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Romanians Haidu, Bataga Best at Brno Grand Prix
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Romanians Raluca Haidu and Cristian Bataga paired up to win the 15th Brno Grand Prix, a mixed-pairs event held in the Czech Republic.

Romanians Raluca Haidu and Cristian Bataga teamed up to win the 15th Brno Grand Prix, a mixed-pairs event held in the Czech Republic.

Sixteen pairs entered the competition, with eight advancing to the semi-finals and four advancing to the finals. Gymnasts could pick any two events to compete in the quarter-final, but could not repeat the event in the semi-final. Gymnasts choosing to compete on vault — typically the highest-scoring event under the current Code of Points — had to show two different vaults with the scores averaged.

Haidu and Bataga led the two-event quarter-final, scoring comfortably above Ukrainians Angelina Kysla and Maxim Semyankiv. This round saw gymnasts from Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel and Slovenia eliminated.

In the semi-final, the Romanians erred to fall behind the home team of Kristyna Palesova and Martin Konecny.

But the Romanian pair prevailed on their best events in the final, with Haidu hitting beam (14.50) and Bataga vaulting to a 15.15 average. Haidu and Bataga are the second Romanian pair to win in Brno — Andreea Raducan and Marian Dragulescu teamed up to take the title in 2002.

The mixed-mixed pair of Jana Sikulova (Czech Republic) and Mark Ramseier (Switzerland) placed second, ahead of Palesova and Konecny. Another multinational pair of Giulia Steingruber (Switzerland) and Slavomir Michnak (Slovakia) rounded out the finalists.

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15th Brno Grand Prix
May 28, 2011, Brno, Czech Republic

(Difficulty score listed first)

Women's EventsMen's Events
1.Raluca Haidu5.96.2/5.429.650
Cristian Bataga14.5015.15
2.Jana Šikulová5.96.6/4.628.975
Mark Ramseier14.5514.425
3.Kristýna Pálešová5.56.028.550
Martin Konecný14.2014.35
4.Giulia Steingruber5.0/5.24.626.575
Slavomír Michnak14.27512.30

Women's EventsMen's Events
1.Kristýna Pálešová5.55.8/5.428.475
Martin Konecný13.8014.675
2.Raluca Haidu5.85.827.450
Cristian Bataga13.6513.80
3.Jana Šikulová5.95.727.400
Mark Ramseier13.8013.60
4.Giulia Steingruber4.84.826.750
Slavomír Michnak13.0513.70
5.Angelina Kysla5.35.326.500
Maxim Semyankiv12.4014.10
6.Tjasa Kysselef4.65.325.400
Alen Dimic11.3514.05
7.Adina Hausch4.94.924.000
Petr Smejkal10.9013.10
8.Laura Svilpaite4.25.623.400
Rokas Guscinas10.2013.20

Women's EventsMen's Events
1.Raluca Haidu5.
Cristian Bataga13.4014.0514.4013.60
2.Angelina Kysla5.0/
Maxim Semyankiv13.8513.0513.1014.30
3.Jana Šikulová5.0/
Mark Ramseier13.82513.3513.5013.20
4.Tjasa Kysselef4.4/
Alen Dimic13.02512.3014.2014.15
5.Kristýna Pálešová5.
Martin Konecný13.6012.9514.3512.65
6.Giulia Steingruber5.0/
Slavomír Michnak14.0512.3013.4013.80
7.Laura Svilpaite4.4/
Rokas Guscinas12.77512.1014.3513.70
8.Adina Hausch5.44.46.2/4.64.952.250
Petr Smejkal13.5511.7513.7013.25
9.Tünde Csillag4.6/
Mathias Decker14.02511.7013.1013.35
10.Hajnalka Lónai4.8/
Adam Babos12.7012.0513.6013.80
11.Simone Penker4.4/
Matthias Schwab13.02510.5013.1514.275
12.Tina Ribic4.4/
Andraz Lamut13.22511.0514.12512.50
13.Valeria Maksyuta5.3/
Nir Katz14.27514.2011.2511.00
14.Jasmin Mader4.4/
Alexander Leidlmair12.9511.7513.5511.95
15.Nika Jánová3.
Richard Bráblík11.6011.6011.1513.425
16.Valentina Rashkova3.
Velislav Valchev5.959.5513.5513.70

15 Years of the Brno Grand Prix

2011Raluca HaiduCristian Bataga
2010Jana ŠikulováFabian Leimlehner
2009Marie-Sophie HindermannHelge Liebrich
2008Kristýna PálešováSamuel Piasecký
2007Kristýna PálešováFilip Ude
2006Jana ŠikulováDavid Vyoral
2005Katerina MarešováDavid Vyoral
2004Imogen CairnsDavid Vyoral
2003Jana KomrskováMartin Konecný
2002Andreea RaducanMarian Dragulescu
2001Suzanne HarmesMarian Fuchs
2000Anna KovalyovaYuri Tikhonovsky
1999Jana KomrskováJirí Firt
1998Gabriela OnodíZsolt Péter
1997Vasiliki TsavdaridouDimitrios Tambakos
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