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France, Romania Best in Schiltigheim
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Romanian junior champion Larisa Iordache won four of five titles Saturday at the Schiltigheim International in France.

French and Romanian gymnasts split the titles at the first Schiltigheim International, held Saturday in northeastern France.

Larisa Iordache, 14, led a Romanian sweep of the all-around titles. She was followed in the all-around by senior teammates Diana Trenca and Daniela Andrei.

Iordache won three of the four women's events, and took second on vault behind France's Elodie Perez. She took her high scores on balance beam (ff, tucked full; front aerial, ff, layout; double turn; ro ff triple twist; 14.90) and floor exercise (tucked full-in; 2 1/2, punch front, punch front; triple twist; 14.50). She scored 14.25 on uneven bars with a Tkatchev-Pak combination and piked full-in dismount.

Iordache, 14, won all five gold medals in the junior competition at the Romanian championships in September. In May, she tied Russia's Anastasia Grishina for the floor exercise title at the Junior European Championships.

Pierre-Yves Beny, an alternate to France's world team, won the men's all-around over teammate Axel Augis and Romanian Andrei Ursache.

Beny won men's floor exercise and still rings, Ursache won pommel horse and parallel bars, and Augis won high bar. Alin Jivan, a member of Romania's team at the 2007 Worlds, won vault.

Schiltigheim, which lies near the German border, is a suburb of Strasbourg, site of the 1978 World Gymnastics Championships.

2010 Schiltigheim International
Oct. 9, Schiltigheim, France

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Larisa Iordache14.3514.2514.9014.5058.00
2.Daniela Andrei14.0014.0012.9513.8054.75
3.Diana Trenca12.7013.4513.6513.1052.90
4.Elodie Perez14.3511.5512.8012.2550.95
5.Maria Balea12.5512.8011.7013.8050.85
6.Ilaria Bombelli12.5513.1511.1012.9049.70
7.Eleni Lari Carrillo12.7511.3011.9011.6047.55
8.Dorothee Henzler13.6010.2511.0512.3547.25
9.Meryline Francois12.509.809.6012.6544.55
10.Gaelle Mys0.0012.5513.0012.1037.65

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Pierre-Yves Beny14.4514.6515.1514.9514.9014.2588.35
2.Axel Augis13.4514.2014.4015.7013.8514.5586.15
3.Andrei Ursache13.6015.2513.6014.4014.9012.4584.20
4.Helge Liebrich13.7013.8514.0514.7013.6513.4083.35
5.Dmitrijs Trefilovs13.1013.6513.9014.6013.5013.9082.65
6.David Mott13.7513.2513.3015.1014.3512.7082.45
7.Alin Jivan13.9011.3514.2516.0513.4513.2582.25
8.Matthew Firth13.5513.4013.6015.3012.3513.7081.90
9.Andrei Muntean12.2512.7014.2014.5012.9013.9080.45
10.Ignacio Losantos11.2011.6514.1514.7514.0013.3079.05
11.Vitalijs Kardashovs13.809.9512.6515.7013.2512.8078.15
12.Sergejs Poznakovs12.207.2512.8513.6012.4511.8070.15
13.Martin Konecny13.8012.6013.450.0013.7013.8067.35
14.Thomas Pagni14.2011.5512.650.000.0012.9051.30
15.Antonello Compagnoni13.0010.2513.3514.300.000.0050.90
16.Jindrich Pansky12.656.0012.8013.600.000.0045.05

Women's VaultDNDScore
1.Elodie Perez5.314.35
2.Larisa Iordache5.314.35
3.Daniela Andrei5.014.00
4.Dorothee Henzler4.613.60
5.Eleni Lari Carrillo4.212.75
6.Diana Trenca4.412.70
7.Maria Balea4.212.55
8.Ilaria Bombelli4.412.55
9.Meryline Francois4.012.50

Uneven BarsDNDScore
1.Larisa Iordache5.514.25
2.Daniela Andrei5.414.00
3.Diana Trenca5.213.45
4.Ilaria Bombelli4.813.15
5.Maria Balea5.012.80
6.Gaelle Mys4.412.55
7.Elodie Perez4.511.55
8.Eleni Lari Carrillo4.611.30
9.Dorothee Henzler1.210.25
10.Meryline Francois3.09.80

Balance BeamDNDScore
1.Larisa Iordache6.714.90
2.Diana Trenca5.613.65
3.Gaelle Mys5.613.00
4.Daniela Andrei4.812.95
5.Elodie Perez5.012.80
6.Eleni Lari Carrillo4.911.90
7.Maria Balea5.411.70
8.Ilaria Bombelli4.611.10
9.Dorothee Henzler4.911.05
10.Meryline Francois3.59.60

