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FIG Warns Dragulescu over Doping Registration
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The FIG officially has warned world champion Marian Dragulescu for the gymnast's failure to register for out-of-competition doping controls.

The International Gymnastics Federation officially warned world champion Marian Dragulescu and cited the Romanian Gymnastics Federation for "willful negligence" after the star gymnast failed to register for out-of-competition doping controls.

The FIG requires currently competing gymnasts be registered as active and available for random testing. Dragulescu retired after the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and was removed from Romania's list of active athletes. However, he did not register again when he decided to make a comeback in 2009, the FIG stated.

"Three indictments were filed against the gymnast, namely concerning violation of a rule stipulating that a gymnast must announce his return to competition after a retirement, a communication made regarding Marian Dragulescu by his national federation on December 30, 2008," the FIG stated in an announcement. "Because of his failure to comply with this rule, Dragulescu was not taken into account for out of competition testing since he was not on the 2009 FIG RTP (Registered Testing Pool) official list."

The FIG noted that Dragulescu — "in defiance of the rules in force" — participated at the 2009 World Championships in London, where he won gold medals on floor exercise and vault.

In its decision, the FIG Disciplinary Commission stated the federation could have prevented Dragulescu from competing in London but did not. New rules adopted in February of this year stipulate that gymnasts not registered for six months prior to an event will be automatically disqualified from FIG competition.

Dragulescu was tested twice in London and both samples were negative.

"The Disciplinary Commission will not disqualify the results obtained as it considers that there was no indication that the Gymnast committed his offense for the purpose of avoiding drug testing and because the [national federation] failed in its responsibility to educate and advise the Gymnast in a responsible manner, considering that the Gymnast did put his trust in his federation to make sure the applicable rules were respected," the FIG Disciplinary Commission stated in its decision.

The veteran Dragulescu, who turns 30 in December, appeared before the FIG's Disciplinary Commission on July 30.

The FIG stated that the three-time Olympian "was informed of the decisions and considerations corroborated by the FIG Presidential Commission, who pointed out a willful negligence on the part of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation in the administrative handling of Dragulescu's career and a failure to uphold its educational role in the fight against doping."

Active gymnasts are required to update their whereabouts using an online system, to aid anti-doping organizations in locating them for testing. Dragulescu was cited for not updating his whereabouts for most of 2010, despite being notified twice by the FIG.

"The Commission has found little or no whereabouts information for the first three trimesters of 2010," the FIG stated.

Dragulescu is Romania's most decorated male gymnast, winning eight world titles on vault and floor exercise since 2001. He was a triple medalist at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, winning the silver medal on floor exercise and bronzes on vault and with the Romanian team.

"The FIG has shown leniency to Dragulescu," the federation stated. "However, in the event of a subsequent offence the gymnast will be subject to a suspension of one to two years. These sanctions serve as a warning to the entire gymnastics community; education is taken seriously by the FIG and compliance with the procedures in force and the upholding of one's responsibilities in the fight against doping is mandatory."

The FIG will hold the Romanian Gymnastics Federation accountable for court costs in the case, amounting to CHF 6,217 ($6,030).

Dragulescu did not compete at the 2010 European Championships in Birmingham, and last competed at the Japan Cup in July in Tokyo. He is scheduled to compete this weekend in Thessolaniki in a quad meet among Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania.

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Reese Spring said:

If Dragulescu wasn't properly registered, why did the FIG allow him to compete at the 2009 Worlds?
August 25, 2010
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Stacy said:

I was about the write the same thing. The random testing rules are in place for a reason. Athletes could train using performance enhancers for six months and then wean themselves off before a competition. I'm sure it was an oversight but the FIG should have noticed.
August 25, 2010
Votes: +2

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