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China Begins Asian Games Gold Rush in Guangzhou
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The Chinese men dominated as the Asian Games began Saturday in Guangzhou, outscoring Japan by 11 points to take their 10th consecutive team title. Left to right: Zhang Chenglong, Chen Yibing, Yan Mingyong, Feng Zhe, Teng Haibin and Lu Bo.

The Chinese men dominated as the Asian Games began Saturday in Guangzhou, winning the team title and qualifying first to six of the seven individual finals.

With the same team that won the world title last month in Rotterdam, the Chinese crushed the competition to take their 10th consecutive Asian Games team title. China defeated runner-up Japan by 11 points, with Korea a further 5 points back. The top three teams repeated their results from the 2006 Asian Games in Doha.

2004 Olympic pommel horse champion Teng Haibin led the Chinese charge, scoring 91.750. 2004 Olympian Hisashi Mizutori, the silver medalist at the 2005 Worlds and 2006 Asian Games, sat in second again with 90.250. China's Lu Bo qualified third with 89.950.

The Chinese were the top qualifiers in every event except vault. World champions Chen Yibing (still rings), Feng Zhe (parallel bars) and Zhang Chenglong (high bar) were untouchable on their specialties. Zhang also led the qualification on floor exercise, and Teng was tops on pommel horse.

Korean teenager Yang Hak Seon outvaulted the field with the day's highest score. Yang, 17, was fourth on vault in Rotterdam.

The majority of the individual apparatus finalists hail from China, Japan, Korea, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, but several other nations still have medal hopes in Guanzghou.

Iranian Nejad Hadi Khanari qualified to the still rings final and Hong Kong's Shek Wai Hung to the vault final. Chinese Taipei had finalists in Huang Che Kuei (pommel horse) and Chen Chih Yu (still rings). Vietnam also qualified two gymnasts to the finals — Dang Nam (vault) and Pham Phuoc Hung (parallel bars).

Commonwealth Games star Ashish Kumar qualified fourth on floor exercise, the first Asian Games final for an Indian gymnast. But after a late withdrawal from Rotterdam, Indian gymnastics continues to be in turmoil. Vladimir Chertkov, the Russian-born coach on contract with the federation, reportedly quit his post in Guangzhou after yet another argument with Indian team officials.

During Friday's opening ceremonies, Indian officials prevented Chertkov from marching with the Indian athletes and other coaches. Indian officials claim he was asked to leave because he was not wearing proper attire, while he said it was a racial decision.

"It was an insult straight on my face," Chertkov told the Press Trust of India news agency. "It was humiliation. It was discrimination. The way I was asked to go, I can say it was racism."

Indian officials countered by saying other non-Indian coaches were permitted to march with the delegation in the opening ceremonies, and that Chertkov was the only one who caused any difficulty.

It was the second blowup in a month between the coach and the Indian Gymnastics Federation. During October's Commonwealth Games in Delhi, Chertkov called the officials inept after they reportedly complained that Kumar's silver and bronze medals in Delhi — the first-ever Commonwealth medals for an Indian gymnast — were insufficient. The federation promptly canceled the team's participation at the worlds in Rotterdam, a costly decision: The last-minute withdrawal meant India had to pay for all reserved hotel rooms in full, in addition to an FIG fine.

Chertkov said he has had enough and planned to leave Guangzhou immediately, although his one-year contract goes through the end of November.

"It was the last straw," Chertkov said. "I cannot take it any more. If I'm not good enough for participating in the opening ceremony, what have I to do?"

Competition continues Sunday with the women's team and individual qualification.

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XVI Asian Games
Nov. 13, Guangzhou, China

7.Chinese Taipei53.6053.30056.60059.85053.80052.650329.800
11.Saudia Arabia49.0536.00039.40055.90045.95025.850252.150

