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Savona, Moors, Payne Win Twice at Canadian Championships
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Three gymnasts each took two apparatus titles as the Canadian championships concluded Saturday in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Ontario's Jessica Savona (Oakville) won gold medals on senior balance beam and floor exercise. Savona won the silver medal in the senior women's all-around final Thursday behind Madeline Gardiner (Cambridge Kips).

"I came here expecting to hit my routines," Savona said. "I wasn't expecting to win on beam and my floor wasn't as good as in the all around but I'm proud of how I did."

Bianca Jordaan, also of Oakville, won the senior women's vault final over Canadian-American Emma Sibson. Sibson is registered with British Columbia's Omega Gymnastics, but trains at Zenith Elite in Texas.

Québec's Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto (Gym-Richelieu) won the uneven bars title over Ontarian Dominique Pegg (Bluewater).

Senior men's all-around champion Jackson Payne (Calgary) picked up four more medals, including golds on floor exercise and pommel horse. Earlier this month, Payne competed at the Chinese championships and Moscow World Cup.

"It was a bit of a rough week in training before coming here," Payne said. "I felt a little worn out after getting back from Russia. It was a big mental challenge to get ready and feel confident but it went pretty well."

Several junior gymnasts advanced to the senior men's finals. Junior all-around champion Mathieu Csukassy, 17, of Montréal's IMCO qualified to four finals, and won the silver medal on high bar. (A separate junior event finals did not take place; event medals were determined over two days of all-around competition.)

Junior women's all-around champion Victoria Moors (Cambridge Kips) added titles on uneven bars and floor exercise.

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2011 Canadian Gymnastics Championships
May 28, Charlottetown, PEI

Senior Women's Vault FinalD1D2Average
1.Bianca JordaanOakville5.04.813.650
2.Emma SibsonOmega5.05.013.550
3.Gabrielle MayPanthers5.05.213.525
4.Sarah FlettSpringers5.04.413.250
5.Eliane KulczykGym-Plus4.64.613.000
6.Coralie Leblond-ChartrandGymnix5.34.412.900
7.Taylor RicciFlicka5.04.612.550

Senior Uneven Bars FinalDScore
1.Bianca Dancose-GiambattistoGym-Richelieu5.513.950
2.Dominique PeggBluewater5.113.250
3.Coralie Leblond-ChartrandGymnix4.812.875
4.Silvia Colussi-PelaezOakville5.212.300
5.Dominique NadeauGym-Action5.112.025
6.Shae ZamardiOmega5.511.925
7.Ti LiuGymnix5.111.725
8.Krishna YemanyOakville5.011.125

Senior Balance Beam FinalDScore
1.Jessica SavonaOakville5.513.475
2.Madeline GardinerCambridge Kips5.513.300
3.Bianca JordaanOakville4.913.275
4.Ti LiuGymnix5.313.225
5.Dominique PeggBluewater5.313.050
6.Coralie Leblond-ChartrandGymnix5.012.525
7.Sarah FlettSpringers5.212.375
8.Talia ChiarelliBluewater5.312.175

Senior Women's Floor Exercise FinalDScore
1.Jessica SavonaOakville5.513.850
2.Dominique PeggBluewater5.213.650
3.Talia ChiarelliBluewater5.513.525
4.Sabrina GillOakville5.413.250
5.Bianca JordaanOakville5.012.900
6.Sarah FlettSpringers4.912.575
7.Taylor RicciFlicka5.312.550
8.Demi PasStampede City4.912.425

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDScore
1.Jackson PayneCapital City Gym5.914.900
2.Scott MorganFlicka6.014.850
3.Brandon O'NeillCapital City Gym6.214.800
4.Hugh SmithHalifax Alta5.714.600
5.Kevin LytwynBurlington6.014.450
6.Casey SandyGym Mississauga5.413.800
7.Robert WatsonRichmond5.713.600
8.Mathieu CsukassyIMCO5.513.200

