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2013 Code Proposals Under Review by FIG
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Following a special symposium in June, the International Gymnastics Federation's technical committees for men's and women's artistic gymnastics are reviewing suggestions for the 2013 Code of Points.

Following a special symposium in June, the International Gymnastics Federation's technical committees for men's and women's artistic gymnastics are reviewing proposals and suggestions for the 2013 Code of Points.

Federations and individuals sent in proposals and suggestions, which were shared at the Code of Points Symposium, held June 17-19 in Zurich.

The suggestions and proposals include general technical discussion about skill rating and evaluation, and event-by-event suggestions. Federations also offered suggestions about competition procedures, such as reinstating the warm-up on podium for apparatus finals.

The technical committees will undertake the task of accepting or rejecting the suggestions before submitting their finalized proposals to the FIG Executive Committee.

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2013 Code of Points Proposals

Women's Artistic Gymnastics
Subject Source Country
Federation Submission Argentina
Federation Submission Australia
Federation Submission Chile
Federation Submission France
Federation Submission India
Federation Submission Japan
Federation Submission Russia
Individual Submission - Vault Hardy Fink
Individual Submission Helena Lario
Individual Submission Linda Chenchinski
General Suggestions Compilation
General: Difficulty vs. Execution Compilation
General: Vault Compilation
General: Uneven Bars Compilation
General: Balance Beam Compilation
General: Floor Exercise Compilation
Men's Artistic Gymnastics
Federation Submission Argentina
Federation Submission Australia
Federation Submission Canada
Federation Submission Italy
Federation Submission Japan

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current gymnast said:

I understand statements regarding pleasing the crowd more and such, but I think the number one priority should be making the sport as safe as possible for athletes. Taking away touch warmup time is not a safe idea - as a senior gymnast I personally find it extra hard on feet and limbs to lose touch warmup. We need that few minutes to warmup our ankles again. The floors are not soft (especially vault landings, newer mats, and any landings not on podium really) no matter if they seem so. If it makes it safer for the athletes' bodies to be given touch warmup for finals etc. then please don't suggest getting rid of it, for the sake of us! The sport is hard enough! If anything, make the mats softer smilies/smiley.gif
July 08, 2011
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Hisayoshi Takahashi said:

Gymnastics rules(team,all around, event final)
Current gymnastics rules is getting similar with swimming and Track and Field because some of the gymnasts are practicing and competing 1 or 2 events for the country and for themselves because of strange rules..Gymnastics(men)has 6 events.
It means Gymnast have to compete 6 events.(Before all gymnasts were competing 6 events and competing team,all around and event final).
It is very very strange rules to compete 1 or 2 events without competing other events.
Gymnastics needs flexibility,strength,coordination air sense,dynamic movements and so on.
But if you compete only Rings, vault(most of gymnast who can not do well P.Horse are competing)dose not need flexibility.

Also if you compete 6 events,you have to train for long time and have to struggle so much to get the difficulty.
On the contrary if you compete 1 or 2 ,you do not need train for long time.As a result 6 events competitors can not get the good result compare to their training hours also
compare to specialist.(It is harder than the specialist to have a medal in the country or in the world level competitions.)
Also 5 gymnasts as a team from the country is too small because most of the gymnasts have a dream to go to Olympic.
If 5 gymnasts go to Olympic,1 gymnasts loose the chance to go to Olympic from each country.Currant population of mens gymnasts is quickly decreeing in the world.

So my opinion should go back to old rules around before 1992.
(Every one has to compete 6 events. So every one has a chance to go to AA finals and event final.---it is all right to have limited number for AA 24 or 36 number. not 2 gymnasts from the country but from the top.

For example, if you use current rules for track ,
(100 meter)it is same as 9.9sec athletes and 11.2 sec athletes competing.We are doing this kind of competition.

It is very valuable issue to talk about going back to old rules.
April 25, 2012
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Hisayoshi Takahashi said:

Junior age
My opinion about Junior's age should be same as current rule.
Because current rules pursuing lots of difficulty.Athlete needs time to be a strong gymnast particularly Men.

If we change the rules about age, coaches and athletes have to be in a hurry to get the difficulty.
As a result we will have lots of injury and mentaly,physically fatigue.It means we loose lots of gymnasts.
We should not give the impression gymnastics is too hard and too dangerous particularly for the kids and parents.
Even world level athletes need to have a fun.
Also athletes need to be stay longer as a gymnast as much as they can.
They need skill challenge balance.
May 01, 2012
Votes: +2

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