Men's QualificationFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Teng Haibin14.7015.55014.75015.80015.50015.45091.750 Q
2.Hisashi Mizutori14.5514.00015.35015.85014.75015.75090.250 Q
3.Lu Bo14.7513.65015.40015.90015.25015.00089.950 Q
4.Anton Fokin14.1014.50014.70015.50015.50014.60088.900 Q
5.Kyoichi Watanabe14.7012.60014.95015.50015.05015.20088.000 Q
6.Kim Soo Myun15.2513.75013.45015.75014.45015.10087.750 Q
7.Yoo Won Chul14.6513.05015.50015.75015.30013.45087.700 Q
8.Takuya Nakase13.6514.05015.05015.30014.45014.70087.200
9.Yernar Yerimbetov14.1013.85013.45016.40013.95014.30086.050 Q
10.Stepan Gorbachev14.2513.05014.00015.75014.50014.45086.000 Q
11.Shek Wai Hung13.4512.20013.05016.05014.45014.25083.450 Q
12.Mohammad Ramezannpour14.3513.30013.20015.95013.35012.90083.050 Q
13.Chen Chih Yu14.2511.50015.75014.25013.45012.90082.100 Q
14.Hadi Khanari Nejad14.1012.70015.35014.65012.75012.35081.900 Q
15.Dang Nam14.2012.00013.20015.90013.75012.70081.750 Q
16.Weena Chokpaoumpai13.9012.30012.75015.65013.85013.05081.500 Q
17.Ashish Kumar14.7511.80013.30016.10011.80012.90080.650 Q
18.Mahmood Mohammed Alsadi13.7011.20013.80014.65013.65013.50080.500 Q
19.Truong Minh Sang13.3013.65013.25013.90012.80013.20080.100 Q
20.Lum Wan Foong12.7012.35013.40014.80013.15013.65080.050 Q
21.Kittipong Yudee13.3011.10013.30014.60013.90013.70079.900 Q
22.Rartchawat Kaewpanya12.2511.45013.40015.75013.45013.55079.850
23.Tu Yu-Chen13.6512.95012.80015.45012.75011.80079.400 Q
24.Ahmed Salem Aldyani13.4012.85012.00014.75013.00013.40079.400 Q
25.Ivan Olushev13.6512.50012.25015.00013.25011.90078.550 Q
26.Amir Azami13.4011.40014.30014.35013.10011.90078.450
27.Erdenebold Ganbat13.2512.20013.00015.10011.75012.50077.800 Q
28.Lu Yan Ting13.2011.60013.25014.05011.95013.30077.350
29.Zhang Chenglong15.3514.45016.05015.20016.10077.150
30.Shun Kuwahara 14.4014.65015.50015.45015.70075.700
31.Ranjan Alok12.8512.35012.60015.00011.25011.65075.700 R
32.Ng Kiu Chung12.4010.10013.50015.65012.45010.80074.900 R
33.Kim Ji Hoon14.4514.50015.60014.35015.90074.800
34.Muliyil Shinoj11.3011.10012.30014.55012.05011.70073.000
35.Kim Hee Hoon14.3014.55014.20016.05011.75070.850
36.Pham Phuoc Hung14.1013.20014.65015.25013.65070.850
37.Stanislav Valeyev14.0013.20014.10016.40012.70070.400
38.Hoang Cuong14.2011.80015.40014.55013.45069.400
39.Ehsan Khodadaditirkolaei13.7513.65014.60013.55013.40068.950
40.Eduard Shaulov14.1513.30014.95013.05013.45068.900
41.Abdulaziz Aljohani13.159.15010.60013.75011.3509.35067.350 R
42.Tharindu Paththapperuma11.7510.70010.35012.25011.40010.70067.150 R
43.Otabek Masharipov14.3511.95013.35013.55013.40066.600
44.Rakesh Patra13.0012.45013.50014.60012.75066.300
45.Srivastava Mayank12.70012.65015.20012.30012.50065.350
46.Nadika Bulathsinhalage10.658.90010.80012.45011.20010.40064.400
47.Suriyen Chanduang12.4514.60014.15011.60011.15063.950
48.Feng Zhe14.9016.40015.95015.40062.650
49.Chen Yibing0.0013.70016.20016.10014.20060.200
50.Eldar Valeyev13.75014.75015.40014.40058.300
51.Yang Hak Seon14.0514.05016.40013.55058.050
52.Alakhwaher Ali Yousef11.556.0009.70014.05011.0505.55057.900
53.Nguyen Hathanh14.3015.35014.85012.95057.450
54.Jasem Mohammed Gazwi12.308.7509.85013.65011.0001.85057.400
55.Ryosuke Baba11.25014.50015.80014.75056.300
56.Huang Che Kuei14.60014.70013.65012.65055.600
57.Hsu Ping Chien14.15013.70013.95013.80055.600
58.Ravshanbek Osimov13.00014.60014.25013.65055.500
59.Sin Seob13.50014.75014.00013.00055.250
60.Daulet Narmetov13.3514.25012.80014.45054.850
61.Woranad Kaewpanya13.8512.70015.65011.40053.600
62.Younes Zeyghami12.0510.65013.90012.90049.500
63.Mohammed Sharif12.409.25015.20012.55049.400
64.Ali Altameemi10.7510.90014.70012.05048.400
65.Yan Mingyong14.50015.95015.10045.550
66.Ryotaka Deguchi14.4014.95014.55043.900
67.Ismail Mohammed Shabi12.055.05014.45012.25043.800
68.Timur Kurbanbayev15.25014.80011.90041.950
69.Huang Hsien12.5013.90015.45041.850
70.Habeb Ahmed Aswailah12.1009.25011.3009.10041.750
71.Vahid Izadfar13.00013.40015.25041.650
72.Nashwan Al Harazi14.2010.90015.60040.700
73.Thitipong Sukdee14.15013.05013.05040.250
74.Maxim Petrishko13.9013.60012.30039.800
75.Hau Trung Linh9.75012.30014.70036.750
76.Mohamad Ibrahim Shami11.352.85015.40029.600
77.Nasser Musa Alhamad12.8015.10027.900
78.Thuangtong David Jonathan Chan14.20013.20027.400
79.Kumar Devesh13.4513.05026.500
80.Ajar Jangam11.0011.50022.500
81.Nirajan Kunwar8.9012.15021.050
82.Surah Bahadursingh6.2512.15018.400
83.Gan Zi Jie Gabriel12.55012.550

