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FIG Suspends 11 Cash-Strapped Federations
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The International Gymnastics Federation announced this week it had suspended 11 member federations for non-payment of dues, leaving several notable gymnasts unable to participate in international events.

Eldar Valeyev (Kazakhstan)

The federations of Cyprus, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Macau, Macedonia, Paraguay, Seychelles, Syria, Tajikistan and Yemen are suspended until the dues are paid.

"The above mentioned member federations have no right to participate in, or organise any official events of the FIG and events from Continental Unions or Regional Groups and they have no right to participate in any events or activities with other member federations," the FIG stated in a press release.

The competition ban extends to all six FIG disciplines: artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling, sports acrobatics, aerobics and general gymnastics.

Kazakhstan is the most prominent of the 11 nations suspended, regularly winning international medals in artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. At the 2010 World Championships for artistic gymnastics, Kazakhstan's men's team finished 21st, qualifying a full team to the 2011 Worlds. Veteran Eldar Valeyev, 37, qualified to the final on parallel bars, finishing seventh.

At the 2010 World Championships for rhythmic gymnastics, Kazakhstan was sixth as a team. Anna Alyabyeva was seventh all-around and in the hoop final.

Gymnasts from Kazakhstan had been on the roster for this weekend's Alexander Dityatin Cup in St. Petersburg. The nation is supposed to organize two international rhythmic competitions in June, including the Asian championships for juniors and seniors.

The small African nations of Comoros and Lesotho were previously suspended for financial reasons. The FIG suspended North Korea last fall after it concluded the federation had falsified a gymnast's age.

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Reese Spring said:

Does anyone know how much dues are?
May 18, 2011
Votes: +3

Karinp said:

....wondering how much money the FIG could save if they had their headquarters instead of in Lausanne, Switzerland in let's say Skopje, Macedonia or somewhere in Kazakhstan. These savings could be used to help some of the cash- strapped countries.....and in these poor countries are lakes they could get a great view just like in Switzerland :-)
May 18, 2011
Votes: +2

Jessica B. said:

ex-pat mom of 3, former level 10 gymnast
I am an American living in Skopje, Macedonia- I was a level 10 gymnast 12 years ago... I now have 3 kids and I actually volunteer at the main gym in Skopje. For a month's worth of gymnastics (3 hours a week) it cost about 12 dollars. Macedonia does not have the money to pay the dues.
I will say it has been absolutely fascinating to coach here- I've learned more about the culture from it. Plus I get to play around a little, although, there isn't much for me to play around on. I do a few things onto soft mats, but there isn't a trampoline or a real floor. The bars have tape on them to cover up some cracks. Regardless, it has been fun to be involved in gymnastics here.
May 19, 2011
Votes: +1

Croc said:

Well, I know this is not the topic, but... Talking about Dityatin cup, I would very appreciate if the results were here.. I really want to know them. Than you.
May 20, 2011
Votes: -1

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