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Dementyeva Wins Again as Russian Nationals End
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All-around champion Anna Dementyeva picked up another title as the 2011 Russian Gymnastics Championships concluded Sunday in Penza.

Dementyeva, who won the all-around title on Wednesday, won the gold medal on balance beam and the silver on floor exercise to end her competition on a high note. At the 2010 World Championships in Rotterdam, Dementyeva was the youngest member of the Russian women's squad which captured its first world team title. She turned 16 on Dec. 28.

First-year senior Yulia Belokobylskaya (bela-kab-EEL-sky-a) won floor exercise and took third on balance beam. Belokobylskaya turns 16 on Dec. 14.

Olympic Youth champion Viktoria Komova, who attempted her flip flop, layout stepout, tucked Arabian combination in Penza, fell to place fourth.

Two-time Olympian Anna Pavlova, who took second all-around, finished out of the medals Sunday. Though her knee is still heavily wrapped since tearing her ACL in 2008, Pavlova tumbled a double layout on floor exercise and attempted a triple twist off beam.

In the men's competition, veteran Anton Golotsutskov won the gold medal on vault.

Youth prevailed on the remaining two events, with all-around bronze medalist Nikita Ignatyev, 18, winning parallel bars and Emin Garibov, 20, winning high bar.

All-around champion Maxim Devyatovsky failed to win any event medals, placing fifth on both parallel bars and high bar.

World all-around champion Aliya Mustafina and Olympian Sergei Khorokhordin skipped the competition in Penza. Both are scheduled to compete at the AT&T American Cup on Saturday.

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2011 Russian Gymnastics Championships
Feb. 27, Penza

Balance Beam FinalScore
1.Anna DementyevaSamara/Moscow 15.550
2.Maria DunayevaLeningradska15.100
3.Yulia BelokobylskayaRostovskaya14.750
4.Viktoria KomovaVoronezh/Moscow 14.075
5.Alyona PolyanUlyanovskaya13.775
6.Anna PavlovaMoscow Oblast12.925
7.Diana SapronovaSt. Petersburg12.800
8.Irina SazonovaSt. Petersburg9.825

Women's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Yulia BelokobylskayaRostovskaya14.575
2.Anna DementyevaSamara/Moscow 14.325
3.Yulia InshinaVoronezhskaya14.100
4.Maria StepanovaMoscow Oblast14.025
5.Maria DunayevaLeningradska13.825
6.Anna PavlovaMosscow Oblast13.425
7.Alyona PolyanUlyanovskaya12.900
8.Yekaterina SkorodumovaUlyanovskaya12.650

Men's Vault FinalScore
1.Anton GolotsutskovTomskaya15.838
2.Dmitry YakubovskyMoscow15.138
3.Alexei BykovVolgogradska14.975
4.Artyom MarkelovVladimirskaya14.963
5.Mikhail BodnarMoscow/Vladimir14.875
6.Andrei SovenkoRostovskaya14.788
7.Denis AblyazinMoscow/Penza14.650
8.Anton LobachyovSverdlovskaya14.138

Parallel Bars FinalScore
1.Nikita IgnatyevKemerovskaya14.700
1.Gennady SavelyevVolgogradska14.700
3.Pavel RussinyakSamara/Penza14.450
4.Emin GaribovMoscow14.400
5.Maxim DevyatovskyKemerovskaya14.225
6.Dmitry YakubovskyMoscow13.600
7.Dmitry GogotovMoscow12.925

High Bar FinalScore
1.Emin GaribovMoscow15.025
2.Pavel RussinyakSamara/Penza14.700
3.Nikita IgnatyevKemerovskaya14.600
4.Maxim DevyatovskyKemerovskaya14.575
5.Mikhail BodnarMoscow/Vladimir14.550
6.Alexander DyominChelyabinskaya14.075
7.Alexander KlochkovMoscow12.550
8.Andrei CherkasovKemerovskaya11.375
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