Men's Floor Exercise QualifiersDENDScore
QZhang Chenglong6.48.95015.350
QKim Soo Myun6.68.7500.115.250
QFeng Zhe5.99.1000.114.900
QAshish Kumar6.38.5500.114.750
QKyoichi Watanabe5.88.90014.700
QYoo Won Chul5.88.85014.650
QHisashi Mizutori6.28.35014.550
QMasharipov Otabek5.58.85014.350
RRamezannpour Mohammad5.88.55014.350
RNguyen Hathanh5.39.00014.300
RStepan Gorbachyov5.39.0500.114.250

Pommel Horse QualifiersDENDScore
QTeng Haibin6.49.15015.550
QRyotaka Deguchi6.38.65014.950
QHuang Che Kuei6.38.30014.600
QKim Hee Hoon5.68.95014.550
QAnton Fokin5.78.80014.500
QKim Ji Hoon5.88.70014.500
QYan Mingyong5.88.70014.500
QDaulet Narmetov5.98.35014.250
RChan Thuangtong6.08.20014.200
RHsu Ping Chien5.38.85014.150
RThitipong Sukdee6.18.05014.150

Still Rings QualifiersDENDScore
QChen Yibing6.89.40016.200
QYan Mingyong6.89.15015.950
QChen Chih Yu6.79.05015.750
QYoo Won Chul6.68.90015.500
QHisashi Mizutori6.29.15015.350
QNejad Hadi Khanari6.58.85015.350
QTimur Kurbanbayev6.58.75015.250
QTakuya Nakase6.38.75015.050
RSin Seob5.98.85014.750
REldar Valeyev5.98.85014.750
RAnton Fokin6.38.40014.700

Men's Vault QualifiersDENDScoreAverage
QYang Hak Seon7.09.5000.116.40016.500
QStanislav Valeyev7.09.40016.40016.225
QFeng Zhe7.09.40016.40016.050
QYernar Yerimbetov7.09.40016.40016.000
QZhang Chenglong6.69.45016.05015.975
QKim Hee Hoon6.69.45016.05015.900
QShek Wai Hung6.69.45016.05015.850
QDang Nam6.69.30015.90015.825
RMohammad Ramezannpour6.69.35015.95015.625
RNashwan Al Harazi6.29.40015.60015.575
RBaba Ryosuke6.69.20015.80015.550

Parallel Bars QualifiersDENDScore
QFeng Zhe6.89.15015.950
QTeng Haibin6.49.10015.500
QAnton Fokin6.59.00015.500
QShun Kuwahara6.49.05015.450
QEldar Valeyev6.98.50015.400
QYoo Won Chul6.68.70015.300
QPham Phuoc Hung6.88.45015.250
QKyoichi Watanabe6.38.75015.050
RNguyen Hathanh6.18.75014.850
RStepan Gorbachyov5.78.80014.500
RShek Wai Hung5.98.55014.450

High Bar QualifiersDENDScore
QZhang Chenglong7.38.80016.100
QKim Ji Hoon6.99.00015.900
QHisashi Mizutori7.08.75015.750
QShun Kuwahara7.08.70015.700
QTeng Haibin6.68.85015.450
QKim Soo Myun6.28.90015.100
QAnton Fokin5.59.10014.600
QStepan Gorbachyov5.98.55014.450
REldar Valeyev5.49.00014.400
RShek Wai Hung6.08.25014.250
RHsu Ping Chien5.08.80013.800
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