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Grishina, Vernyayev Best at 10th Zakharova Cup
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Russia's Anastasia Grishina and Ukraine's Oleg Vernyayev won the all-around titles at the 10th Zakharova Cup, held Saturday in Kiev.

Grishina, a triple gold medalist at the 2010 Europeans, scored just shy of 60 points to take the all-around title with ease. The 15-year-old Muscovite looked much stronger than she had earlier in the year. She stuck her new double-twisting Yurchenko vault as well as her dismount from uneven bars, where she had the highest score of the meet. She had some wobbles on beam and a few stumbles on floor exercise (with a new second pass of 2 1/2, punch layout full) but the elegant Russian crushed the rest of the field by more than 4 points.

Ukraine's Angelina Kysla edged Russian Diana Sapranova by .05.

Vernyayev led Ukraine to victory over the U.S. and Russia, and won the all-around title over teammate Pyotr Pakhnyuk and American Alex Naddour.

The competition is held in honor of 1980 Olympic gold medalist Stella Zakharova.

"When the tournament was held the first time, I did not think it would ever have a 10th anniversary," Zakharova said. "How fortunate that gymnastics is now supported by state, city authorities, sponsors and the gymnastics federation. With that money we bought new gymnastic equipment. The year before the Olympics our team will train on the same apparatus that will be at the Olympics."

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10th Stella Zakharova Cup
May 21, 2011, Kiev

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXTotal

2.United States29.6026.0027.4031.8528.4026.60169.85
5.Russia 227.0525.8527.1030.8026.7026.80164.30
9.Ukraine 226.2525.1023.4029.7026.9024.30155.65

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Anastasia Grishina15.1015.3014.6514.9059.95
2.Angelina Kysla14.0013.7513.7514.1055.60
3.Diana Sapronova13.8013.8514.2013.7055.55
4.Alina Sotnikova13.8012.7513.7014.4054.65
5.Yelena Vasilyeva13.4013.7013.4013.2553.75
6.Maria Stepanova13.3512.5514.1013.6053.60
7.Valeria Maksyuta14.3511.5013.4014.2053.45
8.Alina Fomenko13.6513.1512.2514.0553.10
9.Olga Mokhavtsova13.5012.8511.9013.0551.30
10.Valentina Golenkova14.009.7013.9513.5551.20
11.Irina Romanchuk13.9512.0512.4512.6051.05
12.Tatiana Zelenskaya12.5513.0512.6512.5550.80
13.Hajnalka Lonai13.1011.9012.5012.8050.30
14.Maria Homolova12.7013.1513.0511.3550.25
15.Dalia Al-Salty12.8512.5010.6512.5048.50
16.Roxana Redl12.8012.5511.8510.9548.15
17.Tina Ribic12.409.8511.6511.9545.85

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Oleg Vernyayev14.6013.5513.9015.2015.0013.0585.30
2.Petro Pakhnyuk13.6513.0014.1015.4013.7014.3084.15
3.Alex Naddour14.1513.4013.4015.2513.7013.6083.50
4.Anton Neudakin14.1013.1513.6015.4013.6013.6083.45
5.Jake Dalton15.0011.7013.6015.9014.1013.0083.30
6.Dmitry Gogotov14.8513.6013.0015.3513.8012.6083.20
7.Steven Legendre14.6012.6013.8015.9514.3011.9083.15
8.Robert Tvorogal13.2013.9013.1014.2514.3013.6582.40
9.Mons Stenberg13.4012.9513.4015.5513.1013.8082.20
10.Artur Kuzmin13.3512.6013.7015.3013.8513.2582.05
11.Igor Radivilov12.5011.8014.8016.4513.5512.4081.50
12.Danil Kazachkov14.3012.3013.5015.3512.7013.3081.45
13.Pavel Russinyak12.2012.8012.2015.9514.0014.0081.15
14.Toni Simonen13.1512.9013.3015.1013.6012.4080.45
15.Pavel Bulavsky13.1510.9013.7516.2513.1012.9580.10
16.Alen Dimic12.9012.3013.1013.9013.8513.5579.60
17.Artyom Markelov12.6511.7013.5015.4013.1013.2079.55
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Croc said:

Thaaaaaaank you!!! again!!! You know, I think the cup is even more important than Ukraine nationas...
May 23, 2011
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Dmitry Berezovskiy said:

Верняха!!! Поздравляю! Молодец!
May 24, 2011
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