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Aussie 'A-Team' Wins Commonwealth Games
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The Australian women overcame a meltdown on balance beam to win their fourth consecutive Commonwealth Games title Tuesday in Delhi, India. Pictured: Lauren Mitchell gets a hug from fellow Olympian Ashleigh Brennan following the team's victory.

The Australian women won their fourth consecutive Commonwealth Games gymnastics title Tuesday in Delhi, India.

With the highest score on every event, two-time world silver medalist Lauren Mitchell led Australia (163.70) over England (158.20) and Canada (154.75). The women matched the medalists from Monday's men's competition, when the Australian men defeated England and Canada for their first Commonwealth team title.

The Australians sent their top team to Delhi, giving the team enough cushion to win despite a disastrous performance on the balance beam in the first rotation. The team tallied six falls, stunning head coach Peggy Liddick.

"I think we were in shock," Liddick said. "We all looked at each other and said, 'What happened? What planet are we on?'"

The team regrouped, earning the highest team totals on the other three events. Mitchell took the highest score on balance beam despite her fall, as well as vault, uneven bars (tied with teammate Georgia Bonora) and floor exercise. The Australian women showed much improvement on vault, with Mitchell and Emily Little performing the only double-twisting Yurchenkos of the competition.

"We got that shock out of our system and then everything went back to normal," Liddick said. "It was a good valuable lesson for them and thank God it wasn't next week at the world championships."

2008 Olympian Ashleigh Brennan, who qualified third to the floor exercise final, is the only member of the 2006 championship team remaining.

"It's really exciting to experience it again," Brennan said. "The Commonwealth Games are so special to us."

England kept Olympians Beth Tweddle, Becky Downie and Hannah Whelan home to prepare for the upcoming world championships. 2008 Olympian Imogen Cairns, an alternate to Great Britain's world team, led England in Delhi. The defending Commonwealth Games vault champion qualified second to finals on vault, balance beam and floor exercise.

Cairns, 21, was pleased with the silver medal for the English team, which lost Olympian Marissa King to a partially torn pectoral muscle in September.

"It's amazing, fantastic," she said. "We didn't expect anything but we did think we could get a medal if we all did our job."

Jennifer Khwela — hoping to win South Africa's first gold medal in gymnastics at the Commonwealth Games — led the vault qualification.

Commonwealth Games competition continues Wednesday with the all-around final. Mitchell and compatriot Joshua Jefferis, the top qualifiers, are favorites to win more gold for Australia.

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XIX Commonwealth Games
Oct. 5, 2010, Delhi, India

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXScore
7.New Zealand38.8532.7033.9535.05140.55

Women's All-Around QualificationVTUBBBFXScore
QLauren Mitchell14.7014.2513.7514.2556.95
QEmily Little14.5513.7012.3013.0553.60
QImogen Cairns14.0012.3013.2014.0053.50
QJocelyn Hunt13.8012.5013.1512.8552.30
QGeorgia Bonora12.5014.2511.9513.2051.90
QCynthia Lemieux-Guillemette12.9513.2513.2012.3051.70
QLaura Edwards13.5511.3513.2013.0551.15
QEmma Willis13.5512.4511.6013.0050.60
QKristin Klarenbach13.6512.4512.2012.0050.30
QJennifer Khwela13.6511.0012.6512.1549.45
QTracie Ang13.5012.0510.0012.9548.50
QHeem Wei Lim12.0512.4512.7010.9548.15
QJordan Lipton13.2012.4011.5511.0048.15
QJordan Rae13.3011.1011.5012.2548.15
QVictoria Simpson12.8510.6512.6511.9548.10
QSau Wah Chan12.7012.1011.3511.3047.45
QNicole Xi Hui Tay13.1011.8510.8011.6547.40
QHolly Moon13.0010.8511.2511.4546.55
QNoor Hasleen Fatihin Hasnan13.4011.9010.1011.0046.40
QBriana Mitchell12.5510.7511.2011.3545.85
QAmy Regan11.8510.8010.4512.6545.75
QAshleigh Heldsinger13.0510.659.4512.3545.50
QCharlotte Mckenna12.0010.9511.6510.9045.50
QSeriena Johnrose13.1010.8010.4510.8045.15
QTabitha Jia Hui Tay12.5510.1510.1012.0044.80
RDipa Karmakar13.459.8011.309.1043.65
RAntonia Georgiou12.358.1011.6510.9043.00

Women's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
QJennifer Khwela5.08.6513.6513.625
QImogen Cairns5.39.000.314.0013.600
QGabby May5.08.850.113.7513.550
QKristin Klarenbach5.08.750.113.6513.375
QTracie Ang5.08.5013.5013.350
QDipa Karmakar5.08.550.113.4513.275
QSeriena Johnrose4.48.7013.1013.100
QJordan Rae4.68.7013.3013.075
RNoor Hasleen Fatihin Hasnan5.08.4013.4012.825
RRoma Dilip Joglekar4.68.2512.8512.450
RHeem Wei Lim4.67.4512.0512.175

Uneven Bars QualificationDENDScore
QGeorgia Bonora5.38.9514.25
QLauren Mitchell5.58.7514.25
QCynthia Lemieux-Guillemette5.57.7513.25
QJocelyn Hunt4.77.8012.50
QHeem Wei Lim4.18.3512.45
QKristin Klarenbach4.28.2512.45
QCharlotte Lindsley4.28.2512.45
QJordan Lipton5.17.3012.40
RSau Wah Chan4.67.5012.10
RTracie Ang5.16.9512.05
RNicole Xi Hui Tay4.67.2511.85

Balance Beam QualificationDENDScore
QLauren Mitchell6.37.4513.75
QImogen Cairns4.88.4013.20
QLaura Edwards5.08.2013.20
QCynthia Lemieux-Guillemette5.47.8013.20
QCatherine Dion4.88.0012.80
QHeem Wei Lim4.87.9012.70
QVictoria Simpson4.77.9512.65
QJennifer Khwela5.47.2512.65
REmily Little5.37.0012.30
RAntonia Georgiou4.17.0511.65
RCharlotte Mckenna4.86.8511.65

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
QLauren Mitchell5.88.4514.25
QImogen Cairns5.78.3014.00
QAshleigh Brennan5.48.1013.50
QLaura Edwards5.08.0513.05
QEmma Willis5.17.9013.00
QTracie Ang5.37.6512.95
QAmy Regan5.17.5512.65
QAshleigh Heldsinger4.77.6512.35
RCynthia Lemieux-Guillemette4.87.600.112.30
RJordan Rae4.77.5512.25
RJennifer Khwela5.17.0512.15
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Good for India - they are still out there trying despite all the naysayers.
October 06, 2010
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