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Tunney Takes British Title in Liverpool Sweep
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First-year senior Rebecca Tunney took the all-around title Saturday evening at the 2012 British Gymnastics Championships, which also serves as the final trials for Britain's Olympic squads for London.

2012 British champion Rebecca Tunney (Liverpool)

Tunney led a medal sweep for the Liverpool Gymnastics Club at the city's Echo Arena, scoring 56.750 to edge out clubmates Jennifer Pinches (56.350) and Hannah Whelan (55.800).

Tunney, the British junior champion in 2011, had her top score on vault with 14.650. She was one of four gymnasts in Liverpool — along with Pinches, Becky Downie and Niamh Rippin — to throw double-twisting Yurchenkos on vault, an event where the British women have lacked difficulty in the past.

"It's totally unexpected to win," Tunney said. "The main focus with it being the Olympic trial was to stay clean and I thought if I did that I could get maybe in the top five, but to win is incredible. The trials have all gone really well for me so it's now just up to the selectors to decide what works best for the Olympics. The first year as a senior couldn't have gone better really and I'm really enjoying competing in front of big crowds. Having won the junior title last year and moved straight up to win seniors is brilliant."

Pinches had the top mark on balance beam (14.300) and tied for the second-best score on floor (14.400).

"I'm really happy with today's competition," she said. "Everyone knows how crucial today was and to compete cleanly was really important. My routines went well and I just hope I've impressed the selectors with what I've done today. To medal at the British championships against some amazing gymnasts is a big achievement so I'm delighted."

Whelan, the two-time defending champion, was unable to make it three in a row after a fall on balance beam on her switch leap, Onodi combination.

"It wasn't a perfect competition todaym but I still took the bronze medal so I can't be too disappointed," said Whelan, a 2008 Olympian. "I know that finishing near the top has got to help my chances of making the Olympic team which is the most important thing. This year I think I've improved a lot — winning two medals at the Europeans was a big boost and proves that on my day I can produce."

Imogen Cairns, another 2008 Olympian, finished fourth, .3 out of third place. Cairns showed off her usual cat-like landings on vault (Yurchenko 1 1/2) and floor exercise (Arabian double front to straddle jump; triple twist; 2 1/2 to stag), and surely impressed the selection committee with the second-best score on balance beam (14.250).

Liverpool's own Beth Tweddle returned to competition after minor knee surgery kept her out of the European championships in May. The superstar earned the high mark of 15.750 on bars (6.9-Difficulty mark) for yet another monster routine — elgrip to full Ono to Khorkina to Gienger; toe-on full to Tweddle (toe-on Tkatchev half) to Yezhova, though she added an extra toe-on before continuing with a Maloney and full-twisting double tuck. On floor she debuted her new routine (to the Paul McCartney & Wings classic "Live and Let Die") with slightly easier tumbling (front full middle pass), but still had the top mark of the day (14.650).

Competition concludes Sunday with the apparatus finals.

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2012 British Championships
June 23, Liverpool

