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Porgras, Koczi Defend Romanian Titles
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Ana Porgras and Flavius Koczi defended their senior all-around titles at the Romanian national championships, taking place in Resita.

World medalists Ana Porgras and Flavius Koczi defended their all-around titles at the 2010 Romanian Gymnastics Championships, taking place this weekend in Resita.

Porgras defeated Diana Chelaru by more than a point, 57.800-56.700. First-year senior Amelia Racea won the bronze, just behind Chelaru (56.650).

On Sunday, Porgras won balance beam at the Ghent World Cup, her first competition since breaking her ankle at the 2010 European Championships in the spring.

"It's significant for me that is the second competition after my injury, but the first where I competed all four events," she said in Resita. "Considering I became the champion, it's a good result. After I finished all four events, I looked at my competitors and I did a little calculation, but I wasn't quite sure if I would take the title."

In Ghent, Porgras had been heavily deducted on her beam routine, including for a pause between her front aerial to ff, layout. Despite a wobble-free routine, she earned only 8.675 Execution in the final (6.1 Difficulty). In Resita, she showed an improved routine with a front aerial, sheep jump combination and added a ff, ff, two-foot layout pass for 15.800, the highest score of the women's competition (9.3 Execution, 6.5 Difficulty).

Clad in a cobalt blue and silver leotard, Porgras tied Racea for the high score on uneven bars (Stalder 1 1/2 to Jaeger; double layout; 14.700). She showed a beautiful floor exercise routine to Shostakovich's "Second Waltz," but sat down her full-in mount.

Resita's own Flavius Koczi defended his all-around title in front of a home crowd.

"For me the hardest event was the floor, because after the injury, I didn't have very much time to train," she said. "Now it is a little harder than the others."

At the 2009 Worlds in London, Porgras showed tremendous promise, tying for the bronze medal on uneven bars. She finished fifth on floor exercise and seventh all-around and on balance beam. She is one of Romania's top hopes for a world medal in 2010, particularly on beam.

"I want to stay healthy until the world championships," she said in Resita. "We have chances [for medals], but we have to work hard."

A year after tearing her Achilles, Olympic floor exercise champion Sandra Izbasa performed three solid events. Her new floor routine to "Hava Nagila" and "Kalinka" brought the high score on that event, 15.150. She took the second-highest score on beam (kickover front; front tuck; front aerial, ff layout; 2 1/2 twist; 14.800) and vault (Yurchenko 1 1/2; 14.400).

Most of the gymnasts are returning from injury, coach Octavian Bellu noted.

"Their level matched how long their preparation was," Bellu said. "Some have been training for a month, a month and a half, two months, others three months. I don't know if we can find, among these girls, any who have had longer preparation, say one year. Everyone had injuries, casts, splints. I hope that in the next month before the world championships, we can improve the stability, amplitude and execution."

Koczi was untouchable in the men's competition, defeating Marius Berbecar, 90.100-86.200. The margin between the silver medalist and bronze medalist, Cristian Bataga, was .05, as it had been in the women's competition.

Koczi, a native of Resita, earned the highest score of the competition, 16.300, for a stuck triple-twisting Tsukahara vault.

"I wanted to win in front of my supporters," he said. "I must admit that I was emotional. I knew that I was in front of the people of Resita. It was a difficult competition. All my competitors were well trained. But competition is competition and the best win."

World floor exercise and vault champion Marian Dragulescu was forced to scratch the competition with a slight leg injury sustained Thursday.

Adrian Stoica, president of the FIG Men's Technical Committee, said the Romanian men need Dragulescu back to qualify to team finals at the world championships, which begin Oct. 16 in Rotterdam.

"I saw some promising routines, after a phase in which we worked with ambition, zeal and the desire to reach the level needed for the world championships," said Stoica, president of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation. "There were mistakes, unfortunately. It seems a pretty precarious situation in which the team will not qualify without Marian Dragulescu. I hope he can recover and return to the group traveling to Rotterdam."

Dragulescu, who had planned to compete three events in Resita, seemed confident he would be back in time for the world championships.

"I hope I can start training again next week and can introduce two new elements to my floor routine, because it would increase my chances at worlds," the three-time Olympian said.

In the junior competition, Larisa Iordache won by more than 4 points ahead of Youth Olympian Diana Bulimar. Iordache, 14, earned the high score on every event. She scored 15.500 on balance beam (ff, tucked full; kickover front, back tuck; side somi; front aerial, ff layout; double turn; ro, ff, triple twist) with the highest Difficulty score of the women's competition, 6.7.

