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Italy's Ferrari, Pozzo Take Fifth National Titles
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Vanessa Ferrari and Enrique Pozzo each captured their fifth national all-around titles at the 2011 Italian Gymnastics Championships, held Friday in Meda. Pictured: Pozzo flanked by silver medalist Matteo Morandi and bronze medalist Paolo Ottavi.

Vanessa Ferrari and Enrique Pozzo each captured their fifth national all-around titles at the 2011 Italian Gymnastics Championships, held Friday in Meda.

Ferrari, the 2006 world champion, clinched her fifth title by a comfortable margin, outscoring Carlotta Ferlito, 57.60-56.35. Ferrari, 20, previously won titles in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009.

Now competing for the Italian Army, Ferrari dedicated her fifth title to her long-time coach, Enrico Casella, and boyfriend, fellow gymnast Andrea Cingolani (fourth all-around).

Vanessa Ferrari, five-time Italian champion

"I dedicate the victory to my coach," Ferrari said. "Enrico Casella is not here with me, and I feel so strange. He's still hospitalized after surgery. He's fine, but I hope he feels better. I want to dedicate part of the medal to the Italian Army and Andrea Cingolani, with whom, I'm leaving Monday for vacation in Tenerife (Spain)."

With five titles, Ferrari is now tied with Giulia Volpi (1985, 1987, 1988, 1991 and 1992) as the third most successful female gymnast in national championships history. They rank behind six-time winner Laura Bortolaso (1979-1984) and seven-time champion Miranda Cicognani (1956-1962).

Ferlito, the 2010 Youth Olympic Games bronze medalist, earned the highest score of the women's competition (14.65 on balance beam) to top junior Francesca De Agostini (55.10).

In the men's competition, Pozzo picked up his fifth title over world medalist Matteo Morandi, 87.55-86.40. Paolo Ottavi won the bronze (84.00).

Morandi, who won the national title in 2001, 2002, 2006, 2008 and 2009, was looking for his sixth title, but has to settle for being tied with Pozzo with five apiece.

Eight-time champion Figone Guido (1947-1955) is the all-time Italian record holder. Franco Menichelli (1960, 1962-1966) and Jury Chechi (1989-1993, 1995) each won six times.

"I'm happy," Pozzo said. "I've also renewed the challenge between me and 'The Dog' (Morandi). I tied him, but now we both have Jury Chechi, the six-time champion, in our viewfinder. One of us could grab it next year, although I hope to have something more important to do (at the Olympic Games). A dedication? To the Sports Club of Vigna di Valle in Vercelli, to my family and to all those who allow me, despite my 30 years, to keep performing at this level."

Competition continues this weekend with the apparatus finals.

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2011 Italian Gymnastics Championships
May 27, Meda

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Vanessa FerrariCentro Sportivo Esercito5.814.455.814.605.714.255.514.3057.60
2.Carlotta FerlitoGinnastica Artistica Lissonese A.S.D.5.013.955.
3.Francesca De AgostiniS.G. La Costanza A. Massucchi5.013.555.314.105.713.305.214.1555.10
4.Arianna SalviA.S.D. Pro Lissone Ginnastica4.412.705.213.254.713.155.013.5052.60
5.Jessica Sporting Academy4.412.755.413.355.313.204.913.1052.40
6.Emily ArmiA.S.DIL. Gal Gym Team Lixonum5.013.454.612.555.012.705.113.5052.20
7.Lia ParolariEstate 83 Galleria Del Tiro Lo4.412.555.212.905.513.204.713.3552.00
8.Giorgia CampanaA.pol. Dil. Nuova Tor Sapienza4.412.905.712.405.313.354.812.8051.45
9.Giulia GemmeS.G. Forza E Virtu 1892 A.S.D.4.412.904.712.054.812.754.513.1550.85
10.Alessia ScantamburloCorpo Libero Gymnastics Team A4.412.555.212.554.912.704.612.8050.60
11.Eleonora RandoA.S.D. Ginnastica Romana4.412.455.313.055.111.455.113.2550.20
12.Ilaria BombelliA.S. Olos Gym 20004.012.104.912.954.612.354.412.7550.15
13.Giulia PagliaCoop. Consumatori Nordest Parma5.012.904.011.604.811.804.912.9549.25
14.Sara RicciardiA.S.D. Gymnasium Capo D`orlando5.013.554.79.255.413.655.111.8548.30
15.Deborah MartinazziEstate 83 Galleria Del Tiro Lo4.412.604.511.954.311.554.512.1548.25
16.Arianna RoccaS.G. Forza E Virtu 1892 A.S.D.4.613.154.74.511.4513.0037.60
17.Francesca BenolliArtistica 81 Trieste A.S.D.5.013.505.113.3526.85
18.Chiara FrancoA.S.D. Pro Lissone Ginnastica5.211.804.913.0524.85