Senior Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Rebecca TunneyCity of Liverpool Gym14.65014.55013.80013.75056.750
2.Jennifer PinchesCity of Liverpool Gym14.20013.45014.30014.40056.350
3.Hannah WhelanCity of Liverpool Gym14.20014.20013.30014.10055.800
4.Imogen CairnsThe Academy14.15012.70014.25014.40055.500
5.Niamh RippinNotts Gymnastics14.65013.35012.65014.40055.050
6.Danusia FrancisHeathrow Gym Club13.70013.60013.05013.35053.700
7.Nicole HibbertHeathrow Gym Club13.85014.05012.75013.00053.650
8.Jocelyn HuntHorsham Gymnastics13.75012.60012.55013.95052.850
9.Kelly SimmDynamo School of Gymnastics13.65012.00012.65013.40051.700
10.Laura MitchellHeathrow Gym Club13.25011.25013.25013.40051.150
11.Jasmine Reed-YangThe Academy13.50012.10012.45012.80050.850
12.Maisie DoddsThe Academy11.90012.15012.70011.50048.250
13.Jessica HoggCardiff Central Youth13.20010.15011.65012.75047.750
14.Amy ReganCity of Glasgow Gym13.35010.35011.30012.55047.550
15.Stevie HarrowPipers Vale Gymnastics12.30010.80012.40011.95047.450
16.Danielle WishartDynamo School of Gymnastics13.4509.90011.80011.55046.700
17.Amy MiddletonHorsham Gymnastics13.30010.50010.90011.95046.650
18.Charlotte BennettThe Academy12.25010.50011.40011.95046.100
19.Atalanta SaundersEuropa Gymnastic Club12.60010.65010.50010.55044.300
20.Olivia BlatchEuropa Gymnastic Club12.3509.65011.50010.55044.050
21.Chloe WoodPipers Vale Gymnastics11.85010.05010.75010.80043.450
22.Bethan EvansWoking Gymnastics Club12.5008.75010.15011.65043.050
23.Becky DownieNotts Gymnastics14.55014.25013.10041.900
24.Kirsty CampbellDGC2k9.8509.20011.95031.000
25.Beth TweddleCity of Liverpool Gym15.75014.65030.400
26.Tulani HlaloCity of Newcastle Gym13.00012.35025.350
27.Connie PooleyUckfield Gymnastic Club12.1507.55019.700
28.Ruby HarroldThe Academy14.60014.600

Senior Women's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Niamh RippinNotts Gymnastics Academy5.88.85014.65014.075
2.Jennifer PinchesCity of Liverpool Gym Club5.88.7000.314.20013.900
3.Kelly SimmDynamo School of Gymnastics5.08.65013.65013.375
4.Jasmine Reed-YangThe Academy5.08.50013.50013.150
5.Amy ReganCity of Glasgow Gym Club5.08.35013.35013.125
6.Jessica HoggCardiff Central Youth Club5.08.20013.20012.900
7.Tulani HlaloCity of Newcastle Gym Academy5.37.70013.00012.750

Senior Uneven Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Beth TweddleCity of Liverpool Gym Club6.98.85015.750
2.Ruby HarroldThe Academy6.18.50014.600
3.Rebecca TunneyCity of Liverpool Gym Club6.28.35014.550
4.Becky DownieNotts Gymnastics Academy6.18.15014.250
5.Hannah WhelanCity of Liverpool Gym Club5.88.40014.200
6.Nicole HibbertHeathrow Gym Club5.68.45014.050
7.Danusia FrancisHeathrow Gym Club5.77.90013.600
8.Jennifer PinchesCity of Liverpool Gym Club5.57.95013.450
9.Niamh RippinNotts Gymnastics Academy5.18.25013.350
10.Imogen CairnsThe Academy4.38.40012.700
11.Jocelyn HuntHorsham Gymnastics Club4.77.90012.600
12.Maisie DoddsThe Academy4.77.45012.150
13.Jasmine Reed-YangThe Academy5.46.70012.100
14.Kelly SimmDynamo School of Gymnastics5.26.80012.000
15.Laura MitchellHeathrow Gym Club4.46.85011.250
16.Stevie HarrowPipers Vale Gymnastics Club4.56.30010.800
17.Atalanta SaundersEuropa Gymnastic Club3.76.95010.650
18.Charlotte BennettThe Academy3.37.20010.500
19.Amy MiddletonHorsham Gymnastics Club4.56.00010.500
20.Amy ReganCity of Glasgow Gym Club3.37.05010.350
21.Jessica HoggCardiff Central Youth Club2.77.45010.150
22.Chloe WoodPipers Vale Gymnastics Club3.16.95010.050
23.Danielle WishartDynamo School of Gymnastics3.06.9009.900
24.Kirsty CampbellDGC2k2.57.3509.850
25.Olivia BlatchEuropa Gymnastic Club2.37.3509.650
26.Bethan EvansWoking Gymnastics Club4.04.7508.750

