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Russian Women Top Netherlands, Spain
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Aliya Mustafina cemented her status as a contender for the world all-around title, scoring 60.100 to lead Russia to victory Saturday in the Netherlands. Mustafina is now coached primarily by head coach Alexander Alexandrov (pictured), after her personal coach, Dina Kamalova, moved to U.S. club WOGA in Texas.

Russian Cup champion Aliya Mustafina led Russia to victory against the Netherlands and Spain on Saturday in Waalwijk.

Minus only Anna Pavlova, Russia sent seven of the eight gymnasts on its world training squad for a final warmup in Waalwijk, two hours southeast of Rotterdam. Russia comfortably defeated the Netherlands, 232.100-217.450, with Spain third at 211.500.

Joy Goedkoop was the top Dutch gymnast, finishing seventh in Waalwijk.

Mustafina stuck a Yurchenko 2 1/2 to score 60.100, cementing her status as a leading contender for the world all-around title next month. The first-year senior took the top scores on vault (15.900) and floor exercise (14.550), where she showed controlled landings (Arabian double front; 2 1/2, punch front-full; 1 1/2 to Rudi; triple twist). Mustafina earned 15.450 for an outstanding set on uneven bars (Stalder-full to toe-on Shaposhnikova-half; Stalder-blind to piked Jaeger; Tkatchev to Pak; Stalder to Shaposhnikova-half; toe-on full to 1 1/2-twisting double-back; 6.7 D). She took her lowest score on balance beam, 14.200, after several wobbles and missed connections (double turn; standing Arabian; triple twist).

Russia swept the top four places in the all-around, with Olympians Ksenia Afanasyeva (57.500) and Ksenia Semyonova (56.700) trailing Mustafina. Afanasyeva dropped off beam on her standing Arabian, while Semyonova earned Russia's top score on the event (front aerial, ff, whip; Onodi, ff, layout; 14.500). Semyonova tumbled a new double layout mount on floor exercise, but the former world champion was only the fifth-best gymnast on uneven bars (Jaeger, Stalder-full, Tkatchev to Pak; toe-on full to Deltchev; piked Arabian double front).

Tatiana Nabiyeva took fourth (56.600) after falling on an underrotated Yurchenko 2 1/2 vault and a planned double turn on beam. Nabiyeva, the 2008 Junior European champion, also added a Yurchenko mount and punch front-half to her beam set. She took the high score on uneven bars (15.750, 6.8 D) for a packed but untidy routine (toe-on layout Tkatchev to Pak salto; inside Stalder-full to toe-on Shaposhnikova-half; inside Stalder-blind to Jaeger; toe-on full to half-in, half-out).

Spain's Ana Maria Izurieta, fifth all-around, outscored the field on balance beam (14.800, 5.8 D).

First-year senior Anna Dementyeva, sixth all-around, had the highest difficulty score on beam (6.1) but was the third Russian to fall on the event, missing her round off, two-foot layout. The 15 year old showed outstanding artistry on floor exercise (14.050) and beautiful leg extension on uneven bars (14.300) for the sixth-highest score on both events.

Joy Goedkoop was the top Dutch gymnast in seventh all-around, followed by five of her teammates.

Sweden sent two gymnasts to Waalwijk: Ida Jonsson, 17th all-around, and Olympian Veronica Wagner, who competed balance beam only.

External Link: Aliya Mustafina's stuck Yurchenko 2 1/2

2010 Netherlands-Russia-Spain-Sweden
Sept. 18, Waalwijk, the Netherlands

2.The Netherlands56.1553.2553.2054.85217.45
4.The Netherlands B39.9039.7538.0039.80157.45

