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Whelan, Mitchell Win British Championships
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2008 Olympian Hannah Whelan Liverpool) won the senior all-around title at the British Women's Gymnastics Championships, held this weekend in Guildford.

Senior medalists Hibbert, Whelan and Francis

Whelan won the title by nearly 2 points on Saturday, two days after her 18th birthday. She had an outstanding competition, earning marks of 14.500 on vault, 14.050 on uneven bars, 14.550 on balance beam and 14.700 on floor exercise.

"I'm really, really happy!" said Whelan, who underwent wrist surgery in September. "I didn't have any aims or expectations coming into the competition, so to then go out and win is just incredible. I've had injury problems so to then return and become British champion is fantastic."

Heathrow's Nicole Hibbert, 15, took second after winning the junior all-around title in 2009. She took her top score on vault with 14.600.

"I had a really good competition," said Hibbert, a member of Britain's silver-medal team at the 2010 European Championships. "In training I felt a slight problem with my hip, but it seems to have recovered. My beam was a bit wobbly but overall I'm happy. Its potentially a big year coming up with either the Commonwealth Games or world championships so I'm really looking forward to the rest of the year."

Hibbert's clubmate Danusia Francis won the bronze medal 55.350. Francis, a gold medalist at the 2009 Australian Youth Olympic Festival, is also returning from injury. The 16 year old swallowed a 12.500 on uneven bars, but her other scores ranged from 14.100 to 14.450.

"I'm extremely happy," she said. "I've had a bit of a difficult run in with a few injuries so to be able to compete here in the first place was great, and gave me a chance to see where I stand compared to some of the other gymnasts. Having missed out on the Europeans, it was good to show the home crowd what I can do and win a medal."

Seven-time British all-around champion Beth Tweddle competed uneven bars only, easily winning the title in Sunday's event final (15.850). Tweddle, winner of five European titles and two world titles, recently received the rank of Member of the British Empire for her outstanding contribution to British sports.

Junior champion Laura Mitchell

Imogen Cairns won vault over Olympic teammate Marissa King, who competes for the University of Florida. Francis, whose coaches include 1981 world floor exercise champion Natalia Ilienko-Jarvis, took both balance beam and floor exercise titles.

Heathrow picked up two more titles in the junior division, with Laura Mitchell winning the all-around and balance beam. In April, Mitchell finished 14th all-around at the 2010 Junior European Championships in Birmingham.

"That was really exciting!" the 15 year old said. "I wasn't really thinking about the results it was more focusing on how to perform each piece. I always try to enjoy each competition. Even though it's nerve-wracking, I still want to have fun when I compete. I can't even put into words how amazing this year has been for me. I'm so happy."

Liverpool's Rebecca Tunney, 13, won the all-around silver and uneven bars gold.

"I'm really happy," Tunney said. "I got a bit nervous at times but I wanted to prove myself again after the Europeans, and I think I've done that today."

Welsh gymnast Venus Romaeo (Cardiff Central), another gymnast returning from injury, won the junior all-around bronze medal.

"I'm really impressed with myself," the 13 year old said. "I went clean all round so I'm very pleased with today. Having had an injury I'm so happy to be back competing and I've put a lot of work in to getting back here. After missing the Europeans I kind of wanted to prove that I am there amongst the team and I think I did that today so I'm very happy."

Younger sister Angel Romaeo won gold on uneven bars and silvers on balance beam and floor exercise in the Espoirs (Hopes) division. The 12 year old won the all-around title in the Espoirs Championships, held separately in June in Gloucester.