Women's Floor ExerciseDNDScore
1.Larisa Iordache5.814.50
2.Daniela Andrei5.50.113.80
3.Maria Balea5.613.80
4.Diana Trenca5.313.10
5.Ilaria Bombelli4.412.90
6.Meryline Francois4.312.65
7.Dorothee Henzler4.512.35
8.Elodie Perez4.612.25
9.Gaelle Mys4.70.112.10
10.Eleni Lari Carrillo4.40.311.60

Men's Floor ExerciseDNDScore
1.Pierre-Yves Beny5.40.114.45
2.Thomas Pagni4.90.114.20
3.Alin Jivan5.413.90
4.Vitalijs Kardashovs4.813.80
5.Martin Konecny5.40.113.80
6.David Mott5.013.75
7.Helge Liebrich5.60.113.70
8.Andrei Ursache5.70.113.60
9.Matthew Firth5.50.413.55
10.Axel Augis5.60.213.45
11.Dmitrijs Trefilovs5.20.113.10
12.Antonello Compagnoni5.20.213.00
13.Jindrich Pansky5.50.112.65
14.Andrei Muntean5.312.25
15.Sergejs Poznakovs4.912.20
16.Ignacio Losantos5.00.311.20

Pommel HorseDNDScore
1.Andrei Ursache6.115.25
2.Pierre-Yves Beny5.714.65
3.Axel Augis5.214.20
4.Helge Liebrich5.313.85
5.Dmitrijs Trefilovs6.113.65
6.Matthew Firth5.113.40
7.David Mott5.713.25
8.Andrei Muntean4.612.70
9.Martin Konecny4.712.60
10.Ignacio Losantos4.311.65
11.Thomas Pagni5.211.55
12.Alin Jivan3.711.35
13.Antonello Compagnoni3.610.25
14.Vitalijs Kardashovs3.09.95
15.Sergejs Poznakovs2.47.25
16.Jindrich Pansky3.00.46.00

Still RingsDNDScore
1.Pierre-Yves Beny6.215.15
2.Axel Augis5.914.40
3.Alin Jivan6.214.25
4.Andrei Muntean5.714.20
5.Ignacio Losantos5.914.15
6.Helge Liebrich5.514.05
7.Dmitrijs Trefilovs5.613.90
8.Matthew Firth4.813.60
9.Andrei Ursache5.613.60
10.Martin Konecny5.513.45
11.Antonello Compagnoni5.213.35
12.David Mott5.113.30
13.Sergejs Poznakovs4.512.85
14.Jindrich Pansky4.812.80
15.Vitalijs Kardashovs4.312.65
16.Thomas Pagni4.812.65

Men's VaultDNDScore
1.Alin Jivan6.616.05
2.Vitalijs Kardashovs6.215.70
3.Axel Augis6.215.70
4.Matthew Firth6.20.115.30
5.David Mott6.215.10
6.Pierre-Yves Beny5.414.95
7.Ignacio Losantos5.414.75
8.Helge Liebrich6.614.70
9.Dmitrijs Trefilovs5.414.60
10.Andrei Muntean5.414.50
11.Andrei Ursache6.214.40
12.Antonello Compagnoni5.40.114.30
13.Sergejs Poznakovs4.613.60
14.Jindrich Pansky5.80.413.60

Parallel BarsDNDScore
1.Andrei Ursache5.814.90
2.Pierre-Yves Beny5.814.90
3.David Mott5.214.35
4.Ignacio Losantos6.014.00
5.Axel Augis5.913.85
6.Martin Konecny5.813.70
7.Helge Liebrich5.113.65
8.Dmitrijs Trefilovs4.913.50
9.Alin Jivan5.213.45
10.Vitalijs Kardashovs4.713.25
11.Andrei Muntean5.212.90
12.Sergejs Poznakovs4.012.45
13.Matthew Firth5.312.35

High BarDNDScore
1.Axel Augis5.914.55
2.Pierre-Yves Beny5.314.25
3.Dmitrijs Trefilovs5.613.90
4.Andrei Muntean5.713.90
5.Martin Konecny5.813.80
6.Matthew Firth5.013.70
7.Helge Liebrich4.613.40
8.Ignacio Losantos5.613.30
9.Alin Jivan4.813.25
10.Thomas Pagni4.812.90
11.Vitalijs Kardashovs4.812.80
12.David Mott4.512.70
13.Andrei Ursache4.512.45
14.Sergejs Poznakovs4.011.80
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