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Nabiyeva Nabs Two Titles at Russian Nationals
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World champion team member Tatiana Nabiyeva (St. Petersburg) took both women's titles Saturday at the Russian national championships in Penza. Pictured: Women's vault medalists Anna Pavlova, Nabiyeva and Alyona Polyan stand behind their respective coaches Natalia Pavlova, Alexander Kiryashov and Larisa Polyan.

St. Petersburg's Tatiana Nabiyeva won both women's titles Saturday as the 2011 Russian Gymnastics Championships continued at Burtasy Sports Hall in Penza.

Nabiyeva, who did not compete on balance beam or floor exercise in the women's qualification, took gold medals on vault and uneven bars. On vault, she edged veteran Anna Pavlova, who placed second all-around on Wednesday, and all-around bronze medalist Alyona Polyan.

Nabiyeva topped all-around champion Anna Dementyeva for the title on uneven bars. Olympic Youth champion Viktoria Komova — who had scored 16.900 in the women's qualification and 16.200 in Friday's team final — fell but still placed third.

The team competition was held Friday, with the Central region winning the women's title and Moscow taking top spot in the men's competition. World all-around champion Aliya Mustafina, who skipped the national championships to ready for next weekend's American Cup, was allowed to contribute her scores from October's world team final to help her city place second in Penza.

In the men's competition, 2010 world team member Andrei Cherkasov tied Anton Lobachyov for the title on floor exercise. Specialists Andrei Perevoznikov (pommel horse) and Alexander Balandin (still rings) each won their respective events.

Competition concludes Sunday with the remaining event finals.

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2011 Russian Gymnastics Championships
Feb. 26, Penza

Women's Vault FinalScore
1. Tatiana Nabiyeva St. Petersburg 14.475
2. Anna Pavlova Moscow Oblast 14.413
3. Alyona Polyan Ulyanovskaya 13.850
4. Alexandra Telitsyna Mari-El 13.613
5. Yulia Belokobylskaya Rostovskaya 13.513
6. Yekaterina Tsvetkova Kostromskaya 12.938
7. Anna Dementyeva Samara/Moscow 12.875
8. Daria Lavrushina Ulyanovskaya 12.625

Uneven Bars FinalScore
1. Tatiana Nabiyeva St. Petersburg 15.600
2. Anna Dementyeva Samara/Moscow 14.725
3. Viktoria Komova Voronezh/Moscow 14.525
4. Anastasia Novikova Moscow 13.825
5. Yulia Inshina Voronezhskaya 13.775
6. Anna Pavlova Moscow oblast 13.125
7. Diana Sapronova St. Petersburg 12.650
8. Kristina Kruglikova Voronezhskaya 12.200

Men's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1. Andrei Cherkasov Kemerovskaya 14.775
1. Anton Lobachyov Sverdlovskaya 14.775
3. Dmitry Gogotov Moscow 14.650
4. Anton Golotsutskov Tomskaya 14.550
5. Artyom Markelov Vladimirskaya/Tatarstan 14.075
6. Alexander Dyomin Chelyabinskaya 13.625
7. Konstantin Chalov Moscow 13.525
8. Andrei Sovenko Rostovskaya 11.925

Pommel Horse FinalScore
1. Andrei Perevoznikov Moscow Oblast 15.025
2. Igor Pakhomenko Kemerovskaya 14.700
3. Dmitry Stolyarov Moscow 14.675
4. Emin Garibov Moscow 14.625
5. Vladimir Olennikov Moscow 14.600
6. Pavel Russinyak Samara/Penza 14.500
7. Dmitry Gogotov Moscow 13.500
8. Anton Lobachyov Sverdlovskaya 13.350

Still Rings FinalScore
1. Alexander Balandin Kareliya 15.825
2. Konstantin Pluzhnikov Tomskaya 15.775
3. Denis Ablyazin Moscow/Penza 15.550
4. Nikita Ignatyev Kemerovskaya 14.925
5. Alexander Dyomin Chelyabinskaya 14.550
6. Pavel Russinyak Samara/Penze 13.875
7. Emin Garibov Moscow 13.775
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