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2010 British Women's Gymnastics Championships
July 3-4, Guildford

Senior All-AroundClubScore
1.Hannah WhelanLiverpool57.800
2.Nicole HibbertHeathrow55.850
3.Danusia FrancisHeathrow55.350
4.Rebecca WingHeathrow54.950
5.Imogen CairnsThe Academy54.550
6.Niamh RippinNotts53.550
7.Charlotte LindsleyHeathrow51.400
8.Laura EdwardsDynamo50.850
9.Claire StockHuntingdon50.550
10.Jordan LiptonNotts50.050
11.Jocelyn HuntHorsham49.900
12.Sydney Elliott-MoneyWoking49.450
13.Emma WhiteHuntingdon48.750
14.Jenna WaltersWoking48.700
15.Nina DearmanVernon Park48.550
16.Amy ReganGlasgow47.950
17.Seriena JohnroseGarstang School47.450
18.Victoria SimpsonHuntingdon47.100
19.Pagan BrownSandbach47.050
20.Rebecca HallLeeds46.850
21.Lara WilsonNewcastle46.650
22.Jessica BarfootSapphire44.800
23.Connie BriggsHeywood Sparks44.750
24.Keshia WoodHeathrow44.300
25.Danielle McNaneyHinckley44.150
26.Megan ThomsonTolworth43.450
27.Paige KingGarstang43.350
28.Charlotte MckennaHuntingdon43.200
29.Marissa KingHuntingdon41.250
30.Clare MaurerWoking39.700
31.Grace ImesonNewcastle36.100
32.Danielle WishartGuest25.850
33.Beth TweddleLiverpool15.850
34.Jennifer PinchesLiverpool13.250

Junior All-AroundClubScore
1.Laura MitchellHeathrow54.300
2.Rebecca TunneyLiverpool53.900
3.Venus RomaeoCardiff Central53.200
4.Ruby HarroldThe Academy52.800
5.Loriah JamesHeathrow52.750
6.Elizabeth BeddoeCardiff Central52.400
7.Anna StubbsLiverpool52.100
8.Jessica HoggCardiff Central52.050
9.Ruby StrawNotts51.650
10.Jasmine Reed-YangThe Academy50.100
11.Charlotte DraycottUnattached49.450
12.Billie MackenzieNotts49.300
13.Harriet Lymer-SmithHeathrow48.150
14.Francesca VincentHorsham48.000
14.Kirsty CampbellDundee48.000
16.Sophie FitzgeraldCarousel47.800
17.Kelly SimmDynamo47.650
18.Bethan EvansWoking47.600
19.Niamh RyanSapphire47.250
20.Beth DonaldsonSouth Durham46.900
21.Stevie HarrowPipers Vale46.800
22.Danielle WickhamPort Regis46.500
23.Megan BonnarNotts45.400
24.Mollie PaytonPinewood44.350
25.Megan EverettWoking43.750
26.Lauren SmithWoking43.400
27.Ellen RussellUckfield43.200
28.Hannah KilcullenDundee42.450
29.Charlotte MalePort Regis40.900
30.Jessica NicholsonLeeds39.800
31.Nicole PavierNotts38.950
32.Savannah LawrenceHeathrow33.150

Senior Vault FinalClubScore
1.Imogen CairnsThe Academy14.000
2.Marissa KingHuntingdon13.775
3.Nicole HibbertHeathrow13.450
4.Nina DearmanVernon Park13.400
5.Clare MaurerWoking13.000
6.Danielle McNaneyHinckley12.975
7.Niamh RippinNotts12.900
8.Seriena JohnroseGarstang School12.750

Senior Uneven Bars FinalClubScore
1.Beth TweddleLiverpool15.000
2.Nicole HibbertHeathrow14.200
3.Hannah WhelanLiverpool13.800
4.Rebecca WingHeathrow13.650
5.Jennifer PinchesLiverpool13.600
6.Danusia FrancisHeathrow13.300
7.Claire StockHuntingdon13.150
8.Jordan LiptonNotts11.950

Senior Balance Beam FinalClubScore
1.Danusia FrancisHeathrow14.500
2.Hannah WhelanLiverpool14.100
3.Rebecca WingHeathrow13.950
4.Imogen CairnsThe Academy13.200
5.Claire StockHuntingdon13.150
6.Sydney Elliott-MoneyWoking12.950
7.Charlotte LindsleyHeathrow12.350
8.Jenna WaltersWoking11.150