Andrei Muntean, still rings champion at the Youth Olympics last month, won the junior men's all-around by nearly 5 points.

The competition concludes Sunday in Resita with the individual event finals.

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2010 Romanian Gymnastics Championships
Sept. 17-18, 2010, Resita

Senior Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Ana Porgras5.013.805.914.706.515.805.613.5057.80
2.Diana Chelaru5.814.605.413.505.514.005.614.6056.70
3.Amelia Racea5.013.706.114.705.514.505.213.7556.65
4.Cerasela Patrascu5.013.755.814.305.714.804.913.6056.45
5.Gabriela Dragoi5.013.605.914.505.914.404.713.2055.70
6.Raluca Haidu5.814.305.613.956.213.805.313.1555.20
7.Diana Trenca4.412.855.413.555.814.455.414.0054.85
8.Dana Andrei5.014.105.412.455.113.855.414.3054.70
9.Sandra Izbasa5.314.400.00.005.714.806.015.1544.35

Senior Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Flavius Koczi6.415.206.415.555.814.357.016.305.914.405.814.3090.10
2.Marius Berbecar5.614.454.412.055.414.156.616.106.515.605.313.8586.20
3.Cristian Bataga6.114.755.113.205.914.606.615.905.813.805.713.9086.15
4.Adrian Bucur6.014.804.912.706.214.806.215.305.513.506.014.4585.55
5.Vlad Cotuna6.314.804.513.155.614.
6.Alin Jivan6.214.654.812.356.114.806.616.105.714.005.213.4585.35
7.Andrei Ursache5.814.
8.Ovidiu Buidoso5.914.055.814.755.513.456.215.505.813.056.014.2585.05
9.Andrei Muntean5.412.504.712.255.514.105.414.505.512.656.214.6580.65
10.Bogdan Uruci5.313.104.511.554.111.356.214.855.012.854.712.9076.60
11.Sergiu Margan4.811.105.313.104.711.905.013.404.611.904.312.2573.65
12.Alexandru Dorobantu4.012.054.410.901.89.104.613.403.611.454.112.1069.00
13.Lucian Fratiloiu5.011.654.612.654.112.154.613.400.00.004.512.9062.75
14.Robert Stanescu0.00.004.912.956.
15.Costin Manolache0.
16.Iulian Gheorghe0.00.005.513.850.
17.Florin Raducanu0.

Junior Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Larisa Iordache5.014.105.514.006.715.505.814.8058.40
2.Diana Bulimar4.413.055.213.904.713.905.113.9054.75
3.Diana Rusu5.013.403.911.955.413.305.113.6552.30
4.Irina Paun4.612.903.911.905.013.405.113.9552.15
5.Maria Balea5.213.305.011.655.714.205.212.8552.00
6.Andreea Tufa5.013.253.511.305.413.605.113.3551.50
7.Georgiana Gheorghe4.411.953.912.605.212.205.313.5050.25
8.Ana-Maria Baicu4.412.502.510.655.313.754.613.2050.10
9.Mariana Panait4.412.801.49.554.312.604.513.0047.95
10.Maria Rauta4.212.652.710.505.012.204.612.2547.60
11.Beatris Margarit4.412.952.
12.Tatiana Geamparoiu4.413.
13.Ioana Badea4.

Junior Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Andrei Muntean5.011.905.113.955.314.356.215.455.814.954.913.4584.05
2.Andrei Groza5.013.454.211.754.813.455.814.704.812.904.913.2079.45
3.Adelin Kotrong5.513.055.212.854.813.006.214.704.
4.Doru Iacob5.013.604.712.654.412.255.414.404.312.654.612.2077.75
5.Cristian Precup-phong4.711.304.511.054.711.955.413.504.712.204.913.4073.40
6.Alex Stoian4.612.503.610.403.811.805.414.104.611.055.213.4073.25
7.Andrei Savu4.411.003.511.503.110.855.414.054.311.703.612.2571.35
8.Daniel Moldoi4.211.753.38.951.
9.Daniel Radeanu0.00.004.712.954.212.706.613.604.110.605.212.4562.30
10.Sorin Dragota0.
11.Fabian Latia4.211.353.
12.Armando Ciucu0.
13.Alpar Csiszer0.
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