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Jupp, Baines, Thompson Win British Junior Titles
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Gabrielle Jupp, Frank Baines and Jay Thompson captured the junior all-around titles Friday as the 2012 British Gymnastics Championships began in Liverpool. Pictured: Junior European champion Frank Baines claimed the overall title in the 16-18 age group.

Juniors Gabrielle Jupp, Frank Baines and Jay Thompson captured all-around titles Friday as the 2012 British Gymnastics Championships began in Liverpool.

Jupp (Sapphire School of Gymnastics) comfortably won the junior women's all-around title over Welsh standout Angel Romaeo (Cardiff Central), 54.300-52.650. Charlie Fellows (Sandbach) won the bronze with 51.750.

Jupp, who won the bronze medal on floor last month at the women's Junior Europeans in Brussels, had the top scores on uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise. Fellows qualified first to the vault final.

"It feels really good to be crowned British champion," Jupp said. "I've made lots of improvements this year and it's paid off after winning the European medal and now winning the British title. I went on to the beam last up under pressure but beam has been one of my best pieces so I knew if I went through my routine clear I would be OK. The year's performances have really increased my confidence, I'm getting more used to performing in front of big crowd and to again compete well with huge support here in Liverpool has been amazing."

Baines (Southport YMCA) won the 16-18 division by half a point over Earls Gymnastics' Dominick Cunningham, 85.250-84.750. Junior European still rings champion Courtney Tulloch won the bronze with 83.850.

Baines won the most successful gymnast at last month's men's Junior Europeans in Montpellier, winning gold medals in the all-around, high bar and with the British team. In Liverpool Baines fell from pommel horse but had the top mark on floor, vault, parallel bars and high bar.

"I'm very happy to have taken the title," Baines said. "Everything went to plan apart from pommel but I've been suffering injury so it's not a massive shock. This continues a brilliant year for me and gives me massive confidence moving up to seniors next year."

Thompson (Exeter) scored 84.700 to in the 14-15 age group over Nile Wilson of Leeds (84.150), who was second all-around to Baines in Montpellier. Brinn Bevan (South Essex) won the bronze with 82.750. All three medalists were members of the British junior squad in Montpellier, where they won a third consecutive junior title.

"It's very unexpected to have won but I'm really happy," Thompson said. "I tried new routines on a lot of pieces and am really happy they came off today. To be named British champion is a very proud moment."

Competition continues Saturday with the senior men's and women's all-around.

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2012 British Junior Championships
June 22, Liverpool

Junior Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Gabrielle JuppSapphire School of Gymnastics13.60013.25013.55013.90054.300
2.Angel RomaeoCardiff Central Youth13.30012.35013.25013.75052.650
3.Charlie FellowsSandbach Gymnastics13.65012.85011.70013.55051.750
4.Abbie CaigCity of Liverpool Gym13.60011.95013.25012.75051.550
5.Claudia FragapaneBristol Hawks Gym Club13.75011.75012.20013.75051.450
6.Emily CroweNorfolk Academy of Gymnastics13.15011.50013.30013.40051.350
7.Raer TheakerCardiff Central Youth13.75012.05012.00013.50051.300
8.Iona TheobaldHorsham Gymnastics13.15012.30012.15012.90050.500
9.Ellis O'ReillyEuropa Gymnastic Club13.10011.35012.35013.00049.800
10.Kiera BrennanBarry YMCA Gym Club13.60011.70011.50012.60049.400
11.Jade StedfordCity of Manchester12.40011.05012.75012.45048.650
12.Lucy BrettThe Academy12.70011.90011.75012.25048.600
13.Georgina HockenhullPark Wrekin College13.40010.05012.70012.30048.450
14.Kirsty BaldwinNotts Gymnastics13.05011.75010.55012.85048.200
15.Eleanor Van DongenHorsham Gymnastics11.35011.70011.85013.00047.900
16.Hollie MooreThe Academy13.25010.20011.70012.70047.850
17.Chantelle HalfordEast London Gym Club12.35012.25010.60012.50047.700
18.Jade ArmstrongSouth Durham Gymnastic12.8509.20011.70013.25047.000
19.Cara KennedyCity of Glasgow Gym12.75010.00011.55012.25046.550
20.Polina PolyakovaNorfolk Academy of Gymnastics11.95011.05010.05012.95046.000
21.Danielle HubbardSapphire School of Gymnastics12.40011.25011.05011.15045.850
22.Briony MoirEuropa Gymnastic Club12.4509.95011.30012.10045.800
23.Lauren GoreBristol Hawks Gym Club12.7009.95011.00011.95045.600
24.Morgan FinneganCity of Manchester12.25010.45010.90011.45045.050
25.Leah BurkeWigan Gymnastics Club12.35010.15010.20012.15044.850
26.Tara DonnellyManx Gym Centre of Gymnastics12.3508.70011.80011.60044.450
27.Emily GarganSouth Durham Gymnastic12.8009.9009.70011.95044.350
28.Heba SerryTolworth Gym Club12.4509.50010.55011.50044.000
28.Charys Afflick-StrakerTolworth Gym Club11.8009.65010.75011.80044.000
30.Ellen LewerEuropa Gymnastic Club12.2508.10010.80012.70043.850
31.Eleanor ThompsonSapphire School of Gymnastics13.2008.05010.00011.60042.850
32.Natasha Raymund JayadevCity of Manchester12.55010.1008.95011.20042.800
33.Georgia-Anne FinchGarstang School of Gymnastics12.2508.45010.25010.65041.600
34.Emily JennionAppley Bridge School of Gymnastics12.7007.0007.95011.50039.150
35.Charlotte RumseyPark Wrekin College12.30011.00012.70036.000

