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Brazil, Colombia Split South American Championships
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Brazil and Colombia dominated the 9th South American Gymnastics Championships, which concluded Monday in Sogamoso, Colombia.

2008 Olympian Jorge Hugo Giraldo (Colombia)

2008 Olympian Jorge Hugo Giraldo, who helped Colombia to its best-ever performance at the recent world championships, won three gold medals for the host nation in Sogamoso.

Giraldo led Colombia (266.133) to a close victory over Brazil (263.601). Argentina (242.333) won the bronze over Peru (209.934).

Colombia finished 1-2 in the men's all-around, with Giraldo winning the title over teammate Didier Lugo. Brazilian veteran Mosiah Rodrigues won the bronze.

In the women's competition, Priscila Cobello led her Brazilian team (167.600) to an easy victory over Colombia (147.017) and Argentina (144.683). Chile finished fourth (123.933).

Cobello, who competed on vault and floor exercise at October's world championships, led a Brazilian sweep of the women's all-around. Cobello won the title over 2008 Olympian Ana Claudia Silva and 2009 world team member Khiuani Dias.

Dias won uneven bars in finals, where Cobello added golds on balance beam and floor exercise to her haul.

Colombia's Catalina Escobar and Yurani Avendaño prevented a Brazilian sweep of the women's competition with a 1-2 finish on vault.

Colombia's four gold medals in Sogamosa follow a record finish for its gymnasts at the 2009 World Championships, held Oct. 13-18 in London.

"During the worlds in London — after nearly 10 years of participating in these events — two athletes managed to qualify for finals," Juan Navor Medina, president of the Colombian Gymnastics Federation, told IG on Tuesday.

Giraldo finished 17th in preliminaries, and ultimately finished 13th in the all-around final. He also placed 10th on parallel bars and was the second reserve athlete to the final.

Jessica Gil qualified sixth to the floor exercise final, but was unable to finish her routine in the final after taking a bad fall. (She was not injured.)

Medina is hopeful Colombian gymnasts can continue their hot streak since 2007, when Giraldo and Nathalia Sanchez qualified to the 2008 Olympics.

"Plans are in the works for full teams trying to contend for the 2012 Olympics in London," Medina said. "Likewise we have a good chance of qualifying a gymnast to the 2010 Youth Olympic Games."

The regional qualification for the first Youth Olympic Games takes place during the Pan American Junior Championships, which begin Wednesday in Aracaju, Brazil.

Colombia will see more international competition in 2010, with Medellin playing host to the 9th South American Games in March. In July, the capital of Bogota will be the site of the trampoline and rhythmic gymnastics competitions at the 21st Central American and Caribbean Games. Artistic competition will be held in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.

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9th South American Gymnastics Championships
Oct. 30-Nov. 2, Sogamoso, Colombia

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXAA
1.Priscila Cobello 13.60013.80013.45013.50054.350
2.Ana Claudia Silva13.10012.90013.00012.70051.700
3.Khiuani Dias13.10013.65012.45012.35051.550
4.Catalina Escobar 14.46712.40011.50013.10051.467
5.Yurani Avendaño 13.20012.70011.10012.25049.250
6.Ayelen Tarabini13.50010.55012.60012.30048.950
7.Agustina Estarli12.73311.35011.70012.40048.183
8.Domenica Villalba13.00010.50012.35011.80047.650
9.Jhoannys Sotillo 12.50012.10011.40011.60047.600
10.Carolina Oliveira 12.16711.30012.15011.85047.467
11.Lucila Estarli13.30010.20011.80011.70047.000
13.Gabriela Gomez 13.10010.90010.90011.30046.200
14.Mariela Bovone12.63310.75010.40010.95044.733
15.Martina Castro 12.7338.75010.70012.05044.233
16.Eliana Gonzalez 13.10010.10010.05010.55043.800
17.Macarena Riquelme 12.6008.3509.60011.30041.850
18.Andrea Camino Bonicelli 11.4338.2509.8009.95039.433
19.Andrea Radrigan 11.7007.6007.8509.60036.750
20.Carina Hube 0.0008.7005.4000.00014.100

