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Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela Rule South American Games
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Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela dominated the gymnastics competition at the 9th South American Games, held this week in Medellin, Colombia.

Venezula's Jessica Lopez won four gold medals at the 9th South American Games, held this week in Medellin, Colombia.

The 2010 edition of the quadrennial South American Games features athletes from 15 nations competing in more than 35 sports, including artistic and rhythmic gymnastics.

Contintental powerhouse Brazil won both team titles, defeating the host nation in both contests. The women won by a nearly 8-point margin of victory, with Venezula finishing third.

"We expected this result, but the competition wasn't easy," Brazilian women's coach Irina Ilyashenko said. "We competed in a tense atmosphere, in front of a large audience of Colombia fans putting a lot of pressure on our gymnasts. But the important thing is that they managed a great performance and got the title."

Brazilian gymnast Bruna Leal noted it was the first big competition of the year for her squad.

"This result is very important for our team," Leal said. "We picked up some pressure to continue with the results and it shows that we have potential."

The Brazilian men had a closer competition, beating Colombia by slightly more than 3 points. Argentina won the bronze.

"The boys had a good competition and met expectations. But the great advantage of the Brazilian team was the camaraderie of the gymnasts," Brazilian coach Marcos Goto said. "We did not medal in the all-around, but our focus was on the team competition and we are pleased to reach our goal."

The Brazilian team featured veterans Diego Hypolito, 23, and Mosiah Rodrigues, 28, as well as newcomers Sergio Sasaki, 17, and Francisco Barretto, 20.

"This combination of experienced athletes with young talent worked perfectly," said Rodrigues, who also helped Brazil win in 2002 and 2006. "The competition was at a strong level, Colombia has worked hard, but the Brazilian team was very good as a whole and deserved this victory."

Diego Hypolito (Brazil) won three golds in Medellin.

2008 Olympians Jessica Lopez (Venezuela) and Jorge Hugo Giraldo (Colombia) won the all-around competition, held during Monday's team contest.

Lopez, second at the Nadia Comaneci International in February and third at the American Cup in March, claimed an easy victory over two Brazilians. With the highest score on each event, Lopez defeated Leal by nearly 3 full points. Priscila Cobello won the bronze.

"My performance could not have been better — it's marvelous!" a thrilled Lopez said.

In Wednesday's event finals, the former Denver standout added three more gold medals on uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise.

"I thank God I had a very good performance in the competition today, and I am very proud to give these medals to my country," said Lopez, 24. "It's thanks to all the work and preparation I've been doing with my coach (Brazilian Nilson Medeiros) that I was able to have this triumph."

Colombia, competing without top gymnasts Nathalia Sanchez and Jessica Gil, took its only women's gold from Catalina Escobar on vault.

Brazil and Colombia split the men's event finals with three golds each. Hypolito took floor exercise and vault titles, and teammate Arthur Zanetti won still rings.

Giraldo added pommel horse and parallel titles to his all-around victory. Young teammate Didier Lugo, 18, ended the competition with a gold medal for Colombia on high bar to go with his all-around silver.

The 30-year-old Giraldo said he was ecstatic to have the South American Games in his hometown of Medellin, and hoped the event would have a lasting positive effect on Colombian gymnastics.

"The competition gym is at the level of any competition in the world and the [Gymnova] equipment is excellent," he said. "I hope we can make everything for the future of sport in the country."

Argentina added two more bronze medals in finals from Ayelin Tarabini on women's vault and Federico Molinari on still rings. Chile took three medals from Tomas Gonzalez, who finished second on men's floor exercise and third all-around and on vault.

Ecuador was the sixth and final nation to medal in artistic gymnastics, with the women's floor exercise bronze going to 15-year-old Elid Helwigg.

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IX South American Games
March 22-24, Medellin, Colombia

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXTotal


Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Jessica Lopez14.3514.1514.5013.8056.80
2.Bruna Leal13.9513.7512.9513.2553.90
3.Priscila Cobello13.3513.1013.8012.9053.15
4.Elid Helwigg13.4511.3512.8513.2050.85
5.Catalina Escobar12.5513.0511.3513.1550.10
6.Sandra Collantes13.4511.3012.5012.6549.90
7.Marcela Sandoval12.0013.1011.6012.6549.35
8.Valeria Pereyra13.5010.9013.0511.8549.30
9.Ayelen Tarabini13.409.2013.5012.5048.60
10.Britt Reusche12.7511.0010.9013.0047.65
11.Cindy Daniela Ruiz13.459.6011.9012.2547.20
12.Stephania Villalba12.5010.0011.7012.6546.85
13.Makarena Pinto13.2010.2010.2510.5044.15
14.Marcela Alvarez12.754.0510.8510.7538.40
15.Debra Acosta12.154.109.809.9536.00