Junior Men's All-Around (16-18)FXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Frank BainesSouthport YMCA14.85012.10013.60015.60014.85014.25085.250
2.Dominick CunninghamEarls Gymnastics Club13.90014.25013.65015.40013.55014.00084.750
3.Courtney TullochPegasus Gym Club13.75013.65014.50015.10013.90012.95083.850
4.Thomas GibbsHeathrow Gym Club13.70013.80013.70013.60013.55012.50080.850
5.James HallPegasus Gym Club12.30012.55013.45014.75013.95013.50080.500
6.Harry CarterWoking Gymnastics Club14.45013.45011.95015.10013.15011.95080.050
7.Ross MoreyTolworth Gym Club12.20013.50011.50012.60012.60011.05073.450
8.Bradley McBrideWoking Gymnastics Club12.50012.40010.40012.60012.30012.95073.150
9.Thomas DefinaWoking Gymnastics Club11.7009.85012.00014.35012.70011.35071.950
10.Archie Kennedy-DysonTolworth Gym Club10.95012.15010.80014.10011.75012.15071.900
11.Tim ChampionPlymouth Swallows Gym12.10011.65011.30012.35012.25010.05069.700
12.Anthony WiseSouth Essex Gymnastics13.70014.65015.30013.40011.35068.400
13.Jaron MorganSwallows of Helston Gym12.9508.35010.45013.80010.85011.30067.700
14.Elliott CooperCity of Manchester11.9509.4009.75013.00012.2509.95066.300
15.Saull ThomasCity of Swansea Gym12.40010.0006.60013.20012.55010.20064.950
16.Brandon GarrettManx Gym Centre of Gymnastics12.60010.50010.60011.80012.3005.95063.750
17.Jacob BeaumontSouthport YMCA10.60010.0506.90013.80011.7009.80062.850
18.Kofi Eschoe-WilsonRotherham School of Gymnastics13.45013.25011.35012.55050.600
19.Cilan ThomasCity of Swansea Gym11.10010.95012.10010.55044.700
20.Grant MillarWest Lothian Artistic Gym Club10.2509.70011.75010.55042.250
21.Gabriel HannahPipers Vale Gymnastics13.85012.05015.40041.300
22.Kyle BarnesCity of Newcastle Gym

Junior Men's All-Around (14-15)FXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Jay ThompsonExeter Gymnastics14.75014.60013.30015.45013.35013.25084.700
2.Nile WilsonCity of Leeds Gymnastics14.00012.90014.20014.80014.05014.20084.150
3.Brinn BevanSouth Essex Gymnastics14.00012.90013.95014.35014.65012.90082.750
4.Charlie HowardDynamo School of Gymnastics12.00013.60013.70013.65013.30013.05079.300
5.Adam WaldronManchester South Gymnastics13.25012.15012.00014.20012.40012.45076.450
6.Daniel IleyExeter Gymnastics12.45012.40010.35014.10012.20011.40072.900
7.Joseph FoxCity of Leeds Gymnastics12.40011.20011.00013.30012.80011.40072.100
8.Jack NeillTolworth Gymnastics12.80012.00011.00013.50012.00010.15071.450
9.Iwan MephamBarry YMCA Gymnastics11.65011.20011.00014.15011.00012.00071.000
10.Miki ChuWoking Gymnastics12.00012.50010.00014.20011.10011.15070.950
11.Adam SteelePipers Vale Gymnastics12.60011.75010.55013.10011.80010.40070.200
12.Ross BarrettCarnegie Spartan Gym11.30010.25010.70013.60012.25011.10069.200
13.Jamie CarpenterCity of Newcastle Gym12.65010.9009.55012.80012.35010.65068.900
14.George HarrowPipers Vale Gymnastics11.60010.85010.40012.50011.55010.15067.050
15.Joseph MustowCity of Leeds Gymnastics12.0009.45010.25012.80012.20010.05066.750
16.Harry WallBaskerville School of Gymnastics12.1509.9009.50013.20010.8509.75065.350
17.Stephen TongeWest Lothian Artistic Gymnastics11.60010.0009.95012.00011.50010.10065.150
18.Geoff BethellPipers Vale Gymnastics12.1508.35010.75012.00011.3509.60064.200
19.Finlay ClarkeHinckley Gymnastics12.0005.70010.00013.05012.05010.65063.450
20.Hector Kennedy-DysonTolworth Gymnastics12.9506.25010.35012.40010.7509.75062.450
21.Jake MorrisBaskerville School of Gymnastics11.80011.5504.90012.40011.3009.20061.150
22.Lawrence GodsellManx Gym Centre of Gymnastics11.2008.2504.65013.60012.1009.40059.200
23.Max HayesHawth Gymnastics10.9009.4503.55012.70011.4508.55056.600
24.Alex FarrandCity of Manchester11.8506.5501.90013.30011.10010.40055.100
25.Callum LelliottBrighton & Hove Gymnastics12.30012.20012.85011.40048.750
26.Robert WrightCity of Leeds Gymnastics12.10011.80014.5009.85048.250
27.Alex PoolePipers Vale Gymnastics12.2001.5506.25012.75010.1004.70047.550
28.Cameron JonesBasingstoke Gymnastics12.2009.70013.4007.70043.000
28.Henry MantelBasingstoke Gymnastics9.5008.50012.4509.10039.550
30.Harrison Cooper-LewisHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics11.35011.25022.600
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