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2017 Worlds: Schedule and Start Lists

Built for the 1976 Olympic Games, Montreal's Olympic Stadium is the venue for the 2017 World Gymnastics Championships.

Start lists are typically released 24 hours prior to competition start but will be posted here as soon as they are available. Please see the qualification draw for details on which countries compete in each subdivision. Head to IG's Facebook page for live quick hits of every session!

All times local. The Standard Time Zone in Montreal is GMT/UTC -4.

Friday, September 29: Podium Training
10:00–22:00Men's podium training subdivisions 1-3
Saturday, September 30: Podium Training
10:00–14:00Men's podium training subdivision 4
14:00–22:00Women's podium training subdivisions 1-2
Sunday, October 1: Podium Training
08:00–20:00Women's podium training subdivisions 3-5
Monday, October 2: Qualification
Judging Assignments: Men's Qualification
09:30–10:00Opening Ceremony
10:00–13:00Men's qualification subdivision 1Start list
14:00–17:00Men's qualification subdivision 2Start list
18:00–21:00Men's qualification subdivision 3Start list
Tuesday, October 3: Qualification
Judging Assignments: Men's Qualification | Women's Qualification
10:00–13:00Men's qualification subdivision 4Start list
16:00–18:00Women's qualification subdivision 1Start list
19:00–21:00Women's qualification subdivision 2Start list
Wednesday, October 4: Qualification
13:30–15:30Women's qualification subdivision 3Start list
16:00–18:00Women's qualification subdivision 4Start list
19:00–21:00Women's qualification subdivision 5Start list
Thursday, October 5: All-Around Final
Judging Assignments: Men's All-Around Final
19:00–22:00Men's all-around finalStart list
Friday, October 6: All-Around Final
Judging Assignments: Women's All-Around Final
19:00–21:00Women's all-around finalStart list
Saturday, October 7: Apparatus Finals
Judging Assignments: Apparatus Finals, Day 1
13:00–16:00Men's floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings
Women's vault and uneven bars
Start list
Sunday, October 8: Apparatus Finals
Judging Assignments: Apparatus Finals, Day 2
13:00–16:00Men's vault, parallel bars and high bar
Women's balance beam and floor exercise
Start list
16:00–18:00Closing Ceremony