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Australian Men Win Commonwealth Games
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The Australian men won their first gymnastics team title at the Commonwealth Games, which began Monday in Delhi, India.

The Australian men won their first Commonwealth Games team title as competition began Monday in Delhi, India.

Defending all-around champion Joshua Jefferis led his team to a hard-fought victory over England, the two-time champion. Canada, the gold medalist four years ago in Melbourne, won the bronze.

Australia sent its top squad, with Jefferis, Samuel Offord, Thomas Pichler, Prashanth Sellathurai and Luke Wiwatowski all scheduled to depart Delhi for the upcoming worlds in Rotterdam. (Former high bar world champion Philippe Rizzo is sidelined with a shoulder injury, missing a chance to compete in a record fourth Commonwealth Games.)

Australia tallied first-place totals on the first four apparatus, but fell behind England after struggling on pommel horse in the fifth rotation. Anchor Sellathurai breezed through his routine until his dismount went awry, leaving the two-time world medalist standing awkwardly on the horse.

But England was unable to keep its lead after its own woes on the pommel horse in the sixth rotation. Junior European champion Max Whitlock, 17, anchored with the night's top routine, but it wasn't enough to keep England ahead. Australia, meanwhile, had rallied on the rings, with Sellathurai anchoring again for the highest rings score of the night.

Australia won its first-ever men's title by a margin of 2.3 points. Jefferis, the top qualifier to the all-around final, said the team victory beats his all-around gold from four years ago.

"It's extremely hard to compare winning a gold medal in front of your home crowd in Melbourne," Jefferis said. "However, a team gold medal is the pinnacle of every sport and that's the highest goal you want, so this is definitely my best moment of my career."

Said Offord, a member of Australia's second-place squad in 2006, "It was an amazing team effort. There was a lot in the media before we got here, but everything is great and well organized. We have had a blast, and winning this gold was brilliant."

England and Canada both sent young teams, saving most of their top gymnasts for Rotterdam. Nevertheless the gymnasts said they were pleased with their medal-winning results.

"It feels good," said English gymnast Reiss Beckford, 18. "It shows that England and Great Britain have got depth in their team."

Said English coach Paul Hall, "We are very happy with that. It's fantastic to have a B-team, if you like, come here and do a great job. We are proud that we did our job."

New Zealand finished fourth, moving up four spots from 2006. Wales finished fifth ahead of host India, which went full bore toward a podium finish. India's top gymnast Ashish Kumar, who qualified first to the vault final, is in line to win his nation's first major medal in gymnastics.

Few Indians witnessed the historic performances in person, however, as the Indira Ghandi Arena appeared nearly empty. Media reported just a few dozen spectators in the arena, which has a capacity of 14,400.

Competition continues Tuesday with the women's team competition and individual qualification. Led by world medalist Lauren Mitchell, the Australian women are favored to defend their team title.

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XIX Commonwealth Games
Oct. 4, 2010, Delhi, India

4.New Zealand41.8537.6541.2544.5540.2538.25243.80
9.Isle of Man36.6034.0535.6538.4536.8032.10213.65

Men's All-Around QualificationFXPHSRVTPBHBScore
Joshua Jefferis13.8012.9514.6015.4014.6513.9585.35 Q
Reiss Beckford14.3512.4014.2015.2014.4014.0084.55 Q
Luke Folwell13.9513.7014.5515.2514.2512.6584.35 Q
Samuel Offord14.2512.0014.8515.5013.7513.9584.30 Q
Max Whitlock13.4015.3013.8514.7513.3013.7084.30 Q
Thomas Pichler15.1010.4513.9015.5013.9513.6082.50 Q
Tariq Dowers13.3513.6012.9015.0513.6513.2081.75 Q
Ashish Kumar14.5012.5513.6015.7013.0012.2081.55 Q
Patrick Peng13.9512.9013.4015.2012.1013.4581.00 Q
Misha Koudinov14.1012.6513.9514.3013.3512.2080.55 Q
Grant Gardiner13.4513.0013.9015.1012.0512.9580.45 Q
Matt Hennessey13.6511.9513.0014.5513.4513.2079.80 Q
Lucas Carson13.5513.0013.4013.8513.3512.1579.30 Q
Robert Watson13.6011.6013.0014.3013.4513.0078.95 Q
Panagiotis Aristotelous13.1012.3013.3014.4513.5512.0578.75 Q
Dimitris Krasias11.8011.9013.6014.1013.4013.9078.70 Q
Partha Mondal12.1512.9514.3514.1013.3510.7577.65 Q
Clinton Purnell13.1010.6512.6514.6013.3513.1577.50 Q
Wan Foong Lum12.6011.5512.7013.8013.5013.3077.45 Q
Mohd Azlanshah Ismail13.1513.0012.7515.2010.5511.8576.50 Q
Alexander Gerard Horan Hedges12.5512.1012.4514.3512.9512.1076.50 Q
William Albert11.7510.9513.4014.4012.8011.6074.90 Q
John Robert Honiball12.2511.4513.1513.9012.9510.8574.55 Q
Michalis Krasias13.0010.5011.7014.1512.0013.0574.40 Q
Ryan Mckee13.5011.2511.9513.5013.1010.3073.60 R
Mohd Irwan Miskob11.1511.7010.6514.1513.0512.6073.30 R
Mukunda Sai Measuria12.5510.7511.6012.1011.8511.4570.30 R
Daniel Adam Horan Hedges11.5011.2011.6012.0012.008.5566.85 R

