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World Champions On Top at Japan's Toyota Cup
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World champion Aliya Mustafina of Russia won two gold medals and a silver at the Toyota Cup, held Saturday and Sunday in Toyota City, Japan.

The Japanese gymnasts bagged a total of 10 medals at the Toyota Cup, held this weekend in Aichi Prefecture.

Russia's shiny star, the 2010 world all-around champion Aliya Mustafina, took golds on vault and floor and a silver on beam while China finished with four golds earned by four different gymnasts.

Mustafina comfortably led the vault field with two watered-down vaults (double-twisting Yurchenko and Omelianchik), her teammate, 2009 European vault champion Yekaterina Kurbatova, (Yurchenko 1 1/2 and layout Podkopayeva) was beaten narrowly by Japanese Rie Tanaka (Yurchenko 1 1/2, barani) for silver by a margin of .013.

The uneven bars were a totally different story for Mustafina, who fell twice for last place. China's Jiang Yuyuan hit her Ricna-Pak combination and elgrip series to take the title over Anna Dementyeva (Maloney-half;, hop full into Tkatchev) and Yu Minobe (Ono with half, failed to link to Tkatchev, Ono to Jaeger).

World floor exercise champion Lauren Mitchell (Australia) chose not to compete on that event, but on balance beam edged Mustafina by .05. Asian Games champion Sui Lu (China) took third. 2009 world champion Deng Linlin (China) fell on her layout but still managed fourth place.

Sui and Mustafina tied for the gold medal on floor exercise, while Jiang took bronze with her new music.

Two-time world all-around champion Kohei Uchimura went back to his world championship routines after upgrading at last weekend's Japanese nationals. He won the gold medal on floor and the silver on horizontal bar.

The Chinese men's team sent three world champions: 2009 still rings world champion Yan Mingyong, 2010 high bar world champion Zhang Chenglong and 2010 parallel bars world champion Feng Zhe. Both Yan and Zhang were unbeatable on their respective specialities, but Feng lost to Kazuhito Tanaka.

Another world champion on top once again was Frenchman Thomas Bouhail on vault.

Great Britain's Louis Smith, the 2010 world silver medalist, won pommel horse.

Russian junior Denis Ablyazin, 18, was second on vault and third on still rings. American Paul Ruggeri, who trains with coaches Justin Spring and Ivan Ivankov, took bronzes on both floor exercise and high bar.

The Toyota Cup unofficially has replaced the well-known Chunichi Cup, which had more than a 30-year run as a December event.

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2010 Toyota Cup
Dec. 11-12, Toyota City, Japan

Women's VaultVT 1VT 2Average
1.Aliya Mustafina14.85013.72514.287
2.Rie Tanaka14.45013.65014.050
3.Yekaterina Kurbatova13.92514.15014.037
4.Jo Hyun Joo14.00013.90013.950
5.Pia Tolle13.35013.35013.350
6.Park Ji Yeon12.07511.97510.025
7.Momoko Ozawa13.2750.0006.637

Uneven BarsScore
1.Jiang Yuyuan15.475
2.Anna Dementyeva14.375
3.Yu Minobe14.250
4.Lauren Mitchell13.750
5.Pia Tolle13.325
6.Larrissa Miller13.075
7.Park Ji Yeon12.850
8.Marie Hindermann12.475
9.Rie Tanaka11.950
10.Aliya Mustafina10.625

Balance BeamScore
1.Lauren Mitchell15.200
2.Aliya Mustafina15.150
3.Sui Lu14.975
4.Deng Linlin13.775
5.Mai Yamagishi13.550
6.Yu Minobe13.125
7.Anna Dementyeva12.775
8.Park Ji Yeon12.400
9.Giulia Hindermann12.125
10.Jo Hyun Joo11.850
11.Marie Hindermann11.650

Women's Floor ExerciseScore
1.Sui Lu14.625
1.Aliya Mustafina14.625
3.Jiang Yuyuan14.175
4.Rie Tanaka14.025
5.Anna Dementyeva14.000
6.Mai Yamagishi13.625
7.Larrissa Miller13.375
8.Pia Tolle12.775
9.Jo Hyun Joo12.650
10.Giulia Hindermann12.225
11.Park Ji Yeon10.550

Men's Floor ExerciseScore
1.Kohei Uchimura15.650
2.Daniel Purvis15.200
3.Paul Ruggeri15.175
4.Denis Ablyazin15.075
5.Thomas Bouhail14.900
6.Koji Uematsu14.800
7.Thomas Pichler14.750
7.Andrei Cherkasov14.750
9.Brian Gladow14.625
10.Kim Soo Myun14.375
11.R.J. Heflin13.875
12.Yang Hak Seon13.750
13.Thomas Taranu13.250

Pommel HorseScore
1.Louis Smith15.600
2.Ha Chang Ju15.000
3.Kenya Kobayashi14.975
4.Tatsuki Nakashima14.900
5.Robert Weber14.350
6.Prashanth Sellathurai13.625
7.Emin Garibov13.600
8.Brian Gladow13.175
8.Kim Soo Myun13.175
10.R.J. Heflin12.750

Still RingsScore
1.Yan Mingyong15.825
2.Koji Yamamuro15.550
3.Denis Ablyazin15.225
4.Kenya Kobayashi15.200
5.Robert Weber14.900
6.Thomas Taranu14.675
7.Emin Garibov14.200
8.Yang Hak Seon13.250

Men's VaultVT 1VT 2Average
1.Thomas Bouhail16.27516.47516.375
2.Denis Ablyazin16.37515.97516.175
3.Koji Yamamuro16.20016.05016.125
4.Paul Ruggeri16.22515.50015.862
5.Yang Hak Seon16.00014.95015.475
6.Kohei Uchimura16.17514.65015.412
7.Wai Hung Shek15.05015.35015.200
8.Thomas Taranu15.15014.15014.650

Parallel BarsScore
1.Kazuhito Tanaka15.650
2.Feng Zhe15.200
3.Emin Garibov15.050
4.Daniel Purvis14.775
5.Paul Ruggeri14.750
6.Robert Weber14.675
6.Joseph Hagerty14.675
8.Koji Uematsu14.550
9.Brian Gladow14.425
10.Andrei Cherkasov14.250
11.Wai Hung Shek14.200
12.Kim Soo Myun14.150
13.Ha Chang Ju13.825

High BarScore
1.Zhang Chenglong15.975
2.Kohei Uchimura15.875
3.Paul Ruggeri15.750
4.Koji Uematsu15.400
5.Emin Garibov15.325
6.Robert Weber14.700
7.Kim Soo Myun14.525
8.Joseph Hagerty14.350
9.Chang Ju Ha14.050
10.Brian Gladow13.425
11.Wai Hung Shek12.575
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