1.Jorge Hugo Giraldo 14.36713.40013.76715.63314.90014.20086.267
2.Didier Lugo 14.13313.60014.33315.46714.20014.00085.733
3.Mosiah Rodrigues 13.63314.46713.63315.56713.80014.10085.200
4.Federico Molinari14.10011.70014.36715.63313.53313.50082.833
5.Francisco Barreto 13.10012.50014.03315.10013.43314.40082.566
7.Sergio Eras 13.40013.26714.40014.66713.86712.76782.368
8.Caio Costa 12.46713.43314.40013.40014.16713.70081.567
9.Osvaldo Martinez Erazun12.36711.96714.26715.00012.86712.46778.935
10.Nicolas Cordoba13.30011.53312.63314.70012.56713.20077.933
11.Mario Gorosito12.9009.80013.73314.83312.53313.33377.132
12.Jose Rivera Quilla12.0009.46712.16713.40010.60011.76769.401
13.Suarez Luis Ramirez12.4677.83311.10013.50011.76711.46768.134
14.Daniel Abad12.1339.9679.96713.50012.5679.73367.867
15.David Castellanos 13.96712.43314.2330.00013.00013.30066.933
16.David Figueroa Aguirre 13.2337.50011.03313.3338.06710.50063.666
17.Mario Berrios Cruz13.8331.2339.23315.16711.90011.73363.099
18.Fabian Meza 0.00013.3330.00014.53313.10013.96754.933

Women's Vault FinalD Score 1D Score 2Score
1.Catalina Escobar 5.34.613.400
2.Yurani Avendaño 4.44.413.038
3.Carolina Oliveira 5.04.412.950
4.Eliana Gonzalez 4.44.412.850
5.Estarli Lucila 4.64.612.675
6.Priscila Cobello 4.64.412.438
7.Villalba Domenia 4.04.611.813
8.Martina Castro

Uneven Bars FinalD ScoreScore
1.Khiuani Dias5.113.525
2.Priscila Cobello 5.213.350
3.Catalina Escobar 5.112.575
4.Jhoannys Sotillo 4.912.525
5.Yurani Avendaño 5.412.300
6.Domenica Villalba4.211.700
7.Agustina Estarli4.211.450
8.Mariela Bovone3.711.150

Balance Beam FinalD ScoreScore
1.Priscila Cobello 5.213.325
2.Ana Claudia Silva4.913.300
3.Ayelen Tarabini4.611.925
4.Lucila Estarli4.711.725
5.Domenia Villalba5.111.150
6.Avendaño Yurani4.111.000
7.Catalina Escobar 4.810.725
8.Jhoannys Sotillo 3.910.400

Women's Floor Exercise FinalD ScoreScore
1.Priscila Cobello 5.213.175
2.Ana Claudia Silva4.812.950
3.Catalina Escobar 5.112.825
4.Agustina Estarli4.812.625
5.Martina Castro Estarli5.012.075
6.Ayelen Tarabini5.212.000
7.Domenia Villalba4.711.450
8.Yurani Avendaño 4.59.925

Men's Floor Exercise FinalD ScoreScore
1.Mario Berrios Cruz5.514.250
2.Federico Molinari5.614.150
2.Mosiah Rodrigues 5.514.150
4.Sergio Eras 4.913.350
5.David Figueroa Aguirre5.112.950
6.Daniel Abad4.412.400
7.Osvaldo Martinez5.112.400
8.Didier Lugo 4.710.550

Pommel Horse FinalD ScoreScore
1.Mosiah Rodrigues 6.014.700
2.Jorge Hugo Giraldo 6.114.150
3.Federico Molinari5.113.650
4.Mario Gorosito5.312.800
5.Fabian Mesa 5.912.650
6.Daniel Abad4.512.450
7.Costa Caio5.611.950
8.Jose Quilla Rivera4.111.600

Still Rings FinalD ScoreScore
1.Federico Molinari5.914.900
2.Jorge Hugo Giraldo 6.314.800
3.Osvaldo Martinez6.114.550
4.David Castellanos 6.314.100
5.Sergio Eras 6.513.850
6.Costa Caio6.213.600
7.Jose Quilla Rivera5.112.150
8.Luis Ramirez Suarez4.311.600

Men's Vault FinalD Score 1D Score 2Score
1.Francisco Barreto 5.85.40014.775
2.Mario Berrios Cruz5.85.40014.750
3.Osvaldo Martinez5.45.80014.125
4.Jose Quilla Rivera5.44.60013.250
5.Daniel Abad4.64.20013.125

Parallel Bars FinalD ScoreScore
1.Jorge Hugo Giraldo 6.014.950
2.Caio Costa 5.714.450
3.Federico Molinari5.914.050
4.Deivy Castellanos 5.613.150
5.Daniel Abad4.612.550
6.Mario Berrios Cruz4.212.500
7.Osvaldo Martinez5.112.350
8.Sergio Eras 5.111.800

High Bar FinalD ScoreScore
1.Francisco Barreto 5.914.500
2.Mosiah Rodrigues 6.114.100
3.Nicolas Cordoba 5.413.750
4.Jorge Hugo Giraldo 5.713.450
5.Federico Molinari5.013.450
6.Mario Berrios Cruz4.611.900
7.Jose Quilla Rivera4.411.300

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