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Sui Wins Twice as Chinese Championships End
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Asian Games champion Sui Lu topped junior Zeng Siqi in both women's events Thursday as the Chinese national championships concluded in Kunshan, Jiangsu province.

Sui Lu won beam and floor in Kunshan

On balance beam, Sui showed a solid set (piked front to Korbut; barani; switch ring; front aerial, ff back pike; side somi; switch leap, back tuck; double pike dismount) to take the gold.

Zeng won two silvers to go with her all-around bronze medal from Tuesday. Coached by 1999 world beam champion Ling Jie before she joined the junior national team, Zeng tumbled a front tuck, Korbut; ff ff to two-foot layout; a front aerial to ff layout and a double pike.

Zhang Yelinzi won the balance beam bronze with a 6.9 Difficulty value, thanks to a ff, ff layout/pike full and a barani to Korbut. 2009 world champion Deng Linlin tumbled a true layout full into a Korbut, but wobbles and missed connections dropped her to sixth.

Sui, the 2009 world bronze medalist, won floor comfortably over Zeng's playful routine to "Carmen." All-around silver medalist Yao Jinnan was third, .05 behind Zeng.

Zhang Zhongbo won men's vault, despite a very low landing on his Dragulescu and a step off the mat on his Lopez. Silver medalist Feng Zhe also performed a Lopez, which was nearly identical to his Randi.

Feng, who had withdrawn from qualification after appearing to injure his wrist on high bar, appeared fully recovered. The reigning world champion won the gold on parallel bars with a sharp set with one step on the dismount (9.125 Execution). All-around co-champion Teng Haibin was second with a routine that included a clean double pike between the bars; giant double pike and nailed dismount.

Zou Kai, who lost the floor exercise title to Zhang Chenglong on Wednesday, ended the competition with the gold medal on high bar. The Olympic champion caught a half-Takemato to layout Tkatchev; a Rybalko to Winkler (layout Jaeger-full) and a layout Jaeger and took step on his layout double-double dismount. Ji Lianshen, eighth, caught a beautiful Endo-full to L-grip to Winkler only to miss his subsequent kip.

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2011 Chinese Gymnastics Championships
May 12, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Sui LuShanghai6.59.05015.550
2.Zeng SiqiHunan6.48.97515.375
3.Zhang YelinziHubei6.98.27515.175
4.Lou NinaZhejiang6.58.35014.850
5.Li ShanshanHebei6.38.22514.525
6.Deng LinlinAnhui6.67.7750.114.275
7.Tan SixinShanghai6.27.80014.000
8.Huang HuidanZhejiang6.07.45013.450

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Sui LuShanghai5.98.90014.800
2.Zeng SiqiHunan5.38.65013.950
3.Yao JinnanFujian5.58.40013.900
4.Deng LinlinAnhui5.28.62513.825
5.Zeng PanpanGuizhou5.67.9750.113.475
6.Tan SixinShanghai5.37.52512.825
7.Jiang TongTianjin5.57.2250.312.425
8.Zhang YelinziHubei5.47.0750.312.175

Men's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Zhang ZhongboShanghai7.09.0250.115.92516.062
2.Feng ZheSichuan7.08.97515.97515.875
3.Lu BoJiangsu6.68.90015.50015.400
4.Huang XiGuangxi7.08.5000.115.40015.375
5.Zou KaiSichuan6.87.90014.70014.987
6.Cao YulongGuangdong6.67.70014.30014.750
7.Yang YangHenan7.07.7500.314.45014.362
8.Du WenfeiJiangsu6.67.45014.05014.175

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Feng ZheSichuan6.99.12516.025
2.Teng HaibinBeijing6.78.87515.575
3.Guo WeiyangLiaoning6.59.05015.550
4.Liu RongbingGuizhou6.58.75015.250
5.Zhu TiangeJiangsu6.58.62515.125
6.Dong ZhendongArmy6.78.35015.050
7.Wang GuanyinTianjin7.07.77514.775
8.Lu BoJiangsu6.57.37513.875
--.Brandon O'NeillCanada6.38.70015.000

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Zou KaiSichuan7.68.40016.000
2.Liu RongbingGuizhou7.18.62515.725
3.Lu JunhaiJiangsu6.58.50015.000
4.Teng HaibinBeijing6.68.27514.875
5.Chen XuezhangFujian6.47.65014.050
6.Tan ZhongjianArmy6.87.12513.925
7.Zhou ShixiongGuangdong6.27.47513.675
8.Ji LianshenGuangdong6.37.30013.600
--.Jayd LukenchukCanada5.88.07513.875
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