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Chusovitina Lays It All on the Table
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Oksana Chusovitina (Uzbekistan) is planning to compete a handspring double front vault (Produnova) at this week's world championships in Glasgow.

Gymnastics legend and fan-favorite Oksana Chusovitina (Uzbekistan) is pulling out all the stops at this week's world gymnastics championships in Glasgow, Scotland.

As Uzbekistan did not qualify to Glasgow as a team at last year's worlds, Chusovitina needs to medal in the vaulting final to be awarded an automatic invitation as an individual to compete in Rio de Janeiro. Her second opportunity will be to qualify as an individual at next spring's Olympic test event.

Since appearing in her first worlds in Indianapolis in 1991, Chusovitina has consistently made appearances in the vaulting event finals at almost every major competition in which she competed. Fans will remember she had to miss the 2014 World Championships due to a foot injury in what was supposed to be her return to all-around competition.

This year Chusovitina has a new plan for her ticket to Rio. The vault, named after Yelena Produnova of Russia in 1999, is a very difficult handspring double front vault which has the highest D-score available, a 7.0. Since 1999, only Yamilet Peña (Dominican Republic) and Dipa Karmakar (India) have attempted this extremely risky vault in a major competition. Karmakar used this vault at the 2014 Commonwealth Games to win the bronze medal. Peña was less successful when she competed the vault at the 2011 Worlds and scored a 0.00 for a voided vault.

Chusovitina made this announcement to the press following the Sunday workout session in Glasgow. When asked what second vault she would be competing, Chusovitina simply stated, "It's a surprise." She also added,"I hope to compete my routines cleanly and without mistakes."

It would be a remarkable seventh consecutive Olympic appearance for the 40 year-old gymnast who has represented the Unified Team, Uzbekistan, and Germany on the world's biggest sport's stage. Throughout her amazing career, Chusovitina has won eleven world championship medals and two Olympic medals.