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Jorge Hugo Giraldo14.6514.7015.2015.8014.7014.1089.15
2.Didier Lugo14.6013.6014.9015.2514.6014.2087.15
3.Tomas Gonzalez15.6013.3514.2015.8514.0512.2085.25
4.Victor Rosa14.7013.2013.4015.3514.3513.5584.55
5.Sergio Sasaki14.4013.8013.9514.9013.9513.4084.40
6.Federico Molinari12.9512.4014.0514.7514.2013.1581.50
7.Fernando Fuentes13.6011.8013.8015.4013.9012.6581.15
8.Juan Lompizano14.8013.3512.8015.4011.9512.7081.00
9.Christian Bruno13.1511.7513.3515.0012.8013.2579.30
10.Byron Lopez13.6011.8011.0515.2512.1511.5575.40
11.Luis Ramirez13.0011.4511.0014.0512.2512.2574.00
12.Mauricio Gallegos13.0012.0010.5013.5512.4510.0571.55
13.Luis Gamarra11.0510.4010.5013.6512.159.8067.55
14.Luis Scilinguo12.309.107.8513.9510.7010.7564.65
15.Erwin Terrazas12.007.0010.1012.6010.859.9562.50

Women's Vault FinalD PanelE PanelNDScoreAverage
1.Catalina Escobar5.38.92514.22513.987
2.Leticia Acosta5.38.95014.25013.925
3.Ayelen Tarabini4.98.80013.70013.737
3.Elid Helwigg5.28.62513.82513.737
5.Jessica Lopez5.88.00013.80013.525
6.Makarena Pinto4.68.25012.85013.200
7.Valeria Pereyra5.08.6250.513.12512.525

Uneven Bars FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Jessica Lopez5.48.45013.850
2.Catalina Escobar5.47.95013.350
3.Bruna Leal5.47.90013.300
4.Marcela Sandoval5.18.10013.200
5.Priscila Cobello5.27.95013.150
6.Virginia Deluzio4.87.45012.250
7.Elid Helwigg5.07.17512.175
8.Yarimar Medina4.87.30012.100

Balance Beam FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Jessica Lopez5.67.77513.375
2.Bruna Leal5.08.27513.275
3.Ayelen Tarabini5.18.15013.250
4.Valeria Pereyra4.58.55013.050
5.Priscila Cobello5.27.62512.825
6.M. Cabrera4.87.67512.475
7.Elid Helwigg4.87.42512.225
8.Sandra Collantes4.66.90011.500

Women's Floor Exercise FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Jessica Lopez5.38.3250.113.525
2.Bruna Leal5.48.0250.113.325
3.Elid Helwigg5.08.17513.175
4.Britt Reusche5.18.00013.100
5.Leticia Acosta5.27.77512.975
6.Sandra Collantes4.97.70012.600
7.Ailen Valente4.77.4250.112.025
7.Stephania Villalba4.87.4250.212.025

Men's Floor Exercise FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Diego Hypolito6.79.12515.825
2.Tomas Gonzalez6.68.9000.115.4
3.Victor Rosa5.98.87514.775
4.Juan Lompizano5.78.60014.300
5.Didier Lugo5.78.55014.250
6.Juan Melchiori5.58.57514.075
7.Mario Berrios5.88.17513.975
8.Juan Escobar5.38.2250.113.425

Pommel Horse FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Jorge Hugo Giraldo6.19.10015.200
2.Didier Lugo5.59.00014.500
3.Mosiah Rodrigues5.88.45014.250
4.Sergio Sasaki5.68.60014.200
5.Jose Luis Fuentes6.27.55013.750
6.Juan Lompizano5.27.85013.050
7.Mario Gorosito5.56.75012.250
8.Juan Raffo De La Jara5.07.22512.225

Still Rings FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Arthur Zanetti6.58.72515.225
2.Didier Lugo6.38.67514.975
3.Federico Molinari5.98.62514.525
4.Tomas Gonzalez5.98.52514.425
5.Francisco Barreto5.88.55014.350
6.Osvaldo Martinez5.88.50014.300
7.Fernando Fuentes5.48.57513.975
8.Jorge Hugo Giraldo5.68.35013.950

Men's Vault FinalD PanelE PanelNDScoreAverage
1.Diego Hypolito6.69.57516.17516.062
2.Sergio Sasaki6.69.5000.116.00015.862
3.Tomas Gonzalez7.08.22515.22515.650
4.Byron Lopez6.29.02515.22515.075
5.Mario Berrios6.28.7250.114.82514.950
6.Juan Lompizano6.29.2500.115.35014.487
7.Fernando Fuentes6.28.5500.114.65014.175
8.Juan Escobar5.88.6750.414.07513.875

Parallel Bars FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Jorge Hugo Giraldo6.08.75014.750
2.Jose Luis Fuentes5.98.62514.525
3.Tomas Gonzalez5.78.62514.325
4.Federico Molinari5.88.15013.950
5.Didier Lugo5.68.25013.850
5.Sergio Sasaki5.97.95013.850
7.Victor Rosa5.57.87513.375
8.Fernando Fuentes5.47.10012.500

High Bar FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Didier Lugo5.88.55014.350
2.Mosiah Rodrigues6.18.22514.325
3.Jose Luis Fuentes6.18.10014.200
4.Jorge Hugo Giraldo5.98.07513.975
5.Francisco Barreto5.48.50013.900
6.Nicolas Cordoba5.38.32513.625
7.Christian Bruno5.38.02513.325
8.Federico Molinari4.68.22512.825

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