Senior Balance Beam QualificationDENDScore
1.Jennifer PinchesCity of Liverpool Gym Club5.88.50014.300
2.Imogen CairnsThe Academy5.78.55014.250
3.Rebecca TunneyCity of Liverpool Gym Club5.18.70013.800
4.Hannah WhelanCity of Liverpool Gym Club5.97.40013.300
5.Laura MitchellHeathrow Gym Club4.98.35013.250
6.Becky DownieNotts Gymnastics Academy5.57.60013.100
7.Danusia FrancisHeathrow Gym Club5.57.55013.050
8.Nicole HibbertHeathrow Gym Club5.37.9500.512.750
9.Maisie DoddsThe Academy4.78.00012.700
10.Kelly SimmDynamo School of Gymnastics5.67.05012.650
11.Niamh RippinNotts Gymnastics Academy5.67.05012.650
12.Jocelyn HuntHorsham Gymnastics Club5.27.35012.550
13.Jasmine Reed-YangThe Academy4.67.85012.450
14.Stevie HarrowPipers Vale Gymnastics Club5.17.30012.400
15.Danielle WishartDynamo School of Gymnastics4.27.60011.800
16.Jessica HoggCardiff Central Youth Club4.57.2500.111.650
17.Olivia BlatchEuropa Gymnastic Club3.28.30011.500
18.Charlotte BennettThe Academy4.37.10011.400
19.Amy ReganCity of Glasgow Gym Club4.37.00011.300
20.Amy MiddletonHorsham Gymnastics Club4.66.4000.110.900
21.Chloe WoodPipers Vale Gymnastics Club4.16.65010.750
22.Atalanta SaundersEuropa Gymnastic Club4.16.40010.500
23.Bethan EvansWoking Gymnastics Club4.75.45010.150
24.Kirsty CampbellDGC2k4.25.0009.200
25.Connie PooleyUckfield Gymnastic Club2.94.6507.550

Senior Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Beth TweddleCity of Liverpool Gym Club5.78.95014.650
2.Imogen CairnsThe Academy5.68.80014.400
3.Niamh RippinNotts Gymnastics Academy5.98.50014.400
4.Jennifer PinchesCity of Liverpool Gym Club5.98.50014.400
5.Hannah WhelanCity of Liverpool Gym Club5.88.30014.100
6.Jocelyn HuntHorsham Gymnastics Club5.48.55013.950
7.Rebecca TunneyCity of Liverpool Gym Club5.78.05013.750
8.Laura MitchellHeathrow Gym Club4.98.50013.400
9.Kelly SimmDynamo School of Gymnastics5.38.10013.400
10.Danusia FrancisHeathrow Gym Club5.18.25013.350
11.Nicole HibbertHeathrow Gym Club5.08.1000.113.000
12.Jasmine Reed-YangThe Academy4.78.10012.800
13.Jessica HoggCardiff Central Youth Club5.17.65012.750
14.Amy ReganCity of Glasgow Gym Club5.47.2500.112.550
15.Tulani HlaloCity of Newcastle Gym Academy5.56.85012.350
16.Charlotte BennettThe Academy4.37.65011.950
17.Kirsty CampbellDGC2k4.47.55011.950
18.Amy MiddletonHorsham Gymnastics Club4.47.55011.950
19.Stevie HarrowPipers Vale Gymnastics Club4.77.25011.950
20.Bethan EvansWoking Gymnastics Club4.37.35011.650
21.Danielle WishartDynamo School of Gymnastics4.86.75011.550
22.Maisie DoddsThe Academy3.77.80011.500
23.Chloe WoodPipers Vale Gymnastics Club3.97.2000.310.800
24.Olivia BlatchEuropa Gymnastic Club3.47.15010.550
25.Atalanta SaundersEuropa Gymnastic Club4.06.8500.310.550
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