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Bruno Grandi Re-elected FIG President
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Italy's Bruno Grandi was re-elected to his fifth term as president of the International Gymnastics Federation on Friday during the 79th FIG Congress in Cancun, Mexico.

Italy's Bruno Grandi was re-elected to his fifth term as president of the International Gymnastics Federation on Friday during the 79th FIG Congress in Cancun, Mexico.

The incumbent Grandi won by a large margin, earning 68 votes to 24 for Russia's Vassily Titov and 14 for Romanian Adrian Stoica.

"We must bring our efforts together in order that gymnastics confirms its reputation and popularity within the public and within the Olympic movement and finds the resources to further develop the huge potential it holds through its disciplines!" said Grandi, 78.

Held every four years, the FIG Congress includes elections for officials and committee members. Representatives from 106 member federations were in Cancun; each federation can cast one vote.

American Steve Butcher unseated Stoica as president of the FIG Men's Technical Committee. Five-time Olympic champion Nellie Kim, Women's Technical Committee president, ran unopposed.

Several other notable former gymnasts were among the candidates. Peter Vidmar, 1984 Olympic gold medalist, was elected to the FIG Executive Committee, while world and Olympic champion Igor Korobchinsky (Ukraine) ran unsuccessfully. World and Olympic medalists Hiroyuki Tomita (Japan) and Huang Liping (China) earned spots on the Men's Technical Committee, as did 1992 and 1996 Olympian Han Yoon-Soo (Korea). Two-time Soviet Olympian Bogdan Makuts (Ukraine) did not make the cut.

Two-time Soviet Olympian Lyubov Burda Andrianova (Russia) was re-elected to the Women's Technical Committee.

Rhythmic gymnastics legend Maria Gigova (Bulgaria) — the world all-around champion in 1969, 1971 and 1973 — was re-elected to the Rhythmic Technical Committee.

The 79th FIG Congress concludes Saturday.

FIG President

CandidateRound 1Elected/Not ElectedRankingPlatform
1Bruno GrandiFormer68ELECTED Elected1Read
2Adrian StoicaNew14NOT ELECTED Not Elected3Read
3Vassily TitovNew24NOT ELECTED Not Elected2Read

FIG Vice Presidents

CandidateRound 1Round 2Elected/Not ElectedRanking
1Slava CornFormer57ELECTED Elected1
2Dr. Michel LégliseFormer4655ELECTED Elected2
3Wolfgang WillamNew37NOT ELECTED Not Elected
4Saif AbouedelNew4437NOT ELECTED Not Elected
5Vassily TitovNew4345ELECTED Elected3
6Atilla OrselNew4136NOT ELECTED Not Elected

FIG Council

CandidateRound 1Elected/Not Elected
1Farid GayibovFormer49ELECTED Elected
2Rosa GuillametFormer40ELECTED Elected
3Brian StocksFormer59ELECTED Elected
4Eleni MichopoulouFormer31NOT ELECTED Not Elected
5Robert ForgacsFormer31NOT ELECTED Not Elected
6Birna BjoernsdottirFormer26NOT ELECTED Not Elected
7Snezana LakicevicFormer30NOT ELECTED Not Elected
8Walter NyffelerFormer61ELECTED Elected
9Jan NovakFormer38ELECTED Elected
10Stefan BengtssonFormer29NOT ELECTED Not Elected
11Andrei FedorovNew26NOT ELECTED Not Elected
12Stoyan DimitrovNew45ELECTED Elected
13Blanka MlejnkovaNew17NOT ELECTED Not Elected
14Janika MoelderNew17NOT ELECTED Not Elected
15Anne MartikainenNew60ELECTED Elected
16Lise Lorentzen MandalNew33ELECTED Elected
17Mustapha ZekriFormer52NOT ELECTED Not Elected
18Mohamed Rached GharbiFormer66ELECTED Elected
19Hala Salama YoussefNew84ELECTED Elected
20Valereis GeldenhuysNew53ELECTED Elected
21William Garcia BenitezFormer50ELECTED Elected
22Alejandro PenicheFormerelected to Executive Committee
23Sonia SequeraFormer56ELECTED Elected
24Enrique SalanitroNew60ELECTED Elected
25Maria Cacho ResendeNew72ELECTED Elected
26Dr. Juan Navor Medina LopezNew50NOT ELECTED Not Elected
27Edwin RodriguezNew44NOT ELECTED Not Elected
28Peter VidmarNewelected to Executive Committee
29Dong Min-KimFormer85ELECTED Elected
30Ali Ahmad Al-HitmiFormerelected to Executive Committee
31Sawat SopaFormer62ELECTED Elected
32Morinari WatanabeNewelected to Executive Committee
33Ali Abdullah Al-JafriNew41NOT ELECTED Not Elected
34Mohamad A. MakkiNew64ELECTED Elected
35Ahmad Zakaria HajiNew54ELECTED Elected
36R.A.K. JeewanthaNew57ELECTED Elected
37George TataiNew89ELECTED Elected