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Enrico PozzoCentro Sportivo Aeronautica Militare6.015.005.413.655.414.156.215.705.714.156.214.9087.55
2.Matteo MorandiCentro Sportivo Aeronautica Militare5.414.205.313.206.615.306.615.955.513.855.313.9086.40
3.Paolo OttaviCentro Sportivo Aeronautica Militare5.314.304.812.106.414.855.814.805.713.755.714.2084.00
4.Andrea CingolaniA.S.D. Ginnastica Virtus Pasqualetti6.014.805.112.655.714.206.615.805.012.954.813.3583.75
5.Paolo PrincipiA.S.D. Ginnastica Virtus Pasqualetti6.014.755.313.405.313.856.215.404.412.105.814.2083.70
6.Tommaso De VecchisA.S.D. Ginnastica Pro Carate4.913.755.113.854.713.105.814.754.813.705.514.1083.25
7.Lorenzo TicchiA.S.D. Ginnastica Meda5.111.555.413.755.413.906.215.505.813.905.414.0582.65
8.Ludovico EdalliA.S.D. Patria Bustese S.4.913.354.412.105.013.955.814.605.714.155.614.0582.20
9.Tommaso FrigerioA.S.D. Ginnastica Pro Carate5.613.755.313.304.112.355.414.454.913.355.313.4080.60
10.Giancarlo PoliniA.S.D. C.G. Art. Stabia4.713.504.011.904.913.455.813.104.912.905.114.4079.25
11.Enzo BernardoniA.G. Livornese A.S.D.
12.Simone PiaveA.S.D. Ginnastica Romana4.813.004.312.004.412.556.215.054.612.254.412.7577.60
13.Valerio DarinoA.S.D. C.G. Art. Stabia4.912.954.011.204.712.705.414.204.713.004.313.3077.35
14.Fabio MaglioniA.S.D. Roma 70 Ginnastica5.213.353.710.354.913.255.414.354.812.305.113.7077.30
15.Francesco ChiacchieraA.S.D. Ginnastica Fermo 854.712.454.211.554.813.205.414.554.712.354.512.9577.05
16.Aramis VincenziSoc. Varesina Ginnastica E Sch5.213.104.911.803.812.105.414.054.513.104.912.9077.05
17.Antonello CompagnoniA.S.D. Roma 70 Ginnastica5.312.253.911.205.714.355.414.254.111.403.512.1075.55
18.Marco LodadioA. Pol. Dil. Vigna Pia5.011.504.211.755.113.206.614.804.112.751.610.0074.00
19.Massimo PozielloA.G. Livornese A.S.D.5.113.354.011.203.710.806.213.304.910.904.512.7572.30
20.Matteo AngiolettiA.S.D. Ginnastica Meda5.413.706.415.006.615.6544.35
21.Alberto BusnariCentro Sportivo Aeronautica Militare5.614.405.313.905.413.8042.10
22.Nicola CeccarelloCorpo Libero Gymnastics Team A5.613.805.511.6025.40
23.Marcello BrancaccioS.G. Milanese Forza E Coraggio5.213.9513.95
24.Andrea GaddiCorpo Libero Gymnastics Team A5.213.9013.90
25.Stefano RossiniA.S.D. Patria Bustese S.4.513.3013.30
26.Matteo FacelliA.S.D. Libertas Ginn. Vercelli5.313.3013.30
27.Andrea ValtortaA.S.D. Centro Sport Bollate5.112.8012.80
28.Thomas PagniA.G. Livornese A.S.D.4.912.5512.55
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Robin said:

This is slightly off topic, but I have to question the sensibilities of gymnasts who choose to wear leotards made of see-through material (other than in the sleeves), five-time national champion or otherwise.
May 28, 2011
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