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Doha World Cup Ends; Worlds Approach
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Gymnasts from five nations won gold Wednesday as the 2nd Doha Gymnastics World Cup concluded in Qatar.

The Doha World Cup was the final major international competition before the 2009 World Championships, Oct. 13-18 in London.

China was the only double winner Wednesday, with victories from Hu Yuhong on balance beam and Dong Zhendong on parallel bars.

2008 Olympic silver medalist Thomas Bouhail claimed the vault title, and France's third gold of the meet. Compatriots Cyril Tommasone (pommel horse) and Danny Pinheiro-Rodrigues (still rings) won their respective specialities Tuesday.

Polish Olympian Marta Pihan-Kulesza won her second World Cup title, placing first on women's floor exercise. Her first World Cup victory was on balance beam at the 2009 Turnier der Meister in Cottbus, Germany. Husband Roman Kulesza finished fifth on parallel bars in Doha.

Slovenian veteran Aljaz Pegan, 35, won high bar, his first World Cup title of 2009.

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2nd Doha World Cup
Sept. 30, Doha, Qatar

Women's Balance BeamD ScoreE ScoreNDTotal
1.Hu Yuhong5.78.70014.400
2.Tina Erceg5.38.62513.925
3.Vasiliki Millousi6.07.90013.900
4.Ida Jonsson5.38.5250.113.725
5.Adela Sajn5.48.07513.475
6.Marta Pihan­Kulesza5.97.35013.250
7.Pauline Morel4.88.02512.825
8.Sasa Golob4.76.20010.900

Women's Floor ExerciseD ScoreE ScoreNDTotal
1.Marta Pihan­Kulesza5.58.40013.900
2.Tina Erceg5.18.57513.675
3.Adela Sajn5.08.60013.600
4.Pauline Morel5.38.3500.113.550
5.M. Hindermann4.88.57513.375
6.Ida Jonsson5.38.4250.413.325
7.Sasa Golob5.08.2000.113.100
7.Hu Yuhong5.47.8000.113.100

Men's VaultD ScoreE ScoreNDTotalAverage
1.Thomas Bouhail7.09.300 16.30016.425
 7.09.550 16.550 
2.Jeffrey Wammes6.69.675 16.27516.125
3.Tomi Tuuha6.69.125 15.72515.900
 6.69.475 16.075 
4.Luis Araujo6.69.275 15.87515.787
 6.29.600 15.700 
5.Marek Lyszczarz7.08.450 15.45015.762
 6.69.475 16.075 
6.Luis Rivera6.69.400 15.90015.487
 6.68.475 15.075 
7.Nasser Al­Hamad6.29.400 15.60015.450
 6.29.200 15.300
8.Nashwan Al­harazi6.29.225 15.42515.425

Parallel BarsD ScoreE ScoreNDTotal
1.Dong Zhendong6.79.15015.850
2.Yann Cucherat6.49.37515.775
3.Guo Weiyang6.39.17515.475
4.Adam Kierzkowski6.09.27515.275
5.Roman Kulesza5.99.10015.000
6.Manuel Campos5.89.10014.900
7.Epke Zonderland6.28.60014.800
8.Emin Garibov5.58.32513.825

High BarD ScoreE ScoreNDTotal
1.Aljaz Pegan6.88.95015.750
2.Epke Zonderland6.98.50015.400
3.Guo Weiyang6.78.65015.350
4.Vlasios Maras6.78.40015.100
5.Marijo Moznik6.68.30014.900
6.Samuel Piasecky6.08.52514.525
7.Enrico Pozzo6.47.15013.550
8.Brian Gladow5.87.42513.225

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