Executive Committee

CandidateRound 1Elected/Not ElectedRanking
1Slava Corn Formerelected Vice President
2Dr. Michel LégliseFormerelected Vice President
3Brian StocksFormer36NOT ELECTED Not Elected
4Wolfgang WillamFormer39ELECTED Elected6
5Walter NyffelerFormer31NOT ELECTED Not Elected
6Atilla OrselFormer32NOT ELECTED Not Elected
7George TataiNew16NOT ELECTED Not Elected
8Farid GayibovNew29NOT ELECTED Not Elected
9Dr. Luo ChaoyiNew48ELECTED Elected3
10Rosa GuillametNew23NOT ELECTED Not Elected
11Morinari WatanabeNew65ELECTED Elected1
12D. Saif AbouedelNew42ELECTED Elected4
13Alejandro PenicheNew40ELECTED Elected5
14Ali Ahmad Al-HitmiNew38ELECTED Elected7
15Edvard KolarNew32NOT ELECTED Not Elected
16Igor KorobchinskyNew21NOT ELECTED Not Elected
17Peter VidmarNew56ELECTED Elected2

Gymnastics For All Technical Committee President (Unopposed)

CandidateRound 1Elected/Not ElectedRanking
1Margaret Sikkens AhlquistFormer92ELECTED Elected1

Men's Technical Committee President

CandidateRound 1Elected/Not ElectedRanking
1Adrian StoicaFormer43NOT ELECTED Not Elected2
2Steve ButcherNew61ELECTED Elected1

Women's Technical Committee President (Unopposed)

CandidateRound 1Elected/Not ElectedRanking
1Nellie KimFormer92ELECTED Elected1

Rhythmic Technical Committee President

CandidateRound 1Elected/Not ElectedRanking
1Daniela Delle ChiaieNew25NOT ELECTED Not Elected2
2Natalia KuzminaNew79ELECTED Elected1

Trampoline Technical Committee President (Unopposed)

CandidateRound 1Elected/Not ElectedRanking
1Horst KunzeFormer91ELECTED Elected1

Sports Aerobics Technical Committee President (Unopposed)

CandidateRound 1Elected/Not ElectedRanking
1Mireille GanzinFormer90ELECTED Elected1

Sports Acrobatics Technical Committee President (Unopposed)

CandidateRound 1Elected/Not ElectedRanking
1Rosy TaeymansNew83ELECTED Elected1

Gymnastics For All Committee

CandidateRound 1Elected/Not ElectedRanking
1Flemming KnudsenFormer55ELECTED Elected4
2Tatsuo ArakiFormer67ELECTED Elected2
3Mohammed Khali AlloushFormer33NOT ELECTED Not Elected7
4Rogerio ValerioFormer71ELECTED Elected1
5Ruedi SteuriFormer62ELECTED Elected3
6Monika SiskovaFormer53ELECTED Elected5
7M. Antonio BortoletoNew45ELECTED Elected6
8Viktor SaaronNew32NOT ELECTED Not Elected8