1.Aliya Mustafina6.515.906.715.455.614.205.814.5560.10
2.Ksenia Afanasyeva5.814.605.714.356.014.105.914.4557.50
3.Ksenia Semyonova5.314.106.014.355.814.505.413.7556.70
4.Tatiana Nabiyeva5.813.456.815.755.713.205.514.2056.60
5.Ana Maria Izurieta5.813.155.613.805.814.805.614.3056.05
6.Anna Dementyeva5.013.555.714.306.113.955.714.0555.85
7.Joy Goedkoop5.014.055.513.605.413.505.213.8555.00
8.Celine van Gerner5.013.706.112.855.613.705.414.2054.45
9.Sanne Wevers4.413.305.813.955.913.754.613.1554.15
10.Marlies Rijken5.014.155.413.605.713.055.013.2054.00
11.Wyomi Masela5.314.255.313.205.312.955.113.1553.55
12.Yvette Moshage5.013.655.313.605.412.305.213.4052.95
13.Ainhoa Carmona5.013.304.812.505.513.405.213.4552.65
14.Suzanne Harmes5.013.604.312.255.312.455.113.6051.90
15.Christiana Mironescu5.013.804.712.305.312.504.813.2051.80
16.Lisa van den Burg4.612.955.112.204.711.955.013.2550.35
17.Ida Jonsson5.013.805.
18.Cintia Rodriquez4.012.105.412.754.912.604.012.1049.55
19.Dianne Teunissen5.012.855.411.604.311.554.412.4048.40
20.Sara Cusó5.013.554.69.254.712.304.512.3547.45
21.Anna Myzdrikova5.613.850.00.005.313.605.613.9541.40
22.Elena Zaldivar0.00.004.811.204.911.404.712.1034.70
23.Yekaterina Kurbatova0.00.005.914.805.414.050.00.0028.85
24.Veronica Wagner0.
25.Claudia Vila0.00.004.811.
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Iana said:

GOOOOOOOOOO ALIYA! I didn't imagine her Amanar would be so awesome. She's a more complete gymnast than Bross, so I hope Aliya will be world all-around champion!
September 19, 2010
Votes: +5

Sarah Routh said:

Watch out Bross
Bross, I think you will get Bronze, again, I'm sorry. HAHAHAHHA
Mustafina is a GODDESS!!!
September 19, 2010
Votes: +6
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Iana said:

Russia has only competed independently for 17 years, so I question the judgment of anyone who says they've fallen flat on their faces for 20 years! LOL!
September 19, 2010
Votes: +4

nafanja said:

September 19, 2010
Votes: -1

arno diender said:

vids from this competition
some nice video's
September 19, 2010 | url
Votes: +0

Terri said:

Bross is Boss!!!
I think Bross will still pull through her beam is spectacular and her execution is very good.
September 19, 2010
Votes: -1

Stacy said:

It should be very close if both gymnasts hit. Bross scored 60.4 the first day at USAs and 59.900 the second day. Their form is about equal, they are both kind of sloppy in places. But Mustafina is more artistic though so I hope she wins. Bross is so stiff! She doesn't extend anything.
September 19, 2010
Votes: +1

Nonamer said:

Yeah, there's a HUGE difference between 17 and 20! Who cares? The point is that for the better part of two decades, then have NOT brought it. End of story.
September 19, 2010
Votes: -3

Kat said:

Bross ew no
are you serious i think bross will do well but i think Mustafina will take it. I mean who knows but Mustafina has the package not to discount bross but stacys right bross is a stiff as a bored and lacks the grace and elegance to be a winner in the all around. I mean bross makes shawn johnson look like a swan, and shawn is not the most presentable person out there.
September 19, 2010
Votes: +4

N Garner said:

Remember that Russia did get a lot of ten's they didn't deserve from Svetlana Khorkina. Just like the US from Nastia Ljukin. So this time it will be a real battle because it seems that there is no "judge-farvorite " on any of the 2 teams.
Don't forget China - if their star can cope with the situation - they or she could win the titles.
September 20, 2010
Votes: -2

Elizabeth Booth said:

Elizabeth Booth
Who cares if they win?
Russia are back. They are back because they are once again performing original difficulties with confidence. Who cares if they win or not? Mustafina's fine performance is the least of it - look at Nabieva, too. You might not like her form, but she is improving all the time, and her innovative routines take me back not only to Produnova, but also to another St Petersburg gymnast, Shushunova. Oh, and let's not forget the Goddess Afanasyeva. They almost make you think of those long-lost principles of gymnastics - Risk, Originality, Virtuosity. (Don't think any gymnast at the last world championships made me think of those words - did they you?)
Regardless of whether Russia win they are showing the world interesting and exciting gymnastics again. Which is a huge bonus when you compare them to the boring and conservative gymnastics that has been considered 'world beating' over recent years. Go for it Russia - let's see that ambition and creativity again, that once made gymnastics so special.
September 20, 2010
Votes: +4

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