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Dufournet, Caranobe Win Mediterranean Games
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France's Youna Dufournet and Benoit Caranobe won the all-around titles Wednesday at the Mediterranean Games in Pescara, Italy.

France's Youna Dufournet and Benoit Caranobe won the all-around titles Wednesday at the Mediterranean Games in Pescara, Italy.

The French took both golds and both bronzes, with the host nation settling for two silvers.

The 15-year-old Dufournet, who led the French to a narrow victory over Italy in Monday's team competition, edged Italy's Elisabetta Preziosa for the all-around gold, 56.95-56.45. France's Pauline Morel finished a point behind her teammate (55.95) to win the bronze over Italy's Andrea La Spada.

Egyptian Olympian Sherine El Zeiny finished fifth, her best finish to date against European competitors. El Zeiny, who lives and trains in the Netherlands, outscored Greece's Vasiliki Millousi, 53.50-53.45.

Millousi, who qualified third to the all-around final, scored the highest of the day on baalnce beam (14.85), but a low score on uneven bars (12.00) kept her out of the medals.

Caranobe, the 2008 Olympic all-around bronze medalist, defeated Italy's Enrico Pozzo, 88.50-88.10. As in the Olympic all-around final, Caranobe's considerable strength on vault (16.300) gave him the edge over his competitors. Caranobe turned 29 on June 12.

Pozzo, 28, led Italy to the team gold Monday over France and Spain.

French Olympian Hamilton Sabot, 22, won the bronze over Italian veteran Matteo Morandi, 27.

Defending champion Rafael Martinez (Spain) finished seventh, matching his rank in qualification.

Competition concludes Thursday with the apparatus finals. Check back with International Gymnast Magazine Online for more news, scores and reports about the Mediterranean Games.

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16th Mediterranean Games
July 1, Pescara, Italy

Women's All-Around FinalVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Youna Dufournet14.3014.3014.4013.9556.95
2.Elisabetta Preziosa13.9013.5014.9514.1056.45
3.Pauline Morel13.9014.2513.8513.9555.95
4.Andrea La Spada13.8513.7014.2514.0055.80
5.Sherine El Zeiny13.7013.0513.4513.3053.50
6.Vasiliki Millousi13.2012.0014.8513.4053.45
7.Goksu Uctas14.1012.0013.2012.4551.75
8.Ivana Kamnikar12.8012.6012.7012.9051.00
9.Sasa Golob13.3511.4012.8513.3550.95
10.Evgenia Zafeiraki13.9012.2012.0011.7549.85
11.Salma Mohamed12.609.2511.6512.7046.20
12.Ornela Cuka12.707.5510.4010.9041.55
13.Riselda Selaj12.606.8510.958.6539.05

Men's All-Around FinalFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Benoit Caranobe14.8513.9514.4516.3014.4514.5088.50
2.Enrico Pozzo15.0014.0513.9515.7014.1515.2588.10
3.Hamilton Sabot14.3013.8514.2515.5515.1015.0088.05
4.Matteo Morandi14.2513.2515.7015.4014.7014.3587.65
5.Sergio Munoz14.5513.4514.7015.9013.8514.7587.20
6.Dimitrios Markousis15.0012.9514.5515.6014.2012.4584.75
7.Rafael Martinez14.8513.2013.6515.2513.9013.0083.85
8.Dimitris Krasias13.6013.4513.1514.6013.5514.1582.50
9.Marko Brez13.5513.4013.3014.5013.5013.9082.15
10.Nikola Dudek13.4012.3513.0014.7513.9013.3580.75
11.Alen Dimic13.1512.2012.7515.3512.7514.2580.45
12.Panagiotis Aristotelous13.2013.1012.3014.8012.2514.0579.70
13.Hillel Mettidji13.1512.8512.3514.4513.0513.2079.05
14.Ozgur Sanli13.5012.7012.2514.6013.0512.3578.45
15.Ziga Britovsek12.8513.6512.7014.7012.2510.7576.90
16.Alon Hasa12.3011.6013.1013.7513.3012.8076.85
17.Yunus Emre Uyar13.6510.6010.9014.8012.1511.6573.75
18.Abdelrahman Sobhy12.8010.7012.1514.6010.7512.7073.70
19.Imad Bouari10.6010.9011.7014.7512.206.0566.20
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