymnastics Academy5.200.013.850
3.Abi CaigCity of Liverpool5.700.013.850
4.Niamh RyanSapphire4.500.013.100
5.Raer TheakerCardiff Central4.600.012.850
6.Rebecca TunneyCity of Liverpool5.200.012.850
7.Charlie FellowsSandbach Gymnastics Club4.400.011.600
8.Danielle HubbardSapphire4.800.011.250

Junior Floor Exercise FinalDNDScore
1.Rebecca TunneyCity of Liverpool5.300.013.900
2.Gabrielle JuppSapphire5.400.013.850
3.Abi CaigCity of Liverpool5.300.013.550
4.Angel RomaeoCardiff Central5.000.013.450
5.Loriah JamesHeathrow Gym Club5.200.013.400
6.Claudia FragapaneBristol Hawks Gym Club4.900.013.250
7.Charlie FellowsSandbach Gymnastics Club4.900.013.250
8.Carly SmithCity of Glasgow4.700.012.750

Espoirs Vault FinalDNDScoreAverage
1.Amy TinklerSouth Durham Gymnastic Club4.4013.1500.013.075
2.Ellis O'ReillyEuropa Gymnastic Club4.4013.1000.013.000
3.Erin MclachlanDiamonds Gymnastic Club4.0012.6500.012.975
4.April MaslenThe Academy4.4012.8500.112.950
5.Imogen ChanThe Academy4.2012.6500.012.525
6.Libby LockettThe Academy4.0012.3500.012.450
7.Jade ArmstrongSouth Durham Gymnastic Club4.0012.4000.012.275
8.Manisha RameshCity of Leeds Gym Club4.0012.2500.012.250

Espoirs Uneven Bars FinalDNDScore
1.Chantelle HalfordEast London Gym Club4.700.012.250
2.April MaslenThe Academy3.600.011.600
3.Georgina ClementsCity of Liverpool3.200.011.450
4.Rhyannon JonesPark Wrekin2.800.011.000
5.Ellis O'ReillyEuropa Gymnastic Club3.600.011.000
6.Libby LockettThe Academy3.100.010.900
7.Amy TinklerSouth Durham Gymnastic Club3.800.010.650
8.Jade StedfordCity of Manchester3.300.09.150

Espoirs Balance Beam FinalDNDScore
1.Imogen ChanThe Academy5.200.013.450
2.Rhyannon JonesPark Wrekin5.000.013.300
3.Amy TinklerSouth Durham Gymnastic Club4.700.013.150
4.Jade StedfordCity of Manchester4.400.012.850
5.Lauren MitchellAspire Gymnastics Academy4.500.012.500
6.Jade ArmstrongSouth Durham Gymnastic Club4.900.111.350
7.Natasha Raymund JayadevCity of Manchester4.000.011.150
8.Chantelle HalfordEast London Gym Club4.700.110.550

Espoirs Floor Exercise FinalDNDScore
1.Imogen ChanThe Academy5.000.013.250
2.Shannon ArcherWest Lothian Artistic GC4.600.013.050
3.Georgina ClementsCity of Liverpool4.500.012.900
4.Megan CoatesCity of Liverpool4.700.012.850
5.April MaslenThe Academy4.800.012.800
6.Lauren MitchellAspire Gymnastics Academy4.200.012.350
7.Jade ArmstrongSouth Durham Gymnastic Club4.700.112.350
8.Rhyannon JonesPark Wrekin4.400.012.300
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kelly gym said:

Where is Venus Romaeo? She was a very promising gymnast...I watched her documentary a few years ago and she was one to watch for London 2012. I saw that her sister Angel competed and did all right.
July 10, 2011
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The World Gymnast Blog said:

Yeah Kelly, I though so as well. I saw that documentary and everyone was saying she was one to look out for. Maybe she is out with injury?!

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