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Russia, China Share Gold in Penza
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The visiting Chinese racked up three more titles as the 4th Russian-Chinese Youth Games continued Thursday in Penza. Pictured: The Russian and Chinese women's squads pose in Penza.

The visiting Chinese picked up three more titles as the 4th Russian-Chinese Youth Games continued Thursday in Penza.

The multi-sport event features 500 athletes under age 17 competing in nine Olympic disciplines and wushu, a martial art.

Chinese national vault champion Li Yiting was unbeatable on her speciality, taking the gold medal with a double-twisting Tsukahara and layout Rudi.

Fourteen-year-old Russian Yulia Chemaryova, the all-around runner-up, won the uneven bars gold medal over teammate Irina Yashina.

All-around champion Zeng Siqi (China), the top scorer on uneven bars Wednesday, finished out of the medals Thursday.

Men's all-around Lin Chaopan, the reigning Chinese junior champion, picked up another gold medal on floor exercise. Teammate Du Yixin won pommel horse, while Russian Ilya Kibartas won still rings over Du.

Competition concludes Friday with the remaining apparatus finals.

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4th Russian-Chinese Youth Games
July 7, 2011, Penza, Russia

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Li Yiting6.08.10014.10014.487
2.Maria Stepanova5.38.6750.113.87513.938
3.Li Shanshan4.68.82513.42513.550
4.Irina Yashina5.08.70013.70013.438
5.Anastasia Marchuk5.08.50013.50013.413
6.Zeng Siqi4.48.60013.00013.400
7.Anastasia Belova4.48.62513.02513.275
8.Wang Xin4.48.15012.55013.250
9.Yulia Chemaryova4.69.07513.67512.863

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Yulia Chemaryova6.18.47514.575
2.Irina Yashina5.98.45014.350
3.Zeng Siqi5.87.57513.375
4.Maria Stepanova5.87.50013.300
5.Anastasia Marchuk5.67.07512.675
6.Li Shanshan4.48.22512.625
7.Wang Xin5.27.12512.325
8.Zhou Jiabei4.47.05011.450
9.Li Yiting2.98.45011.350
10.Anastasia Belova3.86.60010.400

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Lin Chaopan5.59.10014.600
2.Du Yixin5.48.90014.300
3.Igor Lemeshenko4.68.35012.950
4.Kirill Potapov5.07.95012.950
5.Lin Jiabao5.38.67513.975
6.Zheng Peng5.08.80013.800
7.Ilya Kibartas4.78.4500.312.850
8.Viktor Britan4.78.12512.825

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Du Yixin5.19.10014.200
2.Zheng Peng5.08.97513.975
3.Viktor Britan4.39.17513.475
4.Ilya Kibartas4.28.97513.175
5.Lin Chaopan5.28.40013.600
6.Igor Lemeshenko4.48.75013.150
7.Kirill Potapov4.78.42513.125
8.Lin Jiabao4.48.67513.075
9.Sun Wei5.07.80012.800

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Ilya Kibartas4.99.27514.175
2.Du Yixin4.98.75013.650
3.Viktor Britan4.58.82513.325
4.Lin Jiabao4.78.32513.025
5.Kirill Potapov4.68.67513.275
6.Igor Lemeshenko4.78.35013.050
7.Lin Chaopan4.08.45012.450
8.Zheng Peng3.47.97511.375
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stewie said:

China on Vault
I'm impressed that so many of them tried a 2nd vault.
July 08, 2011
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