Pommel Horse FinalDScore
1.Jackson PayneCapital City Gym6.214.600
2.Anderson LoranTaiso Gym Centre5.214.200
2.Casey SandyGym Mississauga5.914.200
4.Ken IkedaTwisters5.113.950
5.Tariq DowersGym Mississauga5.113.850
6.Hugh SmithHalifax Alta4.913.650
7.Zachary ClayTwisters4.512.900
8.Jayd LukenchukTaiso Gym Centre4.412.600

Still Rings FinalDScore
1.Scott MorganFlicka6.114.800
2.Kevin LytwynBurlington5.914.700
3.Tariq DowersGym Mississauga5.414.050
4.Hugh SmithHalifax Alta5.113.850
5.Matthieu D'AmourIGA5.613.750
5.Simon PorterTGI5.713.750
7.Curtis GravesTaiso Gym Centre4.913.550
8.Jason ScottRichmond5.813.400

Men's Vault FinalDScore
1.Hugh SmithHalifax Alta6.615.900
2.Jayd LukenchukTaiso Gym Centre6.215.800
3.Scott MorganFlicka6.215.500
4.Brandon O'NeillCapital City Gym6.615.400
5.Ken IkedaTwisters6.215.400
6.Mathieu CsukassyIMCO6.215.300
7.Simon PorterTGI6.614.750
8.Casey SandyGym Mississauga6.214.050

Parallel Bars FinalDScore
1.Brandon O'NeillCapital City Gym6.315.300
2.Ken IkedaTwisters6.115.100
3.Jackson PayneCapital City Gym6.114.950
4.Jayd LukenchukTaiso Gym Centre5.814.300
5.Hugh SmithHalifax Alta5.114.000
6.Casey SandyGym Mississauga5.513.800
7.Mathieu CsukassyIMCO4.912.700
8.Kevin LytwynBurlington5.912.450

High Bar FinalDScore
1.Casey SandyGym Mississauga6.014.600
2.Mathieu CsukassyIMCO4.913.650
3.Jackson PayneCapital City Gym5.813.250
4.Robert WatsonRichmond5.013.050
5.Simon PorterTGI4.712.650
6.Jayd LukenchukTaiso Gym Centre5.212.600
7.Curtis GravesTaiso Gym Centre4.211.450
8.Kal NemierFlicka4.710.050

The junior women's scores include extra bonus for high difficult and execution
Junior Women's Vault FinalD1D2Average
1.Maegan ChantWorld Class7.05.114.850
2.Sabrina TomassiniWimgym5.15.113.800
3.Victoria MoorsCambridge Kips5.85.113.625
4.Marisa DickCapital City Gym5.14.413.525
5.Kaitlyn HoflandFutures Gym5.14.413.500
6.Stefanie MerkleRevolution5.14.413.400
7.Julia PellerinGym TRM4.74.413.325
8.Natalie VaculikGemini4.74.413.275

Junior Uneven Bars FinalDScore
1.Victoria MoorsCambridge Kips5.713.925
2.Natalie VaculikGemini5.713.775
3.Jordyn PedersenOakville5.212.500
4.Paraskévi BabalisGymnix4.412.400
5.Elise BolgerOakville4.012.075
6.Victoria-Kayen WooGym-Richelieu4.211.675
6.Maegan ChantWorld Class5.011.675
8.Kaitlyn HoflandFutures Gym5.211.400

Junior Balance Beam FinalDScore
1.Paraskévi BabalisGymnix5.914.750
2.Casey CarvalhoFutures Gym5.713.475
3.Hailee WestneyFutures Gym6.113.425
4.Victoria-Kayen WooGym-Richelieu5.113.175
5.Jordyn PedersenOakville5.413.000
6.Natalie VaculikGemini5.912.875
7.Nicole ChowTAG5.512.675
8.Makinli HandleyOkanagan5.311.675

Junior Women's Floor Exercise FinalDScore
1.Victoria MoorsCambridge Kips6.715.425
2.Natalie VaculikGemini5.613.900
3.Stefanie MerkleRevolution5.713.725
4.Sabrina TomassiniWimgym5.513.375
5.Jordyn PedersenOakville5.313.275
6.Maegan ChantWorld Class6.112.675
7.Paraskévi BabalisGymnix5.111.975
8.Brielle WilchuckCapital City Gym4.811.775
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