Senior Floor Exercise FinalClubScore
1.Danusia FrancisHeathrow14.250
2.Niamh RippinNotts14.200
3.Hannah WhelanLiverpool13.750
4.Imogen CairnsThe Academy13.650
5.Charlotte LindsleyHeathrow13.300
6.Nicole HibbertHeathrow13.200
7.Laura EdwardsDynamo12.100
8.Marissa KingHuntingdon12.050

Junior Vault FinalClubScore
1.Ruby HarroldThe Academy13.625
2.Ruby StrawNotts13.600
3.Jessica HoggCardiff Central13.575
4.Francesca VincentHorsham13.425
5.Kirsty CampbellDundee13.125
6.Kelly SimmDynamo13.100
7.Lauren SmithWoking12.800
8.Bethan EvansWoking12.475

Junior Uneven Bars FinalClubScore
1.Rebecca TunneyLiverpool13.750
2.Elizabeth BeddoeCardiff Central13.100
3.Jasmine Reed-YangThe Academy12.900
4.Laura MitchellHeathrow12.600
5.Billie MackenzieNotts12.400
6.Anna StubbsLiverpool11.900
7.Ruby StrawNotts11.850
8.Francesca VincentHorsham11.300

Junior Balance Beam FinalClubScore
1.Laura MitchellHeathrow13.900
2.Bethan EvansWoking12.600
3.Jessica HoggCardiff Central12.350
4.Kelly SimmDynamo12.050
5.Loriah JamesHeathrow11.900
6.Charlotte DraycottUnattached11.800
7.Niamh RyanSapphire11.500
8.Anna StubbsLiverpool9.100

Junior Floor Exercise FinalClubScore
1.Jessica HoggCardiff Central13.450
2.Loriah JamesHeathrow13.300
3.Ruby StrawNotts13.150
4.Elizabeth BeddoeCardiff Central13.000
5.Rebecca TunneyLiverpool12.850
6.Jasmine Reed-YangThe Academy12.350
7.Ruby HarroldThe Academy12.250
8.Venus RomaeoCardiff Central0.000

Espoirs Vault FinalClubScore
1.Josephine Perryman Heathrow13.200
2.Charlie FellowsSandbach12.975
3.Ellis O'ReillyEuropa12.875
4.Katie CarterWoking12.800
5.Megan ConveryNewcastle12.600
6.Cara KennedyGlasgow12.575
7.Gabrielle JuppSapphire12.575
8.Tayla ChilverEuropa12.550

Espoirs Uneven Bars FinalClubScore
1.Angel RomaeoCardiff Central12.900
2.Charlie FellowsSandbach12.750
3.Kiera BrennanBarry YMCA12.600
4.Raer TheakerCardiff Central12.550
5.Gabrielle JuppSapphire12.150
6.Chantelle HalfordEast London12.100
7.Josephine PerrymanHeathrow11.900
8.Caitlin KickhamUckfield8.650

Espoirs Balance Beam FinalClubScore
1.Gabrielle JuppSapphire13.450
2.Angel RomaeoCardiff Central13.150
3.Molly TaylorPipers Vale13.050
4.Jade StedfordManchester12.350
5.Josephine PerrymanHeathrow12.200
6.Charlie FellowsSandbach11.950
7.Devon AndersonNewcastle11.400
8.Polina PolyakovaNorfolk Academy11.200

Espoirs Floor Exercise FinalClubScore
1.Charlie FellowsSandbach13.250
2.Angel RomaeoCardiff Central13.200
3.Gabrielle JuppSapphire13.100
4.Emily CroweNorfolk Academy12.850
5.Shannon ArcherWest Lothian12.750
6.Raer TheakerCardiff Central12.700
7.Josephine PerrymanHeathrow12.650
8.Molly TaylorPipers Vale12.000
9.Katie CarterWoking11.900
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