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
Thomas Pichler6. Q
Luke Wiwatowski5.98.900.214.60 Q
Steve Jehu6.08.600.114.50 Q
Ashish Kumar6.58.0014.50 Q
Reiss Beckford6.18.2514.35 Q
Constantinos Aristotelous5.68.650.114.15 Q
Misha Koudinov5.78.4014.10 Q
Patrick Peng5.58.4513.95 Q
Matt Hennessey5.38.3513.65 R
Robert Watson5. R
Lucas Carson5.28.3513.55 R

Pommel Horse QualificationDENDScore
Max Whitlock6.58.8015.30 Q
Zi Jie Gabriel Gan5.19.3514.45 Q
Thuang Tong Jonathan Chan5.68.5514.15 Q
Prashanth Sellathurai5.78.2513.95 Q
Anderson Loran5.18.6513.75 Q
Luke Folwell5.28.5013.70 Q
Tariq Dowers5.48.2013.60 Q
Alex Rothe5.08.2013.20 Q
Grant Gardiner4.78.3013.00 R
Mohd Azlanshah Ismail4.78.3013.00 R
Lucas Carson4.98.1013.00 R

Still Rings Qualification DENDScore
Prashanth Sellathurai6.38.6014.90 Q
Samuel Offord6.08.8514.85 Q
Irodotos Georgallas6.38.4514.75 Q
Luke Folwell6.28.3514.55 Q
Partha Mondal5.98.4514.35 Q
Reiss Beckford5.38.9014.20 Q
Ian Galvan5.88.4014.20 Q
Jason Scott5.48.7514.15 Q
Misha Koudinov5.68.3513.95 R
Grant Gardiner5.18.8013.90 R
Matt Palmer5.58.4013.90 R

Men's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
Ashish Kumar7.09.000.315.7015.625 Q
Luke Folwell6.29.0515.2515.400 Q
Reiss Beckford5.89.4015.2015.350 Q
Thomas Pichler6.29.3015.5015.150 Q
Grant Gardiner6.28.9015.1015.100 Q
Patrick Peng6. Q
Ian Galvan6.68.4015.0014.900 Q
Clinton Purnell6.28.700.314.6014.750 Q
Mohd Azlanshah Ismail6.29.0015.2014.675 R
Mayank Srivastava6.67.8514.4514.650 R
Panagiotis Aristotelous5.49.0514.4514.400 R

Parallel Bars QualificationDENDScore
Joshua Jefferis6.18.5514.65 Q
Reiss Beckford5.19.3014.40 Q
Luke Folwell5.58.7514.25 Q
Mark Holyoake5.68.5514.15 Q
Prashanth Sellathurai5.19.0014.10 Q
Tariq Dowers4.98.7513.65 Q
Jason Scott5.08.6013.60 Q
Panagiotis Aristotelous5.18.4513.55 Q
Wan Foong Lum4.78.8013.50 R
Matt Hennessey4.88.6513.45 R
Dimitris Krasias5.87.6013.40 R

High Bar QualificationDENDScore
Luke Wiwatowski6.18.6514.75 Q
Anderson Loran6.08.5014.50 Q
Reiss Beckford5.68.4014.00 Q
Samuel Offord5.18.8513.95 Q
Dimitris Krasias5.88.1013.90 Q
Constantinos Aristotelous5.78.1513.85 Q
Max Whitlock5.58.2013.70 Q
Jason Scott5.68.0013.60 Q
Patrick Peng4.98.5513.45 R
Wan Foong Lum5.18.2013.30 R
Matt Hennessey4.68.6013.20 R
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swagger said:

N Ireland
Go Luke!!!!
Making N Ireland and Rep Ireland proud
October 05, 2010
Votes: +0

Lora said:

How does Luke Carson compete for Northern Ireland (part of Great Britain) in the Commonwealth Games and independent Ireland at worlds? I thought gymnasts couldn't represent two countries simultaneously?
October 05, 2010
Votes: -1

Sibounce said:

The Good Friday Agreement(Friday 10th April 199smilies/cool.gif says people living in Northern Ireland are both British and Irish at the same time. Its a unique situation but means you can choose whether to represent Ireland or Great Britain (but at senior level you must choose either one not both). Commonwealth games are different as its not the GB team but each individual country and as Ireland are not part of the Commonwealth the situation of which country to represent doesn't arise.
October 05, 2010
Votes: +1

Luke Carson said:

thanks for the support! i made big mistake in all around finals which cost me 9th place.back to training now for Glasgow 2014!
October 10, 2010
Votes: +1

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