Men's Technical Committee

CandidateRound 1Elected/Not ElectedRanking
1Huang LipingFormer66ELECTED Elected1
2Julio Marcos FelipeFormer46ELECTED Elected4
3Istvan KaracsonyFormer33NOT ELECTED Not Elected8
4Steve ButcherFormerelected President MTC
5Holger AlbrechtNew46ELECTED Elected5
6Hiroyuki TomitaNew56ELECTED Elected2
7Han Yoon-SooNew51ELECTED Elected3
8Artur MickevicNew42ELECTED Elected6
9Tom ThingvoldNew38NOT ELECTED Not Elected7
10Dmitry AndreyevNew26NOT ELECTED Not Elected9
11Bogdan MakutsNew23NOT ELECTED Not Elected10

Women's Technical Committee

CandidateRound 1Elected/Not ElectedRanking
1Kym DowdellFormer43ELECTED Elected6
2Donatella SacchiFormer73ELECTED Elected1
3Yoshie HarinishiFormer52ELECTED Elected4
4Naomi ValenzoFormer65ELECTED Elected2
5Lyubov AndrianovaFormer52ELECTED Elected5
6Johanna GrattNew42NOT ELECTED Not Elected7
7Zhou QiuruiNew53ELECTED Elected3

Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical Committee

CandidateRound 1Elected/Not ElectedRanking
1Maria GigovaFormer60ELECTED Elected3
2Noha Abou ShabanaFormer80ELECTED Elected1
3Daniela Delle ChiaieFormer47ELECTED Elected6
4Shihoko SekitaFormer50ELECTED Elected5
5Natalia KuzminaFormerelected President RTC
6Caroline HuntFormer60ELECTED Elected4
7Laura AcostaNew62ELECTED Elected2

Trampoline Technical Committee

CandidateRound 1Elected/Not ElectedRanking
1Stephan DuchesneFormer64ELECTED Elected2
2Liu XingFormer57ELECTED Elected3
3Vladimir ZemanFormer46ELECTED Elected6
4Christophe LambertFormer74ELECTED Elected1
5Nikolai MakarovFormer53ELECTED Elected4
6Tatiana ShuyskaFormer52ELECTED Elected5
7Dmitry PolyarushNew46NOT ELECTED Not Elected7

Sports Aerobic Technical Committee

CandidateRound 1Elected/Not ElectedRanking
1Maria MinevaFormer61ELECTED Elected1
2Wang HongFormer59ELECTED Elected3
3Sergio Garcia AlcazarFormer60ELECTED Elected2
4Mireille GanzinFormerelected TC President
5Tammy Yagi-KitagawaFormer58ELECTED Elected4
6Maria FumeaFormer53ELECTED Elected6
7Svetlana LukinaFormer57ELECTED Elected5

Sports Acrobatics Technical Committee

CandidateRound 1Elected/Not ElectedRanking
1Rosy TaeymansFormerelected TC President
2Karl WhartonFormer63ELECTED Elected3
3Irina NikitinaFormer63ELECTED Elected2
4Tonya CaseFormer74ELECTED Elected1
5Valiantsin HubenokNew26NOT ELECTED Not Elected7
6Nikolina HristovaNew54ELECTED Elected4
7Frank BoehmNew41ELECTED Elected6
8Iurii GolyakNew42ELECTED Elected5

Appeal Tribunal

CandidateRound 1Elected/Not ElectedRanking
1George StewartFormer81ELECTED Elected2
2Jacques ReyFormer83ELECTED Elected1
3Thore BrolinFormer73ELECTED Elected3

Auditor (Unopposed)

CandidateRound 1Elected/Not ElectedRanking
1Ron FroehlichFormer93ELECTED Elected1

Professional Auditor (Unopposed)

CandidateRound 1Elected/Not ElectedRanking
1Vincent BernasconiNew218ELECTED Elected1

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brian bias said:

I'm surprised to not see any comments on this one so let me be the first. This man is like the George W. Bush of gymnastics. He does only what he wants and takes, athletes, coaches and fan feedback with a grain of salt. Under his leadership, the age limit, the new scoring system, the tie-breaker, 3 up 3 count, the 5 member teams were all put into action. He is obviously arrogant enough to think his ideas are all wonderful while the rest of us sit and scratch our heads. I'm sure he probably does mean well but I think the FIG, especially the presidents position needs TERM LIMITS!!!
October 31, 2012
Votes: +4

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