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FIG Finalizes AT&T American Cup Field
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The field is set for the upcoming AT&T American Cup, March 5 in Jacksonville, the first event in the FIG's revamped World Cup series.

The American Cup, the first of four all-around World Cups in 2011, is open to the top eight men and women from the 2010 World Championships all-around finals in Rotterdam. If a qualified gymnast declines his or her spot, the next highest-placing gymnast gets the invitation, going down the list until eight gymnasts are confirmed.

The three other all-around World Cup events take place in April in Glasgow and in November in Stuttgart and Tokyo. The 2011 World Cup calendar also includes competitions for individual events as well.

World champion Kohei Uchimura (Japan) declined his invitation to Jacksonville, as did China's Lu Bo (sixth in Rotterdam). World runner-up Phillip Boy (Germany) and bronze medalist Jonathan Horton (U.S.) are both on the roster.

On the women's side, world champion Aliya Mustafina headlines the field, skipping this week's Russian championships to prepare for a heavy spring season. Mustafina is scheduled for the American Cup and Paris World Cup in March, the European championships in April and the Moscow World Cup in May. She debuted a new floor routine at the recent Moscow championships, and may unveil a 3 1/2 twist on floor this spring.

Rotterdam silver medalist Jiang Yuyuan (China) and Rebecca Bross (U.S.) were among the 14 female gymnasts who declined the invitation. (Bross underwent ankle surgery in December.) Top-eight world finishers Huang Qiushuang (China), Lauren Mitchell (Australia) and Ariella Käslin (Switzerland) all accepted their invitations.

Great Britain, host of the 2012 Olympics, is the most represented nation with four gymnasts heading to Florida: Daniel Purvis, Sam Hunter, Hannah Whelan and Nicole Hibbert all accept their invitations.

IG will provide live commentary on its official page during the AT&T American Cup on March 5. Click here to become a fan today!

2011 American Cup: Who's In, Who's Out
March 5, Jacksonsville, Fla.

1. Kohei Uchimura
2. Philipp Boy
3. Jonathan Horton
4. Nikolai Kuksenkov
5. Daniel Purvis
6. Lu Bo
7. Sergei Khorokhordin
8. Koji Uematsu
9. Sam Hunter
10. Alexander Shatilov
11. Teng Haibin
12. Kim Soo Myun
13. Cyril Tommasone
1. Aliya Mustafina
2. Jiang Yuyuan
3. Rebecca Bross
4. Huang Qiushuang
5. Ana Porgras
6. Lauren Mitchell
7. Tatiana Nabiyeva
8. Ariella Käslin
9. Raluca Haidu
10. Jessica Lopez
11. Vanessa Ferrari
12. Elisabeth Seitz
13. Alexandra Raisman
14. Georgia Bonora
15. Jade Barbosa
16. Hannah Whelan
17. Rie Tanaka
18. Daniele Hypolito
19. Celine van Gerner
20. Marta Pihan-Kulesza
21. Koko Tsurumi
22. Nicole Hibbert
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Alexandra Raisman
Alexandra Raisman is so sloppy. No doubt the TV coverage will fawn all over her.
February 25, 2011
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