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Downie Dominates British Championships
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Olympian Becky Downie won three of four finals Sunday as the British Women's Gymnastics Championships concluded in Guildford.

Olympian Becky Downie (Notts) won three of four finals Sunday as the British Women's Gymnastics Championships concluded in Guildford.

Downie, who won her second senior all-around title Saturday, added gold medals on uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise Sunday.

The 17-year-old Downie earned her highest mark of the day, 14.900, on balance beam.

"I'm most pleased with my beam performance because that has been wobbly so far this year," she said. "I've worked really hard, so it's great to see that work pay off with good scores. I felt the most pressure in the all-around having to defend my title, but that's always the way it is when you're at the top and it's all part of the learning process. The results this weekend have definitely lifted my confidence and given me a great boost ahead of the world championships."

All-around bronze medalist Marissa King (Huntington) won the senior vault title ahead of Downie.

Heathrow's Rebecca Wing, the all-around silver medalist, won silver medals on uneven bars and floor exercise, and the bronze medal on balance beam.

Heathrow teammate Nicole Hibbert and Danusia Francis shared the junior titles Sunday. Two-time all-around champion Hibbert won vault and tied Francis for the gold on balance beam. Francis, who tied for second all-around Saturday, also picked up titles on uneven bars and floor exercise.

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2009 British Women's Championships
July 5, Guildford

Senior Vault Final
1.Marissa KingHuntingdon13.925
2.Becky DownieNotts13.250
3.Rebecca PurcellKettering13.025
4.Seriena JohnroseGarstang12.850
5.Lara WilsonCity of Newcastle12.475
6.Kati SimpsonHuntingdon12.450

Senior Uneven Bars Final
1.Becky DownieNotts13.850
2.Rebecca WingHeathrow13.800
3.Marissa KingHuntingdon13.400
4.Kerri UptonDynamo12.550
5.Claire StockHuntingdon11.950
6.Sophie BrundishEuropa11.850
7.Jordan LiptonNotts11.400
8.Grace ImesonCity of Newcastle10.750

Senior Balance Beam Final
1.Becky DownieNotts14.900
2.Hannah WhelanLiverpool14.300
3.Rebecca WingHeathrow14.000
4.Marissa KingHuntingdon12.700
5.Claire StockHuntingdon12.500
6.Jordan LiptonNotts12.450
7.Grace ImesonCity of Newcastle11.250
8.Kerri UptonDynamo9.700

Senior Floor Exercise Final
1.Becky DownieNotts13.750
2.Rebecca WingHeathrow13.700
3.Marissa KingHuntingdon13.450
4.Hannah WhelanLiverpool13.350
5.Lara WilsonCity of Newcastle13.000
6.Jordan LiptonNotts12.850
7.Megan ThomsonTolworth12.550
8.Grace ImesonCity of Newcastle12.250

Junior Vault Final
1.Nicole HibbertHeathrow14.050
2.Jocelyn HuntHorsham13.875
3.Jessica HoggCardiff Central13.725
4.Ruby StrawNotts13.675
5.Amy MiddletonHorsham13.625
6.Francesca VincentHorsham13.575
7.Nadia HansellWoking13.250
8.Claire MaurerWoking13.100

Junior Uneven Bars Final
1.Danusia FrancisHeathrow13.650
2.Jenny PinchesLiverpool13.600
3.Nicole HibbertHeathrow13.100
4.Ruby StrawNotts12.700
5.Amy MiddletonHorsham12.350
6.Lizzie BeddoeCardiff Central12.200
7.Charlotte LindsleyHeathrow12.050
8.Francesca VincentHorsham10.350

Junior Balance Beam Final
1.Nicole HibbertHeathrow13.600
1.Danusia FrancisHeathrow13.600
3.Lizzie BeddoeCardiff Central13.250
4.Jenny PinchesLiverpool12.650
4.Jocelyn HuntHorsham12.650
6.Laura EdwardsDynamo12.100
7.Jordan ArchibaldDundee11.400
8.Francesca VincentHorsham11.050

Junior Floor Exercise Final
1.Danusia FrancisHeathrow13.700
1.Jenny PinchesLiverpool13.700
3.Nicole HibbertHeathrow13.650
4.Lizzie BeddoeCardiff Central13.500
5.Ruby StrawNotts13.450
6.Sydney Elliot-MoneyWoking13.350
7.Jocelyn HuntHorsham13.150
8.Francesca VincentHorsham12.900

Espoirs Vault Final
1.Rebecca TunneyLiverpool13.450
2.Katie CarterWoking13.275
3.Alex CooperLiverpool13.250
4.Ruby HarroldThe Academy13.150
5.Jasimine Reed-YangThe Academy13.075
6.Venus RomaeoCardiff Central13.050
7.Lauren SmithWoking12.875
8.Lora LongDynamo12.625

Espoirs Uneven Bars Final
1.Amy SharpBristol Hawks12.900
2.Venus RomaeoCardiff Central12.600
3.Alex CooperLiverpool12.350
4.Raer TheakerCardiff Central12.300
5.Ruby HarroldThe Academy12.200
6.Poppy WynnThe Academy10.800
7.Angel RomaeoCardiff Central10.750
8.Billie MackenzieNotts10.600

Espoirs Balance Beam Final
1.Sophie JamesonThe Academy13.600
2.Abbie CaigLiverpool13.450
3.Venus RomaeoCardiff Central13.050
4.Amy SharpBristol Hawks12.950
5.Billie MackenzieNotts12.750
6.Loriah JamesHeathrow12.450
7.Alex CooperLiverpool12.000
8.JoJo PerrymanHeathrow11.850

Espoirs Floor Exercise Final
1.Alex CooperLiverpool13.300
2.Loriah JamesHeathrow13.150
3.Rebecca TunneyLiverpool13.100
4.Shannon LeeBristol Hawks13.050
4.Angel RomaeoCardiff Central13.050
6.Sophie JamesonThe Academy13.000
7.Raer TheakerCardiff Central12.950
7.Venus RomaeoCardiff Central12.950
9.Lauren